The White Bear Teachings 2016

White Bear Teaching 28 July 2016

(We were about to embark upon some important work to release the souls of those who had departed this life in tragic circumstances)

White Bear is with you dear friends and recognises that our time is limited here now but today we will focus upon the work that you will indulge in when you are on your travels.

White Bear is certain that the beings who will accompany you on this visit will maintain the energy of Spirit around you to such an extent that you will none of you be threatened or vulnerable by this important work that you undertake.

There is no need now to explain to you the purpose of your work or, indeed, to tell you that it is sometimes vital for such as you, who have a voice and a contact with your spiritual guides, to indulge in this type of energy release work. We have often thought that your efforts in other areas would be best spent in doing this, indeed.

Whereas others of your kind have thought themselves up to the challenge of chasing down the spirits of those who once had human form, they were not always well equipped in terms of spiritual advancement in order to understand what it was they were doing and what the task involved for all involved.

White Bear undertakes this task with you now because it is seen that the spirits of the departed ones are not so much in torment – no, never think that, they are, rather, as lost people are still on earth while in embodiment. They do not understand what has happened to them. They do not have the faculties, the wherewithal, to realise that their body has gone and their spirit is free to roam and free to face other challenges in spirit form than those that they knew in life form as humans.

White Bear understands very little indeed of your human temperament in these matters because it is always a kind of mirage, a dream, which confronts the human soul when it departs if it has not properly been engaged in spiritual awareness while human form existed. Many are those who have no understanding of what else they are or of what they will become once they are released from the body. Such ignorance of form and substance is commonplace and is fostered, indeed, by all of those services who seek to keep you in darkness of ignorance.

When those such as you are aware and awake and can reach out to others while they are in human embodiment, you do them the greatest task of all because in releasing their awareness to encompass what more they truly are, you allow them to become whatever they may become while they are still in human form. Once they have passed, of course, the task is much different and their awareness of self is now something other than what they knew while in the body. It is still not sufficient for them to understand that they do not need to remain within the human sphere and that they could, if they wished, move on to other spiritual realms. They would be welcomed there with open arms, so to speak, by those who have gone before who have waited and longed for their presence once again. They would, indeed, find that if they could find a way of moving further on, they would enjoy their existence as spirit far more than they ever did in human form.

So in White Bear’s words, you do these spirits a great service and through your awareness you may bring others to this awareness too. There is no great mystery to the work involved for you are only there as messengers, as transit camps, so that those who you loved in life can be aware that there is communication available and that it is possible that some people who they knew and loved in life were capable of so much more than they ever imagined. They will respond with love and with kindness to you for ever more, for their presence will then be released and they will be free to join you as those in this place now have joined [you], to welcome your energy and to sing your praises in the highest realms.

Those who have gone before you do not wish to abandon you. They wish, indeed, to oversee and help you in the tasks you have set yourselves here. They will confront those evil spirit types who would seek to prevent your work from continuing. Those spirits are so lost that they will need additional help and it is not the work that you will do that will accomplish this. It requires finer and more expert voices than yours at present.

White Bear does, however, wish you to know that you will never be harmed by such presences, that they cannot come close to you, that you are well protected at all times and that they see you from afar as a bright and glowing light but it is too bright for them ever to contemplate for themselves. And so they watch but they retreat back into their darkness of form.

Those whom you would entreat to assist you in this work will come to your aid and be at your side while you carry it out and beyond. There is never any doubt whatsoever to be held in your mind or in your form that you will not be helped and protected. It is very important for you to know this, to understand that there are powers and forces at work here which will guard you from any interference and will ensure that your light and your purity of intention is safeguarded at all times.

We have no need to explain further to you that what you do is great and good and will serve the spirits of the departed well. They do not see, as you see, what is before them but they will after your loving intervention has cured them of their fog of blindness to what they truly are. They will see, as you will also see in time, all that they could be and are.

White Bear understands very much that you do not yet but be aware that we are with you at all times and you are our beloved and we cherish you and keep you safe.

Farewell dear friends and enjoy your meal together.

