When We Have Finally Left the EU There Must Be A Post Mortem

When We Have Finally Left the EU There Must Be A Post Mortem

When all of this is done and dusted and we have finally left the EU properly, that must not be the end of it. There must be a post mortem on how it was that we had a Department of State set up with a fair sized number of staff and with a Secretary of State in charge of the negotiations – and then all of a sudden we had a ready made withdrawal agreement document drawn up in secret, the dreadful travesty of Brexit (http://johnredwoodsdiary.co… which has been the only horse in town for the past eighteen months.

Where did it come from? Who worked on it? How many people knew? Why was it kept secret from the only person with responsibility for the process? Why has every possible tactic and lie been employed to get it through?

Russiagate Without The Russians

This could end up being our very own version of Russiagate without the Russians. Someone must be held responsible for what has been done to our democratic institutions and the trashing of Parliament. The usual suspects will say it would be better to let sleeping dogs lie and put it behind us but I would say we do these things to lance a boil and let the nation heal with full knowledge of what was done and who did it. My sense of fair play and justice demands those answers at the very least because in my eyes there’s more than a whiff of treason about the whole business.

Theresa May in Talks With Corbyn’s Labour Party

Theresa May in Talks With Corbyn’s Labour Party

Theresa May is in talks with Corbyn’s Labour Party. The talks hinge upon them agreeing to vote for Theresa May’s negotiated Withdrawal Agreement and thereby ensure sufficient votes in the House of Commons for it to pass. This has been brought about, of course, because the Withdrawal Agreementis a dreadful ‘deal’ and Parliament has rejected it by huge margins three times.

Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn
Theresa May & Jeremy Corbyn

The talks between Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are designed to agree the way forward after the Withdrawal Agreement has passed in the House.

Without the Withdrawal Agreement passing, there is no point musing about what the future trading relationship will be – the Political Declaration – and even less point in tying the Government to whatever is discussed with Corbyn.

Two things have therefore to happen:

  1. Speaker Bercow has to agree for the Withdrawal Agreement to be brought before the House of Commons again (unchanged)

  1. Labour MPs have to vote in sufficient numbers to ensure it passes.

Neither of those things are certain or even likely.

Theresa May has entered into negotiations with Jeremy Corbyn for no guarantee of success and has nuked her own Party in the process. The Conservatives are in meltdown and there is open fury at what she has done.

The Labour Party is not doing particularly well in all this, either. Supporters don’t want them shoring up a failing Tory Government and Labour Brexiteers blame them for delaying our leaving the EU.

Activists from both Parties out canvassing for the local elections in May are encountering a degree of hostility and anger from members of the public the likes of which none of them have ever known. This is not going to end well for either Party.



What’s The Point Of A Second BREXIT Referendum?

What’s The Point?

What’s The Point Of A Second BREXIT Referendum?
17.4 million of us have already told our politicians what we want them to do.

We have spoken and we are content

What If You Lose Again?

Surely a second vote is based on the premise that the result will be different?

Are they really so confident that they can beat us the second time?
Do they think they can better outwit us? Is that it? Be more devious, scare us better, convince us that what we want is impossible to deliver so we might as well just stick with the devil we know?

What if they get the same result?
Is it the answer that was wrong the first time round?
Or the numbers?

If it transpired that it was the same result with bells on, what then? What if we are so pissed off with our unrepresentative representatives that we tell them in bigger numbers to do our bidding?
Will that make them do what we have told them to do?

I am bemused.  I thought we told you to leave the EU.

Will they be any more likely to do our bidding if they get the same answer?
Will they suck it up and obey us?
Will that be enough?
Or will they find ever more devious ways of circumventing our decision?

This is not what we agreed

Politicians must carry out the will of the people

What do we have to do to make them do what they have been instructed to do?
Do we have to march more often?
Sign more petitions?
Write more letters to them?
What is the magic formula to make them do what we told them we wanted them to do?More angry exchanges?

This is your doing, more divisiveness and conflict between us

Civil strife?

Because as things stand we don’t trust them to do our bidding.
We’ve already told them what we want.
Is it only when we we do as we are told that they will carry out our instructions?
Is that it?
Is that when they will do our bidding?
Oh dear.  Serious miscalculation. Things have moved on. As they will find.

Now we are well and truly angry with you!

The Truth About the Withdrawal Agreement

The Truth About the Withdrawal Agreement

Theresa May’s BREXIT

Perhaps this is old hat for most of us who have long held the belief that the Government’s proposed Withdrawal Agreement is not Brexit and Theresa May’s repeated assurances that we will be leaving the EU are just so much fudge and window dressing.  While most of us were enjoying our Boxing Day, John Redwood MP was busy publishing the draft of a leaked letter from a senior civil servant. 

It is well worth a read: Click Here 

Here are a few choice bits to give you a clue where the Government has long been leading us and why May has tried and is still trying, to pull the wool over our eyes.

‘…the Withdrawal Agreement… offers us the best chance to protect all that is best about our current membership whilst fulfilling the letter of the remit to leave the EU on 29 March 2019… (Ministers)… looking for a compromise between Remain and Leave… there must be no damage to jobs and trade…

EU Hotel California

…no Agreement on offer which duplicates our membership of the Customs Union and single market which also meets the requirements to exit freedom of movement and to leave the EU… possible addition of better trading terms and some agreement on customs once the Withdrawal Agreement is signed… we have allowed plenty of time, with 21 months to be followed by up to a further 2 years… Meanwhile, though we have technically left, all obligations and legal arrangements remain the same. 

Project FEAR in full swing again

We have briefed Ministers to stress there might be no Brexit without the Withdrawal Agreement, and to highlight the uncertainties rejecting the Withdrawal Agreement will create… The government has successfully stressed that… a [WTO] Brexit would be “hard” and like falling off a cliff… how many things might change, and how they might change for the worse… a few large multinationals are prepared to forecast problems for supply chains and transport… good that the EU stresses the significance of the Irish border issues.