Theresa May Now Unfit to Be PM

Theresa May Now Unfit to Be PM

Lots of people now saying that TM is now mentally unfit to be PM. The evidence? The Leader of the Conservative Party is told that her Party members are in meltdown and it will face a wipeout at the council elections. Her Cabinet Ministers are rebelling and going their own way without sanction, many are threatening to resign, MPs have defected and others defy the whip while all are going against their manifesto pledges upon which they were elected. She is forming an alliance with the Opposition to thwart her own Government, is willing to risk a Marxist led Government of anti-semitic hue in order to avoid what? A bit of short term disruption by just leaving, knowing we have made enough agreements to tide us over until things can be regularised and institutions and business become familiar with the new terrain? This surely cannot be the true reason for her incredibly bad decisions to bind us in perpetuity to a super-state which we have explicitly told her we want to leave and which guarantee years and years of indecision and confusion ahead.

What’s really going on with her?

What’s really going on with her? There are lots of theories but none of them make rational sense. She is defying the wish of the people, she is subverting their clear intent, she is destroying her own Party, boosting the stature of the Opposition Party and playing fast and loose with Parliament and Constitution.

If these are rational decisions, made at whatever the cost to the nation, then there is something deeply worrying going on. I draw the comparison with the US, where it is now being revealed that there have been deep operatives at work to further their own agenda through subverting the institutions of the Executive and the law to their own nefarious purposes, aided by the security apparatus. That explanation may not be palatable but it is at least understandable. If I dismiss all of that as happening here, if there is no deliberate act to sabotage Brexit whatever the consequences, then the only other explanation is that she has indeed lost the plot, is suffering a breakdown and is making irrational decisions which have long term implications for us all.

In either case, there is a very strong desire and necessity for her to be removed from office along with all those who have been aiding and abetting her. This is what a crisis looks like and the fallout from it will colour our politics for years to come. Our unwritten constitution seems to be lacking a means to remove summarily someone who is taking the country to hell in a handcart. Is there no doctor in the house willing to certify her as having health problems which necessitate removal and immediate treatment? We seemed to do it quite quickly, I recall, in Harold Wilson’s time. Time to go with dignity and with public sympathy while all of us have some chance of recovery and survival.