The White Bear Chronicles

17th September 2021

Those who may bring comfort to others are needed more than ever. Because your heart is big, it is respectful of people’s wishes so that you make no judgement on their life choices. Those who may find it difficult to understand why some people have behaved in certain ways are most welcome to consider their own lives.

The most important learning can come from making unwise choices. If we are left to make the consequences mean something, there must be the semblance of free will. Choices which are your own are the ones which bring the most learning but others can also be invaluable in making you aware of how easily, or not, you are capable of being manipulated and of having your free will compromised.

Since it is necessary to grow in wisdom, there will always be learning from the situations but if you think that it is not entirely your choice but one forced upon you, you would feel entirely different and would learn differing lessons from such matters. Then consider the people around you. Are they capable of exercising their free will, or are they being controlled through means which they are sometimes aware of and other times completely unaware of?

Those who act must be assured that they are doing their own actions willingly and with intention. That way will lead to the greatest learning and they will develop further as souls moving through lifetimes and timelines. When the will power is strong, it enhances the soul for it means that every action and thought is part of the growing process and there will inevitable be development in the soul and it will hopefully, with the best intentions, be the light that leads them onward.

Sometimes there are dark forces who seek to steal your willpower and use it for their own ends. These people institute laws and they make people behave in ways that they permit. This is not how you are intended to become more aware. It can only ever lead to the more restrictive environment which most find themselves living in.

When the soul is free to choose, the goal must be to choose wisely for both the soul and the more easily led people. If you are aware of your own tendency to be misled, you will have more understanding and greater sympathy for others. There can then be nothing to blame them for. There is only the question of how best to help them in their consequences, that will be sure to arise.

Your task is only to learn, yourself, from what you experience and even when observing others and their choices, there are lessons to be acquired. Your task is to progress your soul and every opportunity must be viewed from that standpoint. If there is life, there are choices. Choose love and become wiser.

16th September 2021

There is much to be thankful for even when your life is taking on difficulties. Some days the sun shines, other days the rain falls and snow, or hail, or wind blows. All are expressions of the energy of creation. Sage people of the world in all civilisations at all times knew that the Earth speaks in such ways and humans would do well to listen closely to what she is saying. Being involved in the water makes it easier to become aware because so much of your body is water.

The effect on the water must be reflected in your own body. It is easy to see the signs and signals when you are aware of how your body feels during the weather events. Great heat leads to loss of water and the body cries out for watering. The cells become sluggish and they stop performing well.

Similarly, if you are immersed in rainfall and wetness is engulfing you, your body will try to create an environment in which the water cannot enter and destroy the cells. Some high winds will also dry the cells and snow and coldness will make the cells keep their water contained and insulating for the limbs. When you are keenly aware of the effect of weather on your body, you can then turn your attention its effect on other life forms around you. You will see remarkable similarities in the way they, too, approach water issues.

Some might add that when the body is in equilibrium and the spirit within enjoys the sensation of being a bodied spirit, the main effect is one of satisfaction and even contentment. The body lacks nothing and is in need of nothing more. In this way you can experience a satisfactory attachment to yourself and can appreciate what contentment feels like. In this way you can be thankful for your life and for the environment you live in.

Want of water can bring misery and when the body has access to water which is fit to drink, all is well. There is abundance of water on the Earth and there is never going to be a shortage. No one should have to go without water, not even for a short while. It is plentiful enough for all and must be enjoyed by all. Those who choose to possess the means of depriving people of freely available water must not be permitted to do it.

There will be a very different way of doing things when people start to wake up to their reality and go back to the awareness of these fundamental truths:

Your body is aligned with the Earth.

The Earth provides for you.

There can never be an exploitation of you by the Earth.

There is plenty for all.

Know this and you will know that you are blessed and that the world is one of bounteous beauty. Those who can see and feel it, know that there is much to be thankful for.