White Bear Teaching 30 June 2016

White Bear is here dear friends and has listened carefully to what you have spoken. We have many guides here with us today and they, too, have listened carefully to each of you in turn as you have tried your utmost to bring forth that truth which is within you.

Your own guides have given your voice some impetus now because it is necessary for you all to know that your listening as well as your speaking is important to us and to you. (a noisy room heater kicked in at this point) Wherever you are there are always distractions and there are many spoken words for you to listen to. Not all of them will speak wisely or truthfully and you have known that your own voice is sometimes weak and insignificant in a crowd of these other voices.

Your own standing is perhaps not less than theirs but it is not focused enough on what the majority of people are speaking of. Your conflicting views are necessary in your world to determine who is more powerful and who will hold sway when there are things that need to be decided. If you stay back from these voices, from these conversations, you will of necessity understand that someone else whose view you may not agree with, will prevail and it is then only your own voice crying in the wilderness which will be heard.

Many times White Bear has understood your dilemma of trying to be both powerful with loving intent and also trying to be heard amongst the throng of other people around you who were saying so many un-loving and conflicting things. It is necessary for you now to know that a loving voice is always heard on another level of being and that even if your voice is not the loudest, it will ring clearly to the souls of those who hear you.

Many are so distracted that they will never live to hear what wisdom is in their own speaking, they will only have to try to recognise it in another’s voice. White Bear has tried and tried to get you to listen to your own hearts so that you may understand there is power and truth and honesty in this place, but it is also necessary for you to engage with all of your human faculties at all times.

There are many whose voices are weak and though they may think that they are wise to the point of telling others what to do and think, they are merely voices that echo in a wilderness of foggy thinking. They do not understand anything other than their bid for power and influence and they will try anything in order to get their own way. This is not for you or for any who are seeking the truthfulness of who they really are. It is not necessary for you to influence through your voice but it is necessary for you to be your truth and your light and this will ring true with those who are near you.

It is always a difficult task to get those who are lost in the fog to see the beacon of light and truth but if you are true to yourself, you will know that you can be no other and that even if you were speaking in an empty room, your words would still be the same as they are when you are in the midst of a crowded room.

White Bear’s understanding of your truth is that you live as you would like to live, in a spiritual path which sometimes veers off course and sometimes you are lost in the truth of your own being. When you are engaged with others, all you can be is your wholeness of self. It is no mask that you must wear, though it is sometimes necessary to wear a bubble of protection so that you are not infected by their malaise. They would have you be as they are, strident and angry and wishing to find fault with others. They cannot agree amongst themselves and they think that this is the best way to decide what is to be done. Therein lies their power to influence others. To the degree that you are sheltered from this influence will be the judgement that others will make upon you, for you yourself will always know that your power lies within and although you may be asked for your truth from others, do not expect them to hear it clearly.

White Bear’s honesty and understanding were always a project for development within the beings that he lived amongst, while he was incorporated in other bodies throughout time. You have little understanding of this task of influencing the human form because you have no memory of what you once were nor any true understanding of what you will become. There is always the spirit which endures and even those who cannot find their truthfulness within, will find it as a beacon within others in time.

Your task is not to influence through words or deeds but to be honest in your own dealings with others, knowing that you speak not to a human form entirely, that your interactions with other humans are on another level entirely. It is reminding yourself of this fact at all times which will in the end influence how you deal with them. They may not remember as much as you have remembered but nevertheless they are spirits within a human form and when they have left their body behind, they will realise that they were foolish not to take heed when there was such as you within their orbit.

Come now, let us be friends and let us put our differences behind us now for we are tasked with eating and drinking together as friends and as perfect companions in this life that you have all chosen to live together within this sphere of influence and love.

In times gone by you might have inhabited other forms in other places but remember, you have always known each other and you have travelled long together. In this place you are now combined in your separateness but nevertheless your spirits are forged in time and in place, within. Forget differences now and let your truth and honesty shine forth from you like a guiding light for that power is what you truly are, within and without. Forget [your] differences for differences only make you more uniquely human and you would be wise to accept them and honour them for there are no two people on earth who are the same and you may rejoice in that very telling fact of life.

White Bear can hear your stomachs’ rumbling now so it is time for us to linger no more on these words of wisdom. Forget nothing, though, and reach out for you are friends not enemies.

