The White Bear Teachings 2015


White Bear Teaching 19 November 2015

White Bear greets you dear friends and recognises that our time together today is shorter than it might have been because we have all been engaged in speaking about things which are important to us now.

Whenever we are tired of life or we have doubts about the process of being, it is good to find friends with whom we can interact and relate upon matters which are sometimes difficult to broach with others, even those whom we love dearly and who love us. It is true that those people are significant others in our lives and yet they are not all-encompassing for to be all that is necessary for another is to become god-like, is it not?

We imbue others with significant wisdom and we try to emulated their kind words and deeds in our own thoughts and hearts but still, sometimes, the meaning of life and of love evades us. There is an important element which is often missing in those that we know and love and it is self-awareness and the capacity to grow infinitesimally, such that we remark upon those that we have long known and say that they are just the same as they always were, and it is as if the past and the present have fused into one moment.

People take this as a compliment do they not? They think [that] because you have said that the interval in between meetings, which may perhaps amount to years, has drifted by and has been like no moments at all, it is a good thing. But you, who strive so hard to change, to embrace life in all of its complexities, who wish only to progress and to be more than you started out, if someone were to say to you, “You have not changed at all, you are just the same as you always were,” how would you respond to such a compliment? Would you think that it was well-founded, that it was, indeed, kindly meant to instil in you a sense of timelessness, of being which is unchanging and like a rock in the firmament of our hearts?

There are many ways to interpret these sayings and it is within our own hearts that we must translate. Sometimes the person saying such a thing will mean it well, will wish you to take from it that they love you just the same as they always have, as they always will. Indeed there are many people who would like others to say this about them. They would seek it out, as you might perhaps, not.

We come adrift sometimes from those we love and from those who are familiar. We move away, we speak less often, we communicate less and less of our heart’s wishes and in times gone by when we might have told these people many things in our hearts, now we find that there is no time and no place in which to delve so deep. We conduct ourselves superficially. We instil in each other a sense of timelessness and yet of passing years when health and opportunities are more limited and the years grow old, and we along with them.

We become as we are meant to be along the way. We live our lives and we welcome change if it means that we can progress further along this path of spiritual growth. Many of us do not understand this imperative that we ourselves embrace. They think that we are a little cranky, a little peculiar in our interests but nevertheless, we are likeable people. We are those with whom they would like to spend more time, perhaps because our curious interests make us more interesting companions than they have been used to. We can converse on many subjects can we not? We may not choose to do so with everyone but like buds opening in spring, we have a source of information and knowledge within which has only to see the sun shining for it to grow and grow and open its treasure for all to enjoy.

We seldom see this phenomenon in people. We listen often to their words and we try as hard as we may to like them for what we see and yet we see so little of who they really are. Becoming someone’s friend is not always a choice. It is something which is sometimes thrust upon us. It may be, for instance, that this person is the partner of a friend who has been chosen. The partner may be welcomed into your home and sit bedside you at the hearth and the dinner table and yet will always be a stranger to you however many years go by in their presence. Many companions in this way become friends through long acquaintance and yet we know so little of their hearts and they require some assistance to know more about us also.

We have welcomed into our homes those with whom we may have very little in common and though the years may pass and we may exchange greetings from time to time, we find that we have less and less to speak to them about. There is no doubt that there are closed people amongst us, those who would not wish anyone to know the workings of their inner being, let alone themselves see how others might react to that knowledge. Many people are what we might term closed from both themselves and from others. There is no doubt that if they could they would break free from these prison shackles that they have placed upon themselves but that is not for you to determine how best that may be managed. It is always their choice on how to live their lives here in this place and in this time.

Ahead we see difficulties in knowing many such people, for there will be times when the going is rough and it will be necessary to have those people around you who you can trust to be loyal and true friends. Many acquaintances will not fulfil this potential. They will wander off and they will find their place elsewhere, while you will be surrounded by those trusted few who can be called upon to support and nurture you when times are hard.

