The Anglican Cathedral of Liverpool and the Cathedral of Notre Dame Paris

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral is the largest cathedral and religious building in Britain and contains one of the largest enclosed spaces in any public building worldwide. The Cathedral is also one of the world’s tallest non-spired churches.

Liverpool Anglican Cathedral
Liverpool Cathedral Church of Christ

The design was by 23 year old Giles Gilbert Scott and he and the more senior George Bodly shared the architectural responsibilities. The Foundation stone was laid on Tuesday 19th July 1904 by King Edward VII at a great open-air service and a choir of a thousand voices sang the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel’s Messiah.

Six years later the Lady Chapel was completed. The High Altar, the Eastern Transepts and the Chancel were ready by 1924 and King George V and Queen Mary attended the consecration of The Cathedral Church of Christ.

By 1941 the Tower was still incomplete but the vast open space below it was able to hold a service entitled ‘Solemn Entrance in Time of War’. King George VI and Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother visited the Cathedral during the Blitz and encouraged the masons and the community to keep building.

On a bitterly cold day in February 1942, Sir Giles Scott placed the final stone on the final ‘finial’ at the top of the tower, three hundred and thirty one feet one and a half inches (101 metres) above the Cathedral floor. He died in 1960 long before the Cathedral was finally completed although it was handed over to the Dean and Chapter in 1961. On 25th October 1978, in the presence of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, there was a great service of thanksgiving to mark the completion of the Cathedral, “a triumphant proclamation of hope”.

Seventy four years to build a cathedral. The stonemasons learned their trade and spent their whole working life on the project and passed their skills to their sons and grandsons. Lives dedicated to excellence and God’s work.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral Resplendent
Notre Dame Cathedral Resplendent

The Cathedral of Notre Dame was built between 1160 and 1260. A hundred years to build, standing proud for over 750 years, severely damaged by fire in a single night. A globally recognised architectural gem, a fond memory for millions of visitors to Paris and an iconic image of the endurance of Christianity in a secular age, Notre Dame will never be quite the same again.

It is more than tragic, more than the destruction of a national and global treasure. It is a dagger blow to the heart when we see our cultural and religious monuments so desecrated. Even in secular France it is a psychic blow to the nation and one which some have said is comparable to 9/11 in significance. I do not doubt it.

Notre Dame on fire April 2019
Notre Dame on fire April 2019

Notre Dame will be rebuilt by a different class of artisan altogether from those who so recently, by comparison, built Liverpool Cathedral. The skills gained over so very long a period can be extinguished in a generation. A very few will have the expertise at the start and they will have to build a team of dedicated individuals prepared to devote their life to the monumental task of restoration. Cost is irrelevant in such a grand design. The necessary skills, the scarcity of the requisite materials and the commitment required in human terms, are of incalculable cost. The French people will be more than adequate to the task and they will be supported by people across the globe. Notre Dame de Paris will live again, forever changed but unbowed.

In this Holy Week I pray that the restoration of Notre Dame Cathedral can and will be done, that Christians everywhere will know that faith carries strength and hope will endure. Deus vult.



Theresa May in Talks With Corbyn’s Labour Party

Theresa May in Talks With Corbyn’s Labour Party

Theresa May is in talks with Corbyn’s Labour Party. The talks hinge upon them agreeing to vote for Theresa May’s negotiated Withdrawal Agreement and thereby ensure sufficient votes in the House of Commons for it to pass. This has been brought about, of course, because the Withdrawal Agreementis a dreadful ‘deal’ and Parliament has rejected it by huge margins three times.

Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn
Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn

The talks between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are designed to agree the way forward after the Withdrawal Agreement has passed in the House.

Without the Withdrawal Agreement passing, there is no point musing about what the future trading relationship will be – the Political Declaration – and even less point in tying the Government to whatever is discussed with Corbyn.

Two things have therefore to happen:

  1. Speaker Bercow has to agree for the Withdrawal Agreement to be brought before the House of Commons again (unchanged)

  1. Labour MPs have to vote in sufficient numbers to ensure it passes.

Neither of those things are certain or even likely.

Theresa May has entered into negotiations with Jeremy Corbyn for no guarantee of success and has nuked her own Party in the process. The Conservatives are in meltdown and there is open fury at what she has done.

The Labour Party is not doing particularly well in all this, either. Supporters don’t want them shoring up a failing Tory Government and Labour Brexiteers blame them for delaying our leaving the EU.

Activists from both Parties out canvassing for the local elections in May are encountering a degree of hostility and anger from members of the public the likes of which none of them have ever known. This is not going to end well for either Party.



The Gilets Jaunes could topple Emanuel Macron

The Gilets Jaunes

The Gilet Jaunes demonstrations in France could topple the elitist-globalist Emanuel Macron and the Gilets Jaunes will be on show once more this weekend in an indomitable demonstration of anger and defiance by the French people in the face of increasingly violent and extreme measures by the police.