Consider this the end of this teaching. Farewell dear friends for now.


White Bear Teaching 19 May 2016

White Bear is with you dear friends and begins today by telling you a story of old times.

There was once a person of noble heritage who lived amongst savages. He was alone and yet noble in his own kinship but his destiny was forged amidst those who were not his kin or his friends. He travelled afar and wide and made his home wherever he rested. Those amongst whom he dwelled were not those he called friends or even enemies. They were as nothing to him, they were merely people who he must meet in the course of his day and they were those who would serve him well whenever he needed assistance.

These beings who surrounded him were not as you might think, those who would wish him to foster their living in any way. They did not, indeed, like him much at all. They were afraid sometimes of his anger and of his immanent power, which they could sense although he kept it well hidden.

He had not travelled very many years before he came upon those whom he wished to dwell amongst for a longer time period. He did not tell them all that he was for to do so would have aroused their suspicion of him. He therefore seemed to be like them; he likened himself to their customs and their appearance. He smiled when they smiled, he laughed at things that they found amusing. He was, indeed, the very epitome of what they would call kin to themselves – except for one thing of course: he was not one of their kin. His kin were entirely other and they lived in many other places, apart from him.

He was so used to the deception that he played upon these people that he sometimes thought of himself as one of them and still one of another kinship. At the same time, he thought of himself as superior in every way to them. He did not accept their telling him that he was clever or that he was wiser than they, he was content to admit only to them that he was a simple man, one who knew nothing and lived very simply amongst them with few needs or experiences which he could share with them.

He lived in this ‘other’ way for many long years until the time came when he must deceive no more and he must tell people that he was not of their kind, that he was, indeed, from afar and from a people who they would not like very much if they were to dwell amongst them.

It is far from perfect to tell the truth to others, it can sometimes have dire consequences. And so it was that when this truth was known to those people who lived with him, they turned against him and decided that he must go and live elsewhere for he was not any longer to be accepted within their tribe for he was of another tribe and was therefore expected to go and live with them.

There is no moral to this tale, there is only truth. And in the telling of it, it is perhaps wise to think upon the part that the outsider can play within a society. If it is truthfulness that starts the journey to acceptance, there is much more of a chance that the person will be given a place and a status within society. But if deception is the order of the day, if there is no truth or honour to be found because all is a mask of a very different hue, then there will obviously be many objections and there will come a day when the outsider will find that the tolerance of the people who have been deceived will cease to be.

It is not difficult to understand that if you start with a lie and a deception, then you are experiencing an impossible life with others. This is so even if you are not an outsider amongst your own tribe, even if you are part of these people whom you live amongst. There is still the requirement for truthfulness and honesty in all of your dealings. If starting out begins with deception, there cannot be any realistic chance of a future together. This is as true for personal relationships as it is of family connections and of tribal ones.

In your nation states there are people who would rouse you to anger and to those actions which would permit the expulsion of those who are not found acceptable. There are those who would entice you to do things which would never be for the nurturing of your soul. They would try – and they might succeed – in convincing you that your best, ‘worthy’ choice of limiting the effects of deception upon your lives would be to expel the wrongdoers, to make them go away and leave you in peace. And you would be right, up to a point.

There is no need to try to entice the wrongdoer to your own side, nor for you to convince yourselves of the merit of a deceiver’s implantation. Saying this, White Bear is trying to get you to understand that there is always the possibility of deception and exploitation and that the way to combat it is not to try to expel all those who might deceive, although that would be an encouraging sign for some. The answer is, of course, to always be aware of who and what you are in yourself for if you can understand who you are, if there is real knowledge of self, there is never a possibility of deception either for you to deceive others or for them to deceive you.

Encouraging others to go from your company may have its place. In their being they might try to exploit you such that you no longer are aware of who you are and this would not be good either for you or for them. To perpetrate deception is to enslave another person to your will. This is not how we must live our human lives on this earth. That is for another place entirely, one in which those who dwell therein are wracked with anger and with such pain that they can never forgive themselves let alone others for what they
might have done to them.