This is to say that there will be times ahead which are not comfortable for you and there will be many people whose lives will be disrupted. There will be harsh beginnings of knowledge for them and they will let only those people who they love and trust into their presence.

We have embarked upon another stage of our development and it is perilous for many. For you who have chosen a path of spiritual growth, it is necessary [for you] to encounter beings who are themselves enlightened ones who will guide your path through the stormy seas ahead. They will nurture your soul’s being and they will calm the troubled waters around you such that you will find comfort. And even those who you love, who you find will be in your company, will be given protection and safety.

Sometimes the loss of people from our lives is necessary from time to time so that we can take stock and determine who it is that remains who can find upliftment in our company and we may find knowledge in theirs. There are few of these people remaining in your lives. They are sufficient for now and in time they will grow more steadfast with each passing year. Their true worth will never be known until you have passed but they remain with you now as stalwarts against the rising tide of discomfiture which is coming. Causes are not as important as effects and though you may wish to remain unchanging and safe, there will be those around you who will fear and panic. Indeed, there will be some whose very existence is born of listening to the fear mongers and they will suffer in their turn because they have not grown as you have grown, to know what and who you have become.

Wise beings are amongst you now, those who would hold you dear to their hearts. And they in turn wish you only to be true to yourselves in times when others may not understand who they are, to do the same. Wisdom [the original word ‘complicity’ did not seem to fit in and I asked for clarification] in your judgements will be necessary for you to become whole again. Those beings who protect you, who kindle within you the true seed of love and enlightenment, will keep you strong in these times to come. Turn to them now when you are doubtful and they will give you comfort.

White Bear has done enough speaking for today and we will rest now. Farewell, dear ones.


White Bear Teaching 28 October 2015

White Bear is here dear friends and greets you as ever as long lost companions and benign advisers to those in Spirit whom you would love first and foremost as your ancestors.

We begin today by giving you some advice. There is nothing to fear except fear of ridicule and of being shunned by those who you would wish to be among. Whenever we see you in your lives, we observe that your going and coming is always done with a sense of companionship and of community in your heart. The village and the people who inhabit your small arena are those who you would wish to like and be liked by. Therein lies your problem, your dilemma. As ever, there are people whom you will wish to have as your companions who will only wish to know you in severe shortages of companionship or time. Limitations on your friendships are therefore always an abiding rule of thumb.

Whenever you go amongst such people as you care about you will find that their limitations will always be set upon you also. You cannot for instance, embark upon behaviour or conversations which is not to their liking and in this way you will always inhibit yourself because that is what you have become accustomed to. Were you to impart the truth of yourself to all of these people there would be unforeseeable consequences in your life. You might find for instance, that some would like you more than they do now but others might shun your company for fear that whatever it is that has infected you might also affect them. There is companionship and there is friendship but there is also intimacy and guardedness in good measure amongst all of these people.

We have advised you in times gone by to open up yourself to further influences so that those around you may be affected in good ways by your own vibration of truth. There will always be those who will listen to your words of wisdom and they will benefit from them but you are always aware of those for whom the truth can never be spoken for it would impart too many insecurities and insensibilities to such kind.

We have always known these facts and you in your heart have also known them for you have limited yourself in all such company that you have enjoyed or endured. Speaking freely and frankly is openly encouraged by those who love us deeply and for whom whatever you are and whichever part of yourself you display to them, is always acceptable. They will never shun whatever you wish to be for that is the essence of love. It is acceptance of all that you are and all that you might become in the future. In words you can disguise much about yourself but for the person who loves you, there is more to you than words could possibly display. They look into your soul and they see there who you truly are to them at that moment in their time. In another time, yet other lives, they will see other qualities in you but somehow on a level not as yet distinguished, they will recognise in you that familiarity of knowing another that they love deeply.

