Give Me Honour or Give Me Glory

Give Me Honour or Give Me Glory

There is no other way forward.  Honour with glory or honour or glory: they are all the same now.

To recap.  So sure was the Establishment that we would vote Remain that Cameron made no plans for leaving.  Then, instead of a Brexit supporting PM, we got a shoe-in Remainer who chose a largely remain Cabinet but a Brexit Secretary of State at the Department for Exiting the European Union, who was a token figure because she by-passed him and plotted Brexit in Name Only behind his back.

The Brexit Theresa May has negotiated is so bad it must have been part of the plan to have us remain.  We would hear mirthful tales from Brussels negotiators that they would ask Theresa May what we wanted and she would only respond with, ‘What are you offering?”.  The final result from her, as we are now told, is either her ‘deal’ or no Brexit.  The media are hell bent upon another so-called ‘People’s Vote’, it seems, which is anything but and they are promoting it for all it’s worth.  To ensure that we stay in, I predict there will be a choice of those two alternatives, which both pretty much amount to remaining in the EU. Except that only one – her ‘deal’, is considerably worse than staying in.

So which would most people vote for?  Staying in or becoming a vassal state with no say and no prospect of ever becoming a prosperous independent trading nation?  Which would a pragmatic, sensible type of person choose?  To remain and fight another day or to capitulate and be like a caged bird?  I do not do you the disservice of quoting polls.  They are not to be trusted, commissioned as they are by those who will not countenance anything that gainsays their view. It is a false choice that will be given, of course.  It will have the semblance of democracy without its actuality.  Stay with a terrible vassalage or vote to remain under an anti-democratic autocracy.  Some choice.  

The result will make no difference to the way that people will feel about their betrayal and they will quite rightly point to several culprits who have conspired to rob people of their democratic choice: the Establishment first and foremost, those learned elders and betters, the great and the good who decide for us how we are to be governed for we are too lowly and uneducated to appreciate the greater picture; elected politicians of all parties and their figureheads like Theresa May; captains of industry who know nothing of ordinary people’s greater concerns, being focussed entirely upon the economy; media pundits and the media generally who are to a one bought and paid for remain advocates.

Those people who chose to leave the EU are not represented amongst these voices and they never have been.  For many, if not most of us, it was not about the economy but about freedom to make our own choices, about a sovereign nation deciding that we had a different vision from the collective, one that was more in tune with tradition and values and decency and community and yes, children and the future.  We had a vision of the past melded with the future, a chance to reaffirm all that was good about our culture and way of life with the opportunity to excel and forge a dynamic and innovative future.  It was never about trying to recreate the past but about preserving all that was best about it while embracing change and challenge and ambition and success.

This pathetic Withdrawal Agreement is the sorry result of a failure of vision and belief in ourselves.  Failure to embrace who we are, failure to speak out for a people forged by hardship and battle who have an indomitable spirit, and a failure to realise that we have it in us to succeed whatever the obstacles placed in our way.  This proposed Withdrawal Agreement is a nonentity born of weakness and defeatism, a vision of a future shackled by limitation and fear.  

We deserve better than this.

We are better than this.

Get rid of those who would serve us ill in this time of need and have done.

We are the spirit of Brexit or we are nothing.

Choose a leader worthy of our metal and let us go forward into the future with strength and vigour, determined to succeed or die in the attempt with pride and dignity intact.

Once again Theresa May asks permission from Angela Merkel before her own cabinet.