Your own case is important of course but do not dwell on those possibilities which are fraught with danger for your soul’s journey. You must overcome those who will try to endanger your very Spirit by their deceit. Let them know exactly how it is that you are aware of what they try to do to you and in this way you will be made whole again and they will realise that they have met more than a match for themselves.

White Bear has long journeyed to this place of forgiveness and for a realisation that there is no pain which is worth bearing if it is taken into the heart and made to dwell there. Forgiveness is the essence of living a pain-free life and it is also the way that you can honestly say to another, “Be gone from me and from my people for you are not of us and will never be of us. Your ways are not intended to help or to nurture. They are intended only to destroy and to conquer.” That is known to you all. And in this way you will endeavour to stand strong and tall and firmly in the face of an onslaught which is surely coming to these lands.

Forgiveness of self is self-awareness too. We become that which we hate and hate ourselves for it. Do not venture into these stoney grounds. Forgive yourself and others but be strong in your own power to know who you are and what you might well become. It is not weakness to forgive but it is surely folly to allow those who would dwell amongst you only to overcome and conquer you, to be invited into your hearth and home. This is foolishness that you are not yet strong enough to overcome. Be aware of your own weaknesses as well as your strengths and on this journey into Spirit, let your heart be your guide but also allow your brain to do its work and to receive messages from those who stand beside you and who would help you through all difficulties when asked. These are words which we have spoken many times but it is always necessary to remind you of them for you dwell in darkness sometimes when you are full of self-doubt and in those moments you must turn to your guides and your Spirit friends and allow them to help you to be strong once more.

We listen to your hearts often you know and we know what is truly within your being. There is no harm in thinking dark thoughts from time to time as long as they are temporary and swiftly replaced by wiser ones. Overcome these difficulties and you will ensure that your being is well served upon this planet and that you help those around you who might be in need of your strength.

White Bear understands the need now for brevity and we will close with these words: you are perfect as you are – but it is always possible to be another, stronger person in the making.

White Bear will stop now and let you decide how best you might take forward this lesson for your life here on earth. Farewell dear friends and we will meet again soon.

White Bear Teaching 15 March 2016

White Bear is here dear friends and calls upon your patience now while we amass the Spirit thoughts which are all around you and which are now so eager to listen to what you have said and to begin to join in with their response.

They have journeyed long together with you and with your ancestors and they have arrived with you at an understanding of what it is like to take an impermanent position within the body and to exchange one set of ideas for another as time moves on.

We have welcomed their presence today as we have always welcomed those Spirit thoughts which are all around you at all times and who welcome into their own being all goodness and kindness in their dealings with you. Were is not so White Bear would not permit them to come close but as it is, they are benign and they are beneficial to your journey hither and yon.

Once upon a time there were people upon the earth who welcomed into their midst strangers and travellers who were lost and who were in need of shelter and sustenance. They journeyed together in their lands and they also found welcoming sights wherever they went. They met many who were very different from them and they also talked in other tongues and languages such that each was never fully aware of what the other was saying. Their ancestors were also those who came from different lands and they were forced sometimes by lack of food and by climate change, to move into other grounds for hunting and for shelter. They did not realise that those lands were already occupied by those who would consider themselves to be the keepers of the wildlife and of all things habitable.

Their journeys were very long sometimes and they instilled in themselves that fortitude, that strength of being which enabled them to continue in their quest for shelter in another’s homeland. They did not wish to conquer, you must understand. They decided early on in their journey that they would only take what was necessary for their survival and they would tread lightly upon the ground which was considered sacred to others.

There is no parallel now in your world for such people. All those who journey forth into another’s lands are considered interlopers, are considered, indeed, to be unworthy of their place in such sacred places. They [are considered to] have abused the hospitality which was offered freely by those people who have lived here for many generations. They have indeed brought forth not humility and thankfulness but in many instances they have found anger and resentment in their being against those who would call them[selves] their hosts.

We have not viewed these developments wisely. We have thought many times that the people who we welcomed and helped were those who would befriend us, who would find shelter and warmth in their hearts for we who had been so kindly to them and to their offspring. We were often mistaken and sometimes we were betrayed, it is true. Nevertheless we applied ourselves to the task of befriending because we knew in our hearts that it was the only way to survive in these cold climates where to be alone and to be on your own was a very risky survivalist strategy. There was more than comfort in the company of strangers, there was the possibility of thriving and of moving forward.