Wise people do not inhibit themselves for fear that they might discourage the person who loves them They will encourage that person to know them ever more fully and to reveal to them all that is in their heart, for if you are to disguise who you are by limiting your words and phrases, you will do yourself a disservice and for them, you will be offering them a lie in part, one which is not the fullness of you.

White Bear knows implicitly that you are good and kind people, that your hearts are open and prepared to love fully even those whom you might dislike from time to time. It is not strange to love someone whom you might not always like. There is, indeed, a temptation to only wish those you love to be likeable at all times, but that is impossible. To explore the fullness of yourself you must try out new persona from time to time. You must espouse views and opinions which may not fit exactly with who you think you are. You must, indeed, be an explorer of human nature: try out things which might or might not work for you. And in all of these explorations, you will find that the person who truly loves you sees through all of this and has the patience to sit with you and be with whoever you happen to be at that time.

It is not an impossible dream to find such love in another but you are very fortunate in that you have experienced these times in your life even though for many people it is an impossible dream and one which they never, ever fulfil. Timeless love is quite another thing and sometimes you will recognise in another a familiarity with which you have become unaccustomed. To see another and to recognise an identity that you know well from a previous time is sometimes all that it takes to fall in love all over again.

White Bear moves on now to explain to you that there are times which are of necessity very curious and they are impossible to imagine fully because they are fraught with both possibility and with disastrous consequences. Whenever you reach such times in your life you will know that there is a feeling of unfamiliarity and yet there is also a feeling of excitement, as if this time is what you have been expecting and you have been waiting for it to happen. There is always uncertainty of outcome. Whenever there is much change all around you, you are subject to the possibilities that occur when others are greatly affected. If you were only to be concerned with your own position and welfare it would be much easier to overcome any difficulties that arise but when you are looking out for others, when you are seeing upon their faces both anxiety and caution, you are bound to be affected.. You do not wish them to undergo hurt or endangerment. You would, if it were possible, encounter dangerous possibilities on their behalf and protect them from all that may befall them. You know that this cannot be allowed to occur. You know, for instance, that growing is part and parcel of being human and you must allow others to undergo their own changes, whatever the consequences may be. You cannot protect all and indeed it would be undesirable for you to even attempt it. All you can be is accepting and open, to all that might arise. There is no disaster in finding out that what another has become is not welcome. It may be that you must stay with this person until they have found themselves again, or it might turn out that the change, having been a disaster to begin with, has turned out to be beneficial after all. One can never predict entirely how such things may fall.

Whenever people feel themselves at risk or endangered, when they think that their way of life is coming to an end, there will be consequences for those around them. There will be times of upheaval and uncertainty and there will be unwelcome additions to the life that you wish to live. Changes may or may not be beneficial in the end. People are humans after all and all are on a journey towards fulfilment of their spiritual values.

It is easy to forget that people are individuals and have a spiritual journey which they are undertaking at all times. When they deny their individuality, when they give up their soul’s journey to those diktats of another, to those opinions and rules which are imposed upon them from on high, they will always find it more difficult to break free and to realise within themselves the truth of their own being. It is ridiculous to expect that all human beings will follow the same paths. When you see around you many individuals all following a path dictated by another, you must think that it is ludicrous and you would be exactly right in thinking so. People are amusing are they not, when they deny their truth in their spirit and the vastness of their being? When they limit themselves to small rules and expectations, when even their food and dress is inhibiting, then you must surely realise that there is much comic humour in being a human being.

White Bear is facetious at times. We are always aware of the difficult path that humans tread and we see often how they are sidetracked into ways and paths which lead nowhere fast. Become aware of these sidetracks in your own lives and you will take a lesson from those who cannot themselves see. Follow your path to its end and even if you are sidetracked, your heart will grow in truth in finding the way back. Sometimes it is necessary to question your motives and to open your heart sufficiently wide to embrace yourself and no other. Love of yourself must first and foremost be a consequence of being human. The necessity of loving yourself is a requirement for spiritual growth. To inhibit love of self is questionable: it [love of self] is essential in knowing yourself, to bring about that opportunity for growth which is within reach of all of you.

