The Gilets Jaunes could topple Emanuel Macron

The Gilets Jaunes

The Gilet Jaunes demonstrations in France could topple the elitist-globalist Emanuel Macron and the Gilets Jaunes will be on show once more this weekend in an indomitable demonstration of anger and defiance by the French people in the face of increasingly violent and extreme measures by the police.

The Gilets Jaunes
The Gilets Jaunes en marchent

The gilets jaunes will be out en masse today in France as they have been for months now. Their peaceful protests against their President Macron have largely been ignored by him but as they have not gone away as he expected, he has instructed the police to disperse them by the use of brutal force.

The Gilets Jaunes
A Gilet Jaune defiant

Police Violence

So it is that on the streets of our nearest neighbour across the Channel we see the police fire rubber ball launchers and sting grenade balls on unarmed protesters. Nineteen protesters have lost an eye; four have lost hands. Macron still refuses to engage with their grievances and yet the protests have not gone away and enjoy an astonishingly high level of support in France of 60%-70% according to polls.

The Gilets Jaunes
Macron fires back against the Gilets Jaunes

Macron Is A Globalist Elitist

Macron, like the globalist masters he serves, has only contempt for the concerns of ordinary French citizens. He lives in luxury, he is feted on the world stage, he meets only those who approve of him and who share his aims for the world. He thinks that globalism can be pushed upon people despite their objections because his view of the world is seen from the lofty height of the technocrat, who views the rest of us as ignorant pawns in their game to reshape the world in their image.

The Gilets Jaunes
Macron thinks he is invincible.

Macron does not seem to show the slightest concern about these people, his people, who make up the majority of his country. He is hell bent upon carrying through his platform of globalist policies despite the suffering they are causing, his own unpopularity and the anger that he has engendered amongst his people.

The Gilets Jaunes
The Gilets Jaunes gather pace

This is the attitude of the elite globalists who determine the living standards of the French people.

French History

Macron seems not to know his French history. Didn’t the French people have a revolution to do away with just such elite aristocrats who had no regard for their plight and only disdain for them? He must think that he is immune, that he is well protected from the consequences of such widespread ire, that his globalist chums and those masters whose bidding he carries out, will rescue him if it comes to it.

He needs to go back to his history books.

The Gilets Jaunes
Macron et la revolution des Gilets Jaunes.

When the French people can see no way out of their plight, they have nothing to lose by adopting more extreme measures. They show little sign of giving up. He would do well to listen to them now before it is too late.

The Gilets Jaunes
The Gilets Jaunes Revolution comes to Paris.