In their way they knew that there was a welcome to be had from the houses of strangers for them too, and in this way the generations of ancestors moved forward into generations of offspring and descendants. Without such kindness for strangers there would have been immense impossible difficulties to overcome. There would have been, indeed, such strangeness, such inexact climate that they would have perished and you in your turn would not be here, now.

We have thrived in the company of such people. We have seen them come and become part of our people. They have contributed greatly to our development and we have thanked them for their contributions and have wished them well when they moved on. They did not seek to overturn our way of life, they lived side by side with us in their peace and quiet and they lived quietly together until their time was up and they returned home from whence they came.

Those who decided that their homelands were no longer inhabitable stayed sometimes for many generations but each in turn realised that their homeland was far away and they would return to it one day when circumstances permitted. It was never an easy option for them to leave and it became ever more difficult when the time came to return. They knew that they would be returning to a wasteland and one in which they would find no succour from others and only hard work would instil in them those comforts which they had come to expect from their homes.

We tell you this now because there has always been a people in these lands who were welcoming to strangers and who benefitted in their own way as those strangers also benefitted. It was a matter of survival for both and both took from each as other as much or as little as they required for their needs. There was no question of expulsion or of exploitation on either side but it was expected that those who partook of hospitality would return it in their way and would never betray the trust that had been placed in them.

We come now to a very different situation in which you are feeling that you are overwhelmed by strangers and others who are in your midst but not of your society. They have come from afar, perhaps because they looked upon you and thought that they could see a way to develop themselves further. They saw in your societies that you lived well, that you lived in peace and prosperity and that your lands were beautiful and ancient though not over-worked or -developed. They saw in your lands a way of bringing upon themselves greater prosperity in abundance, a way to match your own civilisation with one of their own. They have understood as you have not, that it is not always easy to live within a jurisdiction of another, that there are strange ways that they must become accustomed to, that they must try ever harder to become something which instinctively they know they can never be.

It is alright for you to think that these strangers are merely temporary inhabitants of your lands and that in time your hospitality towards them will be rewarded by their moving away and back home, where they may begin to rebuild what has been lost of their lands and homes. You will have helped them to survive and to become a stronger people, one which has knowledge of others and how things might be done differently to benefit all. They will have been enriched by your company and they will take from you those kindnesses to others, to strangers, indeed, that they have enjoyed in your own company.

Wherefore is the harm in this situation, you might ask? For there are grave possibilities here for deception and for a conquering nation to move forward by stealth and inhabit your lands and take what is yours by force. They have come in great numbers and you have in part been overwhelmed by their presence. They have asked for more and more of your kindnesses and they have sometimes rejected your offers to house and to feed them. They have lived well in your midst at times and yet they are still strangers in a strange land. They have no fond affection for you or for your ways; all are alien to them and they long for the time when they can be reunited with more of their own kind such that they may decide to live in ways which are more familiar to them and which will bring them the comfort of kith and kin.

You have not begrudged them one iota of your kindness and your generosity towards such people has been great indeed. It has been the very stuff of legends to have given them your wealth and to have opened up to them not only your homes but your hearts. You have been for them the very model of benefaction and they in turn have asked for more and more and more until such time as you realise that your hearts have become broken and your coffers exhausted. By these means these interlopers will take advantage of your kindnesses and will strengthen their own will to think that you are weak and you would impart to them such cowardice in the face of their aggression that they think you will never fight back even when they goad and cajole you into it.

Many of you have moved beyond this time in your development. You know not now how to fight back through more subtle means than armaments and hand to hand combat. Your life has been lived in soft cushioning and in ways which have brought about great leaps in your thinking but not in your musculature development, nor indeed in your ability to think cunningly about the ways in which you might exploit the situation for your own benefit. These thoughts are not yours. They are far from your conscious awareness. They have long been deterred from that in may aeons of looking out for yourselves and for taking care of those who are less weak, so that the whole of your society may benefit.