We cannot say more on this subject now but we will return to it in future times because it is part of your self-awareness and it is necessary now for you to realise more growth than you have hitherto known. Time is of the essence here. Knowledge is freedom and freedom is part of your soul’s journey.

White Bear wishes your discussions to continue ever along these winding roads and to bring your hearts back together in this grouping whenever and as frequently as you can permit.

For now, dear friends, farewell.


White Bear Teaching 16 September 2015

White Bear is here dear friends as always, listening to your hearts and trying to understand what means you may use to fulfil your potential, here, now.

There are always arguments are there not about the best way forward? When one is assured of progress it is always good to know that the path one has chosen is fulfilling one’s dreams and aspirations and that the end of the line will be one in which you are fulfilled more than you were when you started the journey.

We have always known that there would come a time in the history of this planet when the people here would arise and allow themselves to think forwardly, and not to consist only of those thoughts and patterns of thinking which were embedded in the past and in times which were not as celebrated as perhaps they ought to now be. We have experienced many things on this planet which have led to progress in one sense and destruction in another. The times have always been preventing onward marching of progress, but there have been small steps now and again and in times gone by there were huge leaps in cognisance of what you were and where you came from.

Those people who you call ancestors were not as you might imagine, primitive people. They were, indeed, very knowledgeable about some things which you are entirely ignorant of now. They were souls who were impressive in their outlook. They realised many things about the planet that you all inhabit but more importantly they knew that their existence was not all encompassing within the confines of the materiality of this place. They knew as you do sometimes forget, that their being was embedded within another existence and that this other place was inhabited by those who went before and those also who would come after. These thoughts are not always those that are easily absorbed by people who are alive today. They do not realise both that they have been here before but also that they will come again. If they were to realise these simple truths they would inhabit a far different reality form that they continue to exist in now.

We have observed of late that there has been some development within your consciousness and within those people who have formerly not realised much about their reality. There are people here now who are waking to the point of existence, to the importance of their being here in this reality, now. They do not understand fully of course, for how could they when their limitations are so apparent? They do not yet inhabit all worlds simultaneously. And yet these people are those whom you would call brother and sister and they still inhabit your heart even though they may not be fully aware of who they themselves are truly.

We come to you now as people of knowledge, of understanding and of compassion for where you are now in your planetary history is a place which is fraught with danger and difficulties ahead. There are those people who are oblivious to their potential and they would have all other people limit themselves similarly. There are forces at work here which would keep you blinkered, which would not allow you to see fully what is before you in your future life here. Sometimes it is possible to see through this looking glass into the future world but mostly it is befuddled and full of lofty ideals but misplaced logic. We are not sure yet how this will play out for you and for those whom you love here. The places that you inhabit are beautiful and will remain so but there are changes ahead in many other places upon this planet and you would be wise to instil in yourselves and in others, a sense of historical reality and potential for disaster. That is not to say that your thoughts must be full of gloom and sadness but they must be realistic for the potential of catastrophe in your environment and in your life here. That is always a thought which is with your planet and though you may wish it otherwise, until many more people are awake to the possibilities around them, the thought of risk and disaster will remain for as long as there is potential for it.

We came here today with thoughts that we would fill your hearts with gladness for what you have achieved thus far in your development but we see that you are far ahead of us in that respect. You have begun a newer process of enlightenment and you have also arrived at discussing things which were hitherto protected from your eyes and which now perhaps you are more ready to see and consider. Many times we have placed before your view these potentialities in your reality, these possibilities which were always there but which must be plucked from out of the myriad of sources for their development to begin. We do not yet know how these thoughts will develop over your time but there is the possibility that you will begin anew to arrive at places where your thoughts will influence those around you to such an extent that you will begin to see awakenings there that you had only dreamt of.