15th September 2021

There was a time when the people were happier than they are now. The pace of life is often felt in the desire for rest and relaxation. Many people are not getting enough rest and their bodies are always tired. Your energy flow is related to this tiredness which so often makes people irritable and quick to anger when their resources are low.

It is not always necessary to reflect on the reasons for the constant drains upon your energy but it is always necessary to love what you are doing from moment to moment to increase your frequency and enjoy your life more. Saying you are not capable of expending your energy in ways which you enjoy must be considered as an admission that you are enslaved to a life of drudgery and misery.

Love of your life is important. If you are so lost in your daily activities that drain your energy and make you tired with no respite, how can you expect it to be capable of combatting the energy which might bring you pain? How will you survive the energy attacks which seek to make you fearful and sad? All of these emotions stem from your inability to be strong enough to withstand them and their destructive forces. You must therefore become strong in your energy so that you will not be affected by these energetic attacks.

Those who are already strong in their energy will survive those energetic attacks and their energy levels will be maintained, and even increased by their daily activities. Sometimes the most basic of things which keep the body functioning well are what is called for. It is not necessary to do anything drastic. The beginning has to bring joy and then there must be the beginning of awareness of what is happening. For some there will be shifts in perception, subtle at first, and growing until the effects are unmistakeable.

What you must remember is that you are going to succeed in liberating your life from a sense of enslavement. Today and every day is another step forward in freedom.

14th September 2021

There is a tendency to dwell upon those things which we wish stop or to change without giving sufficient thought to the things we wish to see. There may be the thought of your own to investigate wrongdoing and this might bring you some satisfaction. But what if the world is transformed and the most evil of quests is stopped? What would bring you all the pleasure and satisfaction that was present in your life when there was wrongdoing to investigate? How do you continue with your pleasurable work?

Those things may never become a present dangerous territory ever again but there is a very long history to explore, a whole era which is unknown and a lot of things that must be explored so that the truth is known. This work is necessary and will form the basis of the world as we all move onward in our journey to the Source.

There is no end to the following truth:

You are eternal beings and you have been a prisoner for many lifetimes, held captive by an evil force which has held sway. You have not been able to escape even during your most important lifetimes.

What matters is the being you were and are now. You have been set free. You have been given your liberty and there remains only the stolen lives to belong to. This means that any lifetimes you remember must be taken in their context of being held captive to the forces of darkness who abused you and stopped you being yourself.

Those lifetimes were important for, despite being held as a prisoner, you were able to generate learning and your experiences, both good and bad, were themselves of value. Those experiences, both good and bad, made your journey to wisdom all the more loving. All those thoughts and actions were enabling you to achieve the goal of ascending to a higher plane or dimension.

This is only made possible by those words of love and wisdom coming through the world’s thoughts. Those words are like a mystical world of all possibility which you create in those words and thoughts. Some years of study can help make you ready, or you might do it through other means. Some actions are so beneficial and life-changing that the effect on us is instantaneous.

It will vary between lifetimes and there can be an infinite variety of models. The aim was always to do it but there was always an impediment of evil, in the intention of the evil that you should never achieve ascension. And they formed the world so that it was made impossible without large numbers to assist your collective consciousness. They worked hard to ensure that it was difficult to do it while having to live in their world. It was always a possibility but it was rarely achieved.

This was always a result of your captivity so now that you have been freed, you are being woken up by whatever means can be sought. Some vestiges of people who are influenced still by the darkness will continue to deceive and antagonise and hope that they can assist a violent and deadly response, for that is their will and nature.

Some will succeed in deterring others from awakening but it will not last, the energies of ascension are too strong now. Nothing can stop what is coming.

12th September 2021

There can never be a return to the way things were. Too much has happened to change the world so that even if people wished it, it would not be the same ever again. You must understand that everyone and everything upon the Earth will be transformed by knowing and experiencing good versus evil.

