The White Bear Chronicles November 2021

23rd November 2021

White Bear speaks now with the authority of one who has loved the Earth and all of her life forms for aeons of your time. In that time of reference
White Bear was many things upon the Earth. There were lifetimes as humans and other beings. Some will be known to you but most will not.

In all of the many lifetimes here, there was never a threat like there is now.

The forces of darkness and light are gathered to bring about peace on Earth.

The White Bear Chronicles October 2021

8th October 2021

There are many avenues to stop the tyranny. All of them require people to stand up as one and to make their voices heard. Sometimes it is necessary to feel the pain of others, to see the violence that is used against them, to feel the injustice on their behalf before your natural justice is served.

For too long people have been taught to be passive and to obey without question. There are people who have willingly gone along with behaviours which were always clearly not in their interests. These people are now witnessing what their passivity has led to. They think that the powers they see enacted are for the benefit of many but at the same time they see that there is cruelty and unnecessary violence enacted against innocent people. This only leads them to become more fearful as they imagine what it would be like to be on the receiving end of such tyrannical abuses of power. They may shrink from doing anything, or they may finally decide that enough is enough and refuse to be cowed.

You are a spirit with infinite possibilities before you. When you realise that you cannot be cowed or defeated, that as a human you have infinite powers to overcome such obstacles, you will rise up and say NO! White Bear stands with you now and makes this promise: those who have behaved in this cruel and tyrannical way will face justice. It will not be the kind of justice where they think they can be forced into a corrupt judicial court. No. They will face the justice of Spirit forces which will hit them hard and stop them dead.

It will not be long now. Remember their names and faces for they will try to escape when it must dawn upon them that they have betrayed their souls.

5th October 2021

There are a great many truths that need to be spoken. Those who hid the truth can only have done so because they wished to hold power unto themselves and others. If you all knew all, there could never be controls on each of the humans here.

You would recognise that you have been kept in ignorance of your true being from the moment you are born here. Your babies are immediately attacked and treated brutally from the moment they come into physical form. They are subjected to medical interventions when none are needed. They cannot be allowed to develop their God-given powers to see and to hear those things which are all around. Instead, they are given mostly un-nutritious foods to eat and they are quickly taught to do things to order. They sleep when they are supposed to, and they are expected to learn to communicate in the way of words, and they must learn to speak in order to communicate. This is unnatural.

The natural human would speak telepathically to another as it was always intended. In making spoken language the only acceptable means of speaking to each other, the most dangerous aspect of the human has been curtailed. If humans can speak telepathically to each other what can control them any longer? The ability to move things by the power of sound and thoughts also makes a human able to perform tasks which there would be an overwhelming need to control.

Those who make sure that humans grow up never making these abilities known are also destined to live a half-life within a much confined prison-like place, which is not how you are supposed to be. If you compare the life of a human who is able to communicate through thoughts to one who requires a device to make that possible, you can clearly see that one of them is free to think whatever they want and the other is only allowed to speak in accepted ways which can be monitored and limited in many ways that the first one cannot. The second one is easily controlled and made to think only what someone else says they can.

This is the magnitude of control which the human is experiencing now. It will lead only to being more suppressed. The difference between a human unfettered and a captive human is vast. It is so distressing to see such an evil agenda which makes people into less than they were created to be. White Bear sees all around the effects of so many people who do not know who they are or what it is to be a human. Those who remain firmly asleep cannot be underestimated. They are not awakening as one people, one humanity to live the life they were intended to live. So much interference has left many unable to love and see the planet as bounteous.