It is now time to think of better strategies for helping those around you. Is it entirely wise, for instance, to welcome a people who might exploit your children and their children for their own use? Is it time to think that they might become more caring if you were to stop them from indulging their worser instincts towards you and your young?

There are many brave heroes who would welcome the opportunity to fight in this cause but White Bear and the assembled hosts around you urge you [not to do it (?): tape was turning over so a few words were lost] …[Our advice to you (?)]… is to take up those elements of your being which you are so proud of and in which you excel. That is to say you are an ingenious people, you have great imagination, you have wondrous abilities to think and to strive, to improve and to better the life of those around you. This does not need to be strife ridden. It may indeed be a way of forging greater bonds between peoples of different types, to help them to become more of themselves and to make your own lands safer for your own people. There is no loss in this plan of action, there is only gain to be had. There is a will required and there will be ingenuity needed in spades.

We have come closer to you today to enable your hearts to open up to that compassion which is always within but also to make you mindful that you must be aware at all times that there is the possibility of exploitation here, of being endangered through being too trustful and that dishonesty will always try to wheedle its way into your life if you permit it to do so.

Courage is required, as is strength of purpose. You have talked today about informing yourself of what exactly is happening and that must be your first step upon this ladder of awareness. There is no point to be ignorant when all around you are seething with hatred and with contempt for your ignorance and your lack of awareness. Embolden yourself yes, but educate yourself also and then you may formulate plans for combatting what fears exist amongst you. There must be no call to arms. There must be only peaceful means but make no mistake, that is no excuse for weakness or for faltering in your resolve now. There is boldness in strength. There is imperviousness in standing firm and knowing what is the right thing to be done as well as when to do it.

There will be those voices around you who consider you to be weak and to be misinformed and they will try to deter you from being steadfast. Take no heed. Listen to your heart in all matters but also make yourself aware of what is happening. Use your ingenuity and your mindfulness and seek wise counsel when you need to but it is incumbent upon those such as you who have guiding Spirits and who have powerful allies, to speak, to be aware and to stand strong. For this is the time when you will be tested and you must be true to who you are and what you may become yet.

White Bear has talked long and there is much to ponder and you have still a feast to indulge. (It was Margit’s birthday) We have saved our particular greetings for one today who has led us to such strength of heart in many ways. We have loved and cherished you Margit and we have listened carefully to your heart and it is wise and strong, and will remain so. In your heart you have achieved greatness and we are much honoured by knowing you. Enjoy your day and the love of Spirit accompanies you as ever, in all matters.

We take our leave and wish all of you a very good and hearty feast of enjoyment and love. Farewell dear friends.


White Bear Teaching 18 February 2016

White Bear greets you dear friends and asks once more for your patience in this delivery of a teaching which is perhaps unusual for you to hear.

We have arrived at a point in your development when it is necessary for you to hear uncomfortable truths about yourselves and though you may listen carefully, you will not hear all of it because you can only hear those things which you are ready to accept, and those other things which will not be available to you for some time yet, will lie there in your subconscious until you are ready to hear them.

So let us begin anew. We have heard many times that your willingness to embrace the wholeness of your being is paramount in your philosophy and your quest for wholeness is all that you may pursue in this life. That is all well and good for your being but it is also a quest which is never ending and it is one which will pursue you from one incarnation to the next. There is much in your philosophy to be desired. There is the quest for knowledge and for a wholeness of being which encompasses both your spirit and your material, corporeal being. There is an essence which is to be known which is of both of these beings and it is a quest which will always fill your time on this planet, whenever you embark upon it.

There are those around you who will never reach the point that you have arrived at now. They do not pursue it as you do so wholeheartedly, to the existence of nothing else of import in their lives. This for you has been all encompassing and that is now the problem with those around you and why it is so very difficult to penetrate their impervious beings. You are too knowledgable for them now, too aware of your own personality in this life and the possibilities, the capabilities, of your spirit elsewhere. These things are not mundane, they do not fulfil all of the longings of the companions who surround you. They are, indeed, so esoteric in their essence that the beings you call friends, acquaintances and yes, relatives, would not understand if you were to spend years explaining to them what it is that you seek.

