What’s The Point Of A Second BREXIT Referendum?

What’s The Point?

What’s The Point Of A Second BREXIT Referendum?
17.4 million of us have already told our politicians what we want them to do.

We have spoken and we are content

What If You Lose Again?

Surely a second vote is based on the premise that the result will be different?

Are they really so confident that they can beat us the second time?
Do they think they can better outwit us? Is that it? Be more devious, scare us better, convince us that what we want is impossible to deliver so we might as well just stick with the devil we know?

What if they get the same result?
Is it the answer that was wrong the first time round?
Or the numbers?

If it transpired that it was the same result with bells on, what then? What if we are so pissed off with our unrepresentative representatives that we tell them in bigger numbers to do our bidding?
Will that make them do what we have told them to do?

I am bemused.  I thought we told you to leave the EU.

Will they be any more likely to do our bidding if they get the same answer?
Will they suck it up and obey us?
Will that be enough?
Or will they find ever more devious ways of circumventing our decision?

This is not what we agreed

Politicians must carry out the will of the people

What do we have to do to make them do what they have been instructed to do?
Do we have to march more often?
Sign more petitions?
Write more letters to them?
What is the magic formula to make them do what we told them we wanted them to do?More angry exchanges?

This is your doing, more divisiveness and conflict between us

Civil strife?

Because as things stand we don’t trust them to do our bidding.
We’ve already told them what we want.
Is it only when we we do as we are told that they will carry out our instructions?
Is that it?
Is that when they will do our bidding?
Oh dear.  Serious miscalculation. Things have moved on. As they will find.

Now we are well and truly angry with you!