The Gilets Jaunes
The Gilets Jaunes en marchent

The gilets jaunes will be out en masse today in France as they have been for months now. Their peaceful protests against their President Macron have largely been ignored by him but as they have not gone away as he expected, he has instructed the police to disperse them by the use of brutal force.

The Gilets Jaunes
A Gilet Jaune defiant

Police Violence

So it is that on the streets of our nearest neighbour across the Channel we see the police fire rubber ball launchers and sting grenade balls on unarmed protesters. Nineteen protesters have lost an eye; four have lost hands. Macron still refuses to engage with their grievances and yet the protests have not gone away and enjoy an astonishingly high level of support in France of 60%-70% according to polls.

The Gilets Jaunes
Macron fires back against the Gilets Jaunes

Macron Is A Globalist Elitist

Macron, like the globalist masters he serves, has only contempt for the concerns of ordinary French citizens. He lives in luxury, he is feted on the world stage, he meets only those who approve of him and who share his aims for the world. He thinks that globalism can be pushed upon people despite their objections because his view of the world is seen from the lofty height of the technocrat, who views the rest of us as ignorant pawns in their game to reshape the world in their image.

The Gilets Jaunes
Macron thinks he is invincible.

Macron does not seem to show the slightest concern about these people, his people, who make up the majority of his country. He is hell bent upon carrying through his platform of globalist policies despite the suffering they are causing, his own unpopularity and the anger that he has engendered amongst his people.

The Gilets Jaunes
The Gilets Jaunes gather pace

This is the attitude of the elite globalists who determine the living standards of the French people.

French History

Macron seems not to know his French history. Didn’t the French people have a revolution to do away with just such elite aristocrats who had no regard for their plight and only disdain for them? He must think that he is immune, that he is well protected from the consequences of such widespread ire, that his globalist chums and those masters whose bidding he carries out, will rescue him if it comes to it.

He needs to go back to his history books.

The Gilets Jaunes
Macron et la revolution des Gilets Jaunes.

When the French people can see no way out of their plight, they have nothing to lose by adopting more extreme measures. They show little sign of giving up. He would do well to listen to them now before it is too late.

The Gilets Jaunes
The Gilets Jaunes Revolution comes to Paris.

The Spygate Scandal, Theresa May and Brexit

Can Prime Minister Theresa May Survive the Spygate Scandal and Deliver Brexit?

Spygate in case you haven’t heard, is the biggest scandal to have hit politics on either side of the Atlantic.  Surprisingly, perhaps, for us in the UK, it may well have implications for whether Theresa May survives as Prime Minister and we leave the EU with a clean Brexit once she has departed. Insiders are asking, “Can Prime Minister Theresa May Survive the Spygate Scandal and Deliver Brexit?”

Can Prime Minister Theresa May Survive the Spygate Scandal?
Can Prime Minister Theresa May Survive the Spygate Scandal?

Take your mind away from the current Brexit shenanigans for a moment and put your focus on Prime Minister Theresa May. Why she is so desperate for continued close ties with the EU – and why does she appear to have abandoned closer ties with the US in the future? Does she know something we do not? That our goose is well and truly cooked once the truth comes out about our interference in trying to take out candidate Trump in the 2016 US Presidential Election?

It is possible, I suppose, that the Heads of GCHQ and MI6 thought they were assisting the US to unmask a Russian puppet. Perhaps they didn’t know that their counterparts in US Intelligence, Brennan and Clapper, were rogue elements intent on fabricating a Russian collusion narrative against a Presidential candidate. Perhaps our chaps thought they were doing what was only right and proper for our American cousins, little knowing that they were acting as proxies in this dastardly deed. It didn’t help, of course, that one of our ‘retired’ spies was the go-between for, and possibly the author of, the notoriously salacious ‘Russian’ dossier on candidate Trump that led to the appointment of Special Counsel Mueller. Mueller, incidentally, is still mulling two years on and has yet to produce his final report. Whatever else he has come up with, none of it appears to have implicated President Trump.

Did the UK ask President Trump Not to Expose Their Involvement in Spygate?
Did the UK ask President Trump Not to Expose Their Involvement in Spygate?

Did the UK ask President Trump Not to Expose Their Involvement in Spygate?

The upshot of the evidence is, however, that we are heavily implicated in the Spygate scandal, the plot to take out a Presidential candidate, a President elect and now a sitting President of the United States. After issuing an order for the declassification of documents and text messages related to the Russia-collusion investigations, President Trump received phone calls from two close US allies asking him not to release the information. One of them was almost certainly the UK. Why would we do that unless it would be very damaging to us – and to Prime Minister Theresa May, in particular? She certainly would not want our role in events in 2016 to be made public.

