The Truth About the Withdrawal Agreement

The Truth About the Withdrawal Agreement

Theresa May’s BREXIT

Perhaps this is old hat for most of us who have long held the belief that the Government’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement is not Brexit and Theresa May’s repeated assurances that we will be leaving the EU are just so much fudge and window dressing.  While most of us were enjoying our Boxing Day, John Redwood MP was busy publishing the draft of a leaked letter from a senior civil servant. 

It is well worth a read: Click Here 

Here are a few choice bits to give you a clue where the Government has long been leading us and why May has tried and is still trying, to pull the wool over our eyes.

‘…the Withdrawal Agreement… offers us the best chance to protect all that is best about our current membership whilst fulfilling the letter of the remit to leave the EU on 29 March 2019… (Ministers)… looking for a compromise between Remain and Leave… there must be no damage to jobs and trade…