Emancipatory Politics the Destruction Of All We Hold Dear

Emancipatory Politics or the Destruction Of All We Hold Dear Brick By Brick

You probably won’t have heard of Emancipatory Politics if you’re anything like me. I thought I was fairly well informed but this one had passed me by. As an explanation of the current political dogma of ‘toxic masculinity’, though, its effects were clear to see all around me. I admit to some bafflement over the way society is changing over recent times. Some of the images and stories which fill the news headlines every day are truly bizarre and seem to speak of the dismantling of our society brick by brick. Once I heard about Emancipatory Politics it all became so much clearer, the pieces of the puzzle fitted neatly into place and the penny finally dropped. I have begun to see the destruction of all that we hold dear and its name is Emancipatory Politics.

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