Could this be why Theresa May is so desperate to keep us tied to the EU, to prevent us being out in the cold, having offended our closest ally? Is this why she has bent over and agreed to the EU’s every demand in the withdrawal negotiations and why she is so desperate not to anger them? So we will not be isolated and weakened on the world stage? She would never admit, of course, that this is the real reason for her increasingly alarmist rhetoric as she attempts to keep us under the EU’s umbrella. It makes sense for me, at least, of why she keeps repeating that her Withdrawal Agreement is supposedly a good deal for us in spite of all evidence to the contrary.

Is Theresa May Toast? Are Her Days Numbered?
Is Theresa May Toast? Are Her Days Numbered?

Is Theresa May Toast? Are Her Days Numbered?

If she is replaced tomorrow there is still a chance of a clean Brexit. Why the Tories are still clinging to her at this point, given her level of incompetence and her unfailing ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory, is anyone’s guess.

The unanswered question is, when the dust has settled and the plotters have been dealt with, will Trump forgive and forget if we get rid of her?

Might we yet achieve Brexit and come in from the cold?

Might we yet achieve Brexit and come in from the cold?
Might we yet achieve Brexit and come in from the cold?

What’s The Point Of A Second BREXIT Referendum?

What’s The Point?

What’s The Point Of A Second BREXIT Referendum?
17.4 million of us have already told our politicians what we want them to do.

We have spoken and we are content

What If You Lose Again?

Surely a second vote is based on the premise that the result will be different?

Are they really so confident that they can beat us the second time?
Do they think they can better outwit us? Is that it? Be more devious, scare us better, convince us that what we want is impossible to deliver so we might as well just stick with the devil we know?

What if they get the same result?
Is it the answer that was wrong the first time round?
Or the numbers?

If it transpired that it was the same result with bells on, what then? What if we are so pissed off with our unrepresentative representatives that we tell them in bigger numbers to do our bidding?
Will that make them do what we have told them to do?

I am bemused.  I thought we told you to leave the EU.

Will they be any more likely to do our bidding if they get the same answer?
Will they suck it up and obey us?
Will that be enough?
Or will they find ever more devious ways of circumventing our decision?

This is not what we agreed

Politicians must carry out the will of the people

What do we have to do to make them do what they have been instructed to do?
Do we have to march more often?
Sign more petitions?
Write more letters to them?
What is the magic formula to make them do what we told them we wanted them to do?More angry exchanges?

This is your doing, more divisiveness and conflict between us

Civil strife?

Because as things stand we don’t trust them to do our bidding.
We’ve already told them what we want.
Is it only when we we do as we are told that they will carry out our instructions?
Is that it?
Is that when they will do our bidding?
Oh dear.  Serious miscalculation. Things have moved on. As they will find.

Now we are well and truly angry with you!

President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

If you haven’t yet awakened to Donald Trump’s agenda and are still drinking the media’s lies and innuendo about him, who he is and what he stands for, you need to start doing some serious work to catch up.  Why do you think that the first thing he did and has continued to do, is to call out the lies and propaganda issuing forth from the media?  Why does he repeatedly say that they do not have your best interests at heart and are, indeed, working for people who would keep you subjugated, paying taxes, eating shit for food, addicted to pharmaceuticals and sleepwalking your children into sexual exploitation and an education system that indoctrinates them and keeps them indebted for life?

Screen Shot 2018-12-13 at 17.14.55.png

Fake News / Fake Globalists

If you think that what is going on across the pond is nothing to do with us here, if you laugh at the antics of a Twitter-savvy buffoon who insults his enemies one day and praises them the next; who is bombastic and pugnacious one minute and then conciliatory and reasonable when he senses movement in his direction; who seems capricious and unpredictable but who, despite his evident flaws, seems to constantly outwit his foes and keep winning, ask yourself why the globalists hate him, why every media outlet demonises him, why he can do nothing right in their eyes, why even his victories are minimised or criticised or attributed to his predecessor?

Screen Shot 2019-01-02 at 00.18.57.png

Donald Trump, in case you have not realised it, is our best and only hope of escaping from the nightmare world intended for us and rapidly developing day by day. 

He did not choose to be our champion agains the forces of globalism and the corrupt politicians who are intent on bringing it about.  The mantle he has accepted is not for personal aggrandisement or wealth or power.  It is to free us from those who would keep us captive and used and abused in their own pursuit of those goals.  He was asked to stand for the Presidential election.  Did you know that?  Who asked him?  Why?  Does it matter?  What has it got to do with us?

Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 09.34.32.png

The answers to those questions will give you a completely different perspective on who Donald Trump is and why we should hail him as our saviour in the absence of anyone fighting for us who can remotely compare with him at home or abroad.