Theresa May’s BREXIT Climbdown

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Theresa May’s Never Ending BREXIT

Let me get this straight. According to Theresa May BREXIT means that we are leaving the single market and the customs union – but we are not going to set a date for it.  It may go on for some time until something comes along to change things, such as a foreign country (Ireland) and the EU never agreeing any solution to the border question.  That will settle it once and for all: we will have to stay in the customs union and that means we have to stay in the single market and have free movement and the ECJ.  Because, as has been pointed out to us time and time again by the Commission, these pillars of the EU are indivisible.  Accept one, you accept all.  There are no opt outs.

Theresa May's Never Ending BREXIT
Theresa May’s Never Ending BREXIT

No Customs Issue if we take a No-Deal BREXIT

Why is this so very difficult to understand?  There is no wiggle room.  We are either in or we are out.  And if there were any lingering doubts, Barnier said only a few days ago he didn’t understand why we are debating the customs issue because the EU will never agree to whatever we decide upon.  (I paraphrase)

I hope and pray that there are meetings and huddles going on around Westminster at this very moment to determine the next step.  Theresa May cannot square the circle.  She has attempted the impossible: to try to forge a middle way where everyone loses and the highest number of people are content with their level of compromise.  It cannot be done.  She must walk away because to continue trying to do the impossible is leading to more problems than it attempts to solve.

Firm leadership is needed, not the machinations of a middle manager.  Weak and ineffectual leadership leads to discontent and chaos.  People lose faith in their Government to protect them and support them in difficult times.  It leads to a loss of confidence that causes anxiety and weakness.  A nation’s ability to work together for its success and its future is undermined in the most insidious of ways.  It causes us to doubt, to no longer believe in ourself.  And that is a disaster for it translates into ennui, apathy and disaffection.

Get Theresa May Out!

The only course left open to us is to rid ourselves of those who would seek to have us weak and demoralised.  We cannot wait for a general election.  We must lend our voices to those in the Government and in Parliament who would support us.  Make them know that we want those who would seek to betray our trust to be removed from office.  Start with the Prime Minister.  The time is now.

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