Sincere thoughts, truly given and arrived at with thoughtfulness and sincerity will always win those hearts which are undecided and perhaps less sure of themselves than your own. Many around you are lost souls. They live out their daily lives within patterns of existence which rarely question other realities around them, for to do so would enable them not only to grow and outperform their own lives thus far, they would ensure that their thoughts would begin to be assessed by others as voracious appetites for more and more thoughts. These things are not easy to understand but we will say this: thoughts are not your enemy. Your enemies lie elsewhere and indeed they are prohibiting you from entering into thought streams which they would not wish you to explore fully.

Those people around you who would wish to close their minds and to inhibit their thoughts are those who will not progress further in their reality than that they are comfortable within. That is okay for them, they will live out their lives in repeating patterns of comfort and security. They will not endeavour to change the hearts and minds of those around them. But you, if you are to venture into thought streams which have hitherto been lost to you, you will find that doors open where before they were closed.

There are many like you, you know, and though you may not realise it, they too are searching for others like themselves. They wish that they were not alone, for that is how many people feel now. Their hearts are full of power and their thoughts are now only for their existence on this planet of such beauty and tenderness. Their hearts are full of love for this place and they would wish all souls here to share in the beauty and the love that they possess but they realise that it is not people who will in the end survive. The planet is crying out for more energy of love and in this you are all supreme. You cherish each and every life on this planet, even if it were an insect or an animal or indeed, another human heart: all are precious in your eyes.

But you would be wise indeed to know that all are not equal in this venture, that some would have you remain blinkered and harmless while others would seek to entangle you within mires of unfolding lies and deception. Were it not so, all people here would be fully awakened and aware of themselves and of their true identity. You have some gross inkling of what is happening now and you would be wise to limit yourselves no longer. Welcome to the fold of spirit haven, where all thoughts are acceptable and all actions stem from love. There is no possibility of your failing now. Each and every person here will be welcomed home in due course when all of your thoughts have achieved purity of intent and awareness of self.

Sometimes it is necessary to think big thoughts that are unacceptably large for your frame in order to become that larger person. Indeed, all persons who engage in this battle for hearts and minds will grow in intensity as their development ensues. Potential is unlimited you know.

We can say no more for now. Limiting yourself is no longer a possibility. Welcome to the fold of awareness – and congratulations on reaching this happy place in your development. Well done.

We leave you now. Peace and tranquility with hearts and minds fully open and aware. Blessings upon you now and for always.


White Bear Teaching 31 July 2015 ( a blue moon day)

White Bear is here dear friends and ready to begin our session now.

We have journeyed long have we not, to be here at this time? We came not knowing what would happen or how it would turn out and our journey together has been constant, if interrupted at times. We have long known each other of course and in our own ways we have loved and lost. In many times before now we have come together and we have encouraged each other as we now do to sound the bell, the alarm bell, indeed, for others who may also need our countenance and our wisdom to sustain them.

We did not venture forth unwillingly, nor did we try to understand others who came before us with their own issues which were not of our making. We tried when we could to listen to them and to their concerns but sometimes it was beyond us to fathom what exactly was their issue and why they were unable to deal with it themselves – and why, indeed, they would turn to us and try to get us to take upon ourselves the burden which was theirs, in truth.

We have known each other for many aeons of time and in those many aeons we have decided that there is much that we may do if we combine our forces and if we attempt then to see that others can also be helped with our advice and our good deeds. That, however, is not to say that these people who surround us are not themselves capable of helping themselves, they are but they are often lost and it sometimes requires someone who has seen through the mist to begin to unmask themselves so that they may bring forth that wisdom and knowledge which is required by others.

Sometimes we have ventured forth and it has not been sustainable. It has been a paradox which we have often noticed amongst humans that they sometimes venture forth to hep others while those others dismiss them and do not countenance their advice. It is ever the way when we try to assist those who are unable to be assisted. The impetus must always come from within and the individual who has not yet decided to be helped or transformed, may not welcome your advice and may indeed shun your presence. These things are truths which must be accepted in order for you to progress further in your efforts to reach out to others.