The problem of course is that your quest upon this planet at this time is to do with so many of these other people around you who are so impervious to the knowledge that you now have. If it were not so they would have awakened as you have awakened to the being that is their wholeness – but they have not and it is time now to forgive them and move on. There is no point in pursuing lost causes. There is no possibility for many if not most of these people around you to regain that knowledge which they have so forgotten about themselves. That is the impossible task you have set yourself now. To awaken them is to waste your time and your time is now essential to your own being and to bringing about that change in your fortunes which is necessary.

Beginning at the beginning of your quest, there was indeed full knowledge of who you were and who you are. Though that knowledge is now long gone into the mists of your forgetfulness, it is entirely possible that you will remember bit by bit more and more of who you are in this world as well as in the others that you also inhabit now. That may be surprising for some of you, to realise that your being is not misplaced here upon this planet in this material presence, it is also placed, indeed, in many other realities, some of which you have explored in your dreamtime and in those shamanic realms which you have also explored. These are awarenesses which are to your benefit but they are also limited in their scope. There are many many levels to your being and it may be said that it would take many thousands of earth lives to explore such vastness of being.

What you can grasp here is always limited, not only by your experiences but also by your capabilities. It is a strange fact that not all human bodies are equal to the task. It is indeed a simple dilemma for many people that they are incapable of exploring further than the end of their arm. They need to know that there is a safe zone around them, one which is familiar to them and one which they can safely live within. There are others like you, sometimes, who are lost in their imaginative worlds, who can explore other dimensions of being while existing in this one in a safe zone of human-beingness.

The way to progress further now is to explore the combination of both, to find ways in which you can know what it is to be more than you are now and to find a way of bringing your present human existence into focus with that eternal being. It will be difficult for some of you for you are not known for the brightness of your capabilities in this sphere and it is always problematic when you are locked into a small view of yourself such that you cannot explore and find a way through the difficulties which you are presented with.

That is easier for some of you than for others. It is sometimes necessary to feel what it is like to be fearful and full of worries and anxieties, to know what it is like to run scared from a peril which you do not understand and cannot find within the strength to fight. But that is what you must learn to do, to find within that fighting capability which will indeed enable you to explore further the being which is the wholeness of you.

The world that you live in is not a simple place and there are many people who are far more aware and advanced along this path than you are yourself. They do not waste time in being scared of what they might encounter, they move forthrightly out into the perils they foresee and they judge that their presence will be a restriction upon such forces as they encounter. And they would be right. It is only by feeling the presence of your power that you may find the weakness in your foe. And in those energies which you are so oft keen to foster, there is so much courage required to truly engender them that you are far from realising your potential in this sphere.

There are others who are not so timid and they are bold in their exploration of what power they may wield and how they may try to weld others to their will. You have not explored this capability very much and it is to this now that you must turn your attention.

It is necessary for you to bring about a change in the reality that is being fostered by those who would wish ill upon your kind. Those people do not hesitate where you have faltered and stepped backwards. They move forward because they realise that their power is greater than yours at present and it is necessary to prevent you from wielding whatever power you have already. They certainly do not wish you to gain more and they will do everything that they can to prevent you by putting obstacles in your way. Not the least of these will be those people around you who are weak, who are unable to step forward and make a stand even if their life depended upon it, as you know many will do in other circumstances.

We have emboldened you and sometimes it is a power which works through you to exact change and to fulfil your potential but it is not always forthcoming and sometimes you lapse back into thinking that you are weak and that you can do nothing on your own.

We say to you now that the power that you channel is immense and can move mountains and can certainly make people wield to your own wilfulness. That is not something which you will wish to do often but it is now becoming more necessary to wield your power for the benefit of the earth and of its people. The dangers they face are very great and there will be darkness falling upon this planet even if you do wield your power for good. That is the promise that has been made by others who are aware of what is happening now: that the earth is at grave risk from those who would inhabit your lands, who would steal your forcefulness from you and who would make you a sacrifice to their own will if you do not stand now and deliver to them that forcefulness of spirit of which you are capable. It is time to step up and to become more fiercely powerful than you have been hitherto. It is not ‘judgemental’ to risk your life in the promise