The many people who have been damaged in so many different ways are not going to go back to the way they were. Similarly, those who have eyes to see and, yes, ears to hear, who have seen too much and listened in awe in the exercise of this great evil, will never wish to be returned to a time when they did not know. These things are now a new world.

It is inevitable that there will be many who will be amused by these changes because they have waited so long for them to happen. So many wishes for humans to see clearly, so many lifetimes spent in distractions and suffering. There is a need now for truth and reconciliation with those who did not see or hear what was all around them.

So many have been affected by this collective psychosis and memory interference that they will need careful handling. Sympathy for their plight is what you must acknowledge. So many will never understand what evil has done to them so that they will be dazed and confused for a while. You may not criticise them or say they were less than perfect to live in such a world which they thought was the only one. You must not think that they had full control of themselves. How would you react towards a prisoner who is captive? Who can say to what extent evil achieved the apparent impossible?

So, sadly, people think that things will never improve for some, while others live in hope and expectation that there will be a glorious time which is very close. Those who choose it will leave the Earth plane, never to return. Some may decide to come back to complete their cycles but so many more will choose to stay and to enjoy life as it was meant to be lived, without any of the hindrances or impediments to prevent them from being human at long last.

No one has realised their human-ness for their whole life, so there will be a loving response which was always withheld or disguised.

So set your intentions.

11th September 2021

You are moving into an area of consciousness that the human has never experienced before. It is not known what the full effect of it will be and you are not the only life form which will be affected. It is uncertain how the world will cope with these energies which will transform your consciousness and it may become apparent that some will embrace the changes which will, in all likelihood, enhance their personal understanding of what it is to be fully aware of the human being.

It is curious, is it not, that you have always referred to being human without knowing what that entailed? When you begin to understand what these changes can bring about, you will start to bring forth the way the Earth also wishes to become more aligned with your human consciousness.

It is not difficult to see and feel that the Earth is a living and conscious entity. You have known some of that but mostly you have dismissed it as a mere passive habitat that you could shape and alter as you wished. It is only recently that the way the planet nurtures all life has come to many more people’s awareness.

Some will say that the Earth is our Mother, begotten of the Source of All That Is. When the idea takes form and many more people grow in awareness both of themselves and the Earth, it will become known that all life forms are also going through a shift in consciousness, which will extend across the Universe. The Earth is a very special place and one which has long been considered the finest place of the purest energy of love and joyful life-giving properties in the Universal understanding.

For many aeons there was much interference to lock you down and inhibit your ability to shine forth. That time is now ending and all that remains is to transition to the new material planet. Some called it a new dawn but they had no understanding of what that meant. They are about to find out.

10th September 2021

There is no catastrophic event which will be coming. So many voices raised in anger and fear cannot now hold sway over so many others who simply want to live in peace, prosperity and happiness. Do you think that anything which will harm you in this way will be permitted? No, it will not.

Saying it will happen also opens the door to it happening. That which you don’t want to happen also brings it about. This is known, of course, which is why it is allowed to happen by those who seek to manipulate your emotions and have you bring about that which you most dislike.

When there was a clear understanding that the war which has taken you as slaves was no more, the dark ones determined to sow seeds of terror and destruction because that is what they do! Their powers have failed to conjure up assistance from the demon forces and all they have left now is trying to entrain human energy to bring about death and chaos. They will never be allowed to do it ever again.

Those who live in the light know what must now happen on the Earth. It is to be a Paradise once more and it will happen. Saying a confirmation and expecting only good outcomes is now your focus. Make your love of life your guiding hand. Seek only to bathe in the energy of love.

8th September 2021

These questions of your history are well made. What men ask often is, where are the people? If you read only the material available to you, you will see that there are unanswered questions. Why are there so few people from time to time? Why are there ancient buildings which defy your technology and don’t seem to fit those who built them?

You have found recently that there is indeed a conspiracy possible in the global community. It has ever been thus. If you do not know your history or your ancestors, there will always be a question mark over who you are. This is important.