We have noticed that there are many who are incapable of being reached and this you must learn to accept. There is no point in trying to dismiss another’s fears or anxieties by more and more positive words and thoughts of your own: that would be impossible an achievement. There is only so much that an individual may do when the person they are reaching out to is unreachable. You may decide that your efforts have been in vain because you are not worthy of the task but this would be to miss the point entirely. It is not without foundation for you to think that you have failed but in reality, the other must welcome and indeed, seek out your help and assistance in order for them to transform themselves.

Transformation is never some thing which can come from without. It is a part of the transformation of the planet it is true, but it is first and foremost an entirely individual task to complete. Listening to the still small voice within as indeed all of you do, there is the possibility of transforming yourself alone and in this task, if successfully completed, there lies the possibility of reaching out to others but only if they first reach out to you. That is an impossible task with some and this you must take on board for if you do not and if you persist in thinking that the world is only waiting for you to reach out to it, you will be sadly disappointed and there will be many anguished thoughts in your head and heart.

We have arrived in your own transformation when your deeds are not those which will transform the world but they will be those that transform the people around you into thinking perhaps in a more holistic way about themselves. It is unfortunate that those that you seek to live amongst are not necessarily those who would transform easily but therein lies a task ahead, for there is always the possibility of change and transformation when the time is right. Indeed, you may have noticed already that in your political forums there is much change occurring and people who had formerly not awakened to what was going on around them, are now seeing with new eyes what is before them and they are not happy with it.

So there is much voicing of impatience and there is some talk now of a different way of doing things, one which will help the majority of people to transform their lives and their environment such that it will perform well in their desire for growth and for reaching their own potential. The time has not been right until now for such a scale of transformation but the world is now on the cusp of something indeed tremendously transformative. There is much waking up to political expediency and all that it has meant in people’s lives and they are not content any longer to think that they are helpless in this venture.

The world has still a long way to move if it is to become as it was truly meant to be but the seeds are now beginning to sprout. Those seeds that were sown so long ago – indeed so long ago that you have forgotten when it was. In your own lifetime you began with many many others this process of growing and seeding and becoming what the earth needs you to be. There are many voices now which are being found which are beginning to say what has been there all along but which has not before now found much voice.

We are content to know that the seeds are beginning to show and that in time there will be a swell, a groundswell indeed, of movement which will transform the lives of some people very fast and others in their own good time. It is not necessary to speed things up any further. What is happening is inevitable and will come to pass for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will know that what is before them is of substance and is long lasting. Those who cannot hear and will never see do not need to concern you. They will pass from the earth as they were always meant to do and they will not be anguished while they remain here. They will live out their lives in sweet oblivion to what else is happening around them.

But you who have seen what is before you and have the visions of another life and, indeed, the consciousness of who and what you really are, may call this time in your lives a truly fulfilling wish, a time of transformation which is gently done and will not be shocking to your system, your body or your way of life. It is not necessary for you to undergo the transformation involved in revolutionary movements. The time is right but it will come so gradually and slowly that you will find its gentle waves pass over you and they will caress your soul into being what it already is.

Those others who you may seek to bring with you and to help forward will not suffer the consequences of not awakening fully for they will still live their temporal lives as if this was all that there was to them and to their being. It is only after they pass that they will realise that they were mistaken. No matter, there will be plenty more opportunities for them to progress in their soul’s growth before any of time is expelled.

White Bear cannot forget that we have journeyed this long together and with each other for sustenance and support, we will progress further and in happier days to come, we will live once more within the loving embrace of these people we call friends and we will once more love them as they love us.

We thank you for your countenances and for your advice. There will be many times in the future when such words as yours will be called upon to give support and sustenance once again. With these words we thank you and say, for now, farewell.