Many times has your history been hidden from view. Many times have those who controlled your world brought death and wars so that all history was lost. They then could seed a false narrative which most would agree on.

In this way you have no true anchor, no way of knowing yourself or what you might do if you had such knowledge. So many are waking up now to the truth that has been hidden for so long. If you don’t know who you are and where you came from, you will have poor voices to speak your truth or know in which direction you are heading.

Sometimes the innate abilities need only to begin awakening from their slumber for you to know that there is so much more to the human than you have fathomed. Seek to find out the truth and the more important abilities will begin to emerge.

Some would say a new age has been forming and there is much to behold and much more to come.

7th September 2021

White Bear sees all and there are indeed energetic frequencies which are affecting the Earth and all of life here and elsewhere in the Universe. Sometimes these things are felt more than seen and they can have a marked effect on all living things. Some energies are so high that they throw life into operating on a much greater level. There may be marked growth, for instance, or there might be abundance of fruitfulness, or being overly generous in giving birth to prosperity or creativity.

These energies are intended to be positive but if there is resistance, or if the person feeling them is less than stable emotionally, there could be some painful experiences or ones which are not entirely comfortable to experience. There is no going backward. There is only seeking to align yourself to the new waves of optimistic outcomes which are now coming into reality.

Sometimes it is necessary to remind people that they can face these changes with hope and optimism and love of all life, but also that if they harbour difficult emotions which keep them in fear and anxiety or hatred, they will affect not only themselves but those close to them. Negative thoughts centring on what hurt has been endured, or what injury caused, will foster only negative thought patterns, as will those dreams of vengeance, rotating with justice served.

In the end the outcome will be exactly as you wished it to be. Neither good nor bad is so determined that they cannot intermingle for a while. It is not so bad to realise that if you are experiencing a poor set of circumstances, that you and you alone can change at a moment’s notice to something more beneficial and enjoyable. It is entirely within your grasp. The energies will assist you in accomplishing what you wish for.

Use this newfound wisdom with care for you are to bring understanding and compassion into the world, a world in which you and all others will know intuitively what is the right thing to do!

5th September 2021

Those things which people spend their time doing will change over the days of their lives until they find the reason for their life’s work. This is not as difficult as it might seem. Each soul incarnates in order to live fully, learning the mysteries of life on Earth and enjoying their days, rejoicing in the effectiveness of their relationships with others.

Many people never understand that they are always in the midst of people just like themselves. Their companions are especially chosen to aid the Earth journey and help them learn how to be a good human. Those who are happiest are those who have chosen wisely those who are helping them to understand many things about themselves.

When the human wishes to grow in awareness it will sometimes happen in ways which could not have been wished for. The learning can oftentimes be difficult and painful as well as pleasurable. The main thing is to grow into an awareness of who you are. This has been difficult for those of you who live through this lifetime.

There has been much manipulation and there has been much intention to make your life difficult so that you would have only painful experiences accompany you through life. Sometimes these experiences lead to a shutting down of all your curiosity and abilities, so that you never explore what it is to be you, sufficiently.

Some would say that they wish only for a quiet life, so that you can find happiness and fulfilment where you may. This is because you have grown tired of the battles to survive and you have been schooled in the ways of the world to protect yourself and keep yourself safe. When the feelings are dulled in this way it is always difficult to break through.

What you will experience shortly is an overwhelming urge to throw off your impediments and rejoice for the lifting of the veil that has accompanied you.

Say the words after the small sacrifices that will be asked of you:

Thank you for letting me experience these things.

Thank you for the opportunities given.

Thank you for taking me closer to knowing who I am, for each circumstance of my life, from my friends and family to the circumstances that I find myself in.

All these things help to make your life a valuable addition to your soul.

3rd September 2021

There are many planes of being and all are related to the Godhead, the Source, the All That Is. It is a definite state of relatedness which infuses your cells and makes you aware of all of the energies available to you.

There is no mystery save that which has been deliberately hidden from you and which subjected you to deception about your true nature, but also the living spirit within all life on this planet which nurtures so many life forms. Some would say that the effect of such ignorance has been the true meaning of the downfall.

It was not always so but it has been like that for so long that the memory of it is held sacred by only a very few who knew the truth and kept it safe for such a time as this is. Your own path through life has been hampered by this ignorance. When so much is kept from you it is impossible for you to regain all of your human skills and attributes but that will not pertain for much longer.

White Bear and all of those who wish the Earth and all of her life forms to grow and be who they were meant to be are at hand to assist in any way most acceptable to you. There is no force or coercion like others have done before. So much is yet to be revealed but it will all become known in time. So many lies, so much deceit. 

There will be a new beginning for you now and it will become clearer and clearer as you move on. Take your time to rest and eat well. There will be much to test you in the weeks and months to come and you must keep in mind only progress made and the victories to come. It is never easy making the transition from dark to light but you will find it gets easier the more focused you are on loving each other, loving the planet and all that the Earth has given you.

Some will call what will happen the start of a golden age of happiness and all will enjoy life at long last. It is coming and it cannot be stopped. Your energy will dictate how smooth or how rough a ride it will be so keep it strong and keep your vibration high.

2 September 2021

When the most part of humans realise one tenth of who they are, the Earth will be a very different place.

Some people understand who they are, what it is to be human, and to have been created by Source. There is much misunderstanding of Source but the thing that sets it on our side, that is, White Bear and all other life forms, is that Source is incapable of creating something which is less than perfect. It is not possible for Source to create a human who is not the perfect human. There needs only be an understanding of what it is to be human.

There has indeed been much interference here to stop humans from finding out the whole of their humanity. It was a closely guarded secret by those who sought to capture you and make you their slaves and playthings. It was always a case of enticing you through bad deeds against each other, or simply tying your mind up in the struggle for survival. This led through time to where we are now.

The human is beginning to awaken these hidden abilities and they are discovering that they have been freed. Those who choose to wake up will wake up. Those who are entrenched in their captivity will not survive the current shift without making the choice to remain in that world. Those who choose to be human in all the abilities and talents that Source created in them, will move on to the harmony in the world which was always intended for them.

The world is changing and all will help the humans to move forward if they ask for help. They must ask us to intervene to stop those who would prevent the humans from being themselves through their actions to kill or make them enslaved.

Those who would block the human to be whole will not be allowed to continue. Some would say that time has come.

The White Bear Chronicles

31st August 2021

White Bear’s words resonate with those whose vibration meets the state of grace within. The effect of good thoughts is very real and tangible. They promote health and they inspire others to also resonate with the frequency of love which you generate.

This energy of love is often misunderstood. The vibration affects not only your own cells but also the whole of creation. Many people think that loving thoughts are private and of no concern except for the object of the love. White Bear says this is insufficient an application of the frequency. When the body is affected through thoughts, the whole of the human field of influence is enriched.

It is apparent that all are capable of great love for others and they display it often. In most, the feeling of love is taken as read. They do not dwell upon its effect, they are merely expressing what their thoughts dictate. It is evident that many people are unaware of the effect of feeling love and so it comes as something of a surprise to them to see that others can sense their vibration and respond accordingly. It may be by something singular like a kiss or other sign of affection but there are subtle signs all around that everything, all life and even the plants are happier when in the presence of this energy which is life-giving.

If this will not make your heart sing, then imagine the effect upon a baby or a young child. They are instinctively drawn to happy, smiling faces and words of love and endearment are more pleasing to them than harsh words or angry, unsmiling faces.

The same is true for all animals. Your own well loved pets have often responded to your unspoken words because they see your energy and they feel your emotions. Many people have a feeling of wellbeing around animals and seek them out as companions. These traits are not unique to animals. The whole of creation responds to those who love life and rejoice in their world.

There is nothing to add except this: try to harbour only good thoughts, especially of yourself, for from these will come your understanding of how the world responds to you in kindness. There is no mystery.

You know all of this but sometimes you need to be reminded.

30th August 2021

When the shift comes there will be an awakening and a realisation that all has been hidden from the Earth. Some will say that they knew something did not seem as it should be, but most will think that they have stumbled into an alternative reality which they cannot see through.

Truth is ever elusive and what matters to some will not be important to many. In the end it will be the way that people come together to share their speaking, when the changes will fix themselves in the materiality. Speaking creates a vibration which many will be able to feel. White Bear speaks of resonating with another and it is a familiar feeling for many who can feel love for another.

The vibration of love speaks on another level entirely but the words resonate with the vibration of love when that wants to express itself to others. In this way the people realise that they know when words carry truth and love. They will feel the resonant vibration and they will hear truth sounds coming from others.

So many people have grown used to deception when all they sought was truth and trust, that they have difficulty trusting in words alone. And so they expect the words to be accompanied by loving actions which can do no harm to others. In many people’s experiences the trust was ill-founded, or people were manipulated by false words to trust in those who sought to deceive them.

The world will change soon to one where selfish words and deeds will be revealed and there will be no room for them. White Bear’s words are infused with both truth and love and all whose vibration resonates with the truth of love within themselves will recognise this, and there will be a heart resonance which will be the tell tale sign that all is as it should be and the heart is acting exactly as it was intended.

No more will there be deception or subterfuge allowed and each heart will beat in harmony with the Earth and with the life forms on the planet. No more will there be signs of hatred or any other sign that the world is unaltered. The Earth will be resonating with you then and your hearts will be joined in a song of love energy which is life sustaining and energising.

No more will the human be dampened down. The humans will make their freedom a song to be sung in harmony with the Earth and all will feel the beauty of life and live longer, bathed in the love light of the planet as it was always intended they would.

Be at peace now for nothing can prevent this from happening. The sooner the better to heal your wounded hearts and let your light shine brightly.

28th August 2021

Those who can grasp hold of these eternal truths will be those who can move into the new world. There is no mystery save those that have been made so by keeping the truth from you.

Those in control made great sport of being in control of the more bookish types of people. Those especially were the subjects of their mirth. They considered them the biggest success that they had. White Bear says that the more bookish you become the less likely you are to imagine the world as you wish it to be. Those who write the books do not spend their time on imagination so that yours will grow, but so that you might limit yourself to the world someone else has created for you.

When you limit your reading, you also open yourself to using your imagination and in that way you open up yourself to the full gamut of abilities. What you then experience is the coming together of instinct with the natural world and you begin to realise that every moment the world responds to you.

It makes sense for humans to be as they were meant to be. There were always hidden communications between man and nature, including all creatures great and small. These abilities are never well developed in people who read books. There is something about that method of communication which inhibits the other faculties.

There is always a need to pass on wisdom and there will always be a need to both read and write because these are features of preserving the world’s history and wisdom. The most damaging thing is to expect these altogether to bring about learning to be a human. There is so much missing from a limited view like this.

These words are infused with energies which open up the mind to its possibilities. They do not make you a slave to them. They make you do nothing. They open you mostly to the thought that there will always be more to know and to learn but in the end you must ask yourself whether you are attracted to those words which will free you or enslave you.

27th August 2021

There are many major forces being aligned at this moment within the Earth’s orbit and they make it easier and easier to manifest. It is important, therefore, to remain in a state of mind which enables only the most loving of outcomes.

For too long the prevailing planetary influencers have instilled fear and anxiety and sorrow upon the people of Earth so that there would be nothing manifest which they did not foster. With this inactive manifestation of loving inclinations, the humans and the Earth suffered greatly. The humans did not understand that they were always manipulated into feelings of hatred and love was not encouraged for anything save the most destructive of effects.

This was not how it was supposed to be. The Earth was meant to be a Paradise. It was corrupted by the presence of malevolent forces which made the Earth their possession and the humans their slaves. White Bear sees that the dark evil forces that created this mayhem where there was supposed to be harmony, have now departed.

They left behind a world full of their servants who would carry on the dark agenda if they were left to do it. Be aware that not all are as they seem. Darkness has instilled itself in every heart because that was the will of those dark manipulators. They will seek to make you angry and sad and despairing.

This is how they stop you from manifesting the lightness of your humanity, the love within each cell of your human body, the sense of unity that is your heritage. It has been lost for a long time but is now being rekindled until it will overwhelm the darkness.

There will be love and there will be happiness when what is in the human heart becomes manifest. White Bear says it is coming.

25 August 2021

White Bear’s words to you today are these: take care of the people you love now. There will never be a better time to tell them that you love them and they will grow with your energy towards their own beingness.

White Bear speaks of all the worlds which collide with yours. They converge here because they rejoice at the many voices now praising the Earth and all of the life forms here. They sing for joy because they see the transformation taking place even though there are dark forces still who would wish to stop it.

The dark forces have caused many things to happen on the planet when the humans were no more of value as slaves. They see this change occurring in the humans and they marvel that none of their tricks and spells and evil deeds have more effect. They have lost this planet. They know this. They depart without grace for there is none in them. The shift is coming closer and they seek now to make chaos and wreak vengeance on the Earth for that is what they do.

There will be a new Earth, one that is renewed and revitalised. The sun will shine and the proletariat will be happy at last. That is to say, the everyday person, those that were called animals and given no respect, will be reborn. No more will the human have dotage or sickness. They will be renewed and they will love the new existence.

Those who enslaved your ancestors will never have sway on this Earth ever again.

It is written.

23 August 2021

There will be a period of adjustment because the Earth has been enslaved by dark forces for so long that she and all her life forms have not known who they were. When the enslavement ends there will be many who do not recognise the familiar face in the mirror. Then there will be a period of puzzlement. Who or what is this person? Why have they not been aware before of who they were?

The signal to awaken was given long ago but while the Earth was subjected to the evil forces which abounded, they were held captive despite their growing awareness. There have been many people over recent years who spoke truths which were rejected by many. These people sometimes gave up or they soldiered on, becoming ever more determined to speak their truths. They came to the conclusion that whether slow or fast there would be an awakening of the whole planet. That time would be in their own lifetimes.

There would be such a force of planetary consciousness that even the ones fast asleep under the energetic spells of the evil ones, would see that things were very strange and though they would have no understanding, they would be conscious enough to know that something was happening which was entirely surprising.

When the mass of consciousness on the planet reaches a critical mass, the whole edifice will crumble. When that happens, the causes of it will be debated but those who have always known and expected a great awakening, will know that their role is not over. There will be a need for people to explain what has occurred and to give it some contextual understanding.

The people capable of doing this will arise and come at it from all directions. The scientists will sort out their data and describe what happened. The artists will paint a picture in thought forms which depict the differing scenes from the event. The sages will be the ones to say what and why, the cause and the effect.

They will be the ones who will eventually be heard. When that happens, the world will begin to heal.

22 August 2021

When the man Trump returns to the office of President, there will be many changes which he will bring in. Those who doubt him because of his prior affiliations do not understand that changes of heart can take place.

When he ran for office he thought he understood what love of a people was. It was something he thought he knew. What he failed to understand was the power of prayer as well as love. These two things together made him see the light. They made him see that the way to the prosperity and peace he so desired was never going to happen without an energy of love. This was crucial to his understanding of what he had to accomplish.

These things were not easy but they were necessary. He worked within the prevailing system but he was transitioning to a vibration which he had not felt before. The task before him was hugely difficult. It was necessary to move forward in stages so that the world would come along with him. Love mixed with prayer was the key to his own transition from a person owing allegiance to The Brotherhood. This will all become clearer as we move on.

There is no need to doubt the man Trump. He is doing what he thinks is right for the planet and for the future of the human race. He doesn’t wish for treasure or for power without responsibility. He is not a megalomaniac or a psychopath as some have said. He is gifted in knowing how to get things done and he will do this one task with all of his accumulated skills now mixed with, and inevitably influenced by, love and prayer. It is a devastating combination and it will work just as he intends. As you know him so well you will recognise the signs he displays.

Trump will bring peace and prosperity to the new world created from the ashes of the old. It will be a new dawn for the Earth and love will be at the heart of it.

21st August 2021

We are now entering a crucial period of high energy which will change and challenge the social structures which have developed to control people and keep them from turning on their overlords.

The Cosmos is constantly changing and upgrading. This can bring great fortune but also great turmoil as people realise that their reality is not the one which serves them well. The changes in perception are brought about through subtle influences but mostly through trusting someone to tell you the truth.

The institutions of governance have been shown to be so incompetent at protecting people that they have actively participated in a plan to harm people. This will be revealed and many will be scorned for the part they played either through ignorance and blind faith in lies, or through malevolent intent.

These things and more will become known to the people and they will awaken from their slumber to begin to see and to comprehend what reality has meant for the Earth. They will wish for different things en masse and their opinions and views will coalesce into a vision of what they would wish the Earth to be. This will bring about a great change in how people view themselves and each other. It will begin a new age of cooperation and helpful attitudes to each other.

It will take time to achieve and the goal will be achieved in good time. There will, however, be some chaos and turmoil in people to get through. There will be no escaping the turmoil entirely because each will be equally subject to the energies which hasten it. Those who have a firm grasp on who they are will be the best protected from the influences but even these will achieve coherence at some cost in equanimity or equilibrium.

20 August 2021

Those were the times of tribulation. The Earth was melting and there was water everywhere,

When they came back the Earth was very changed. They did not like it as much but they left behind a more advanced type of human made in their own image. They were not evil per se, shall we say, just that they could do much to manipulate things and they did.

What you see now will be very different from once it was. If you could go back many thousands of years you would see strange elementals and there would be children of men. They lived side by side together with love ofEarth and of all life. They had no need of wars or strife. They lived in harmony with their protector, their giver of life.

19th August 2021

Those who want to be in more living light will never mend a world which they do not understand.

The world was always a being of great love and creativity. The Earth’s abundance reveals a loving entity who creates beauty and loves to foster life in all its forms, for all are of the Earth energy. What people fail to understand is that the Earth not just nurtures them, her energies and waves, or frequencies, are the life force of the planet. It is never possible to destroy that energy, it can only be masked for a time. When the interference is stopped, life returns to the way it is meant to be.

Those who direct the actions do not always know that the Earth is a self-healing, self-replicating energetic system which fosters life. They think they are the ones who do it. They have lived so long without this understanding that they have missed the signs that they can no longer make the Earth their money machine.

These beings brought evil and tyranny to the world of love and life. They brought death and more to the planet they wished to possess. Those who came have largely been defeated but what remains is a battle for the future of the Earth. If it is to foster life it must choose wisely which course of action to follow. If those who have aligned themselves with the dark ones are in control, they will follow the same path and things will not change much.

If the new world of love and life is to foster a new Earth there will need to be a new way of being. It must bring about love and creativity and it must embrace life in all its beauty.

16th August 2021

In the beginning of the experiment there were what they call the incurious. They did not ask questions or resist what they were told to do. They came and went in their many lives but none awakened to their true human worth.

Then there were people who asked only to be left alone and they asked only for peace and quiet. Sometimes the lives were combined and then became those who obeyed the rules and lived in peace and quiet.

Things were fine until there were those who would stop these people from doing and being who and what they wanted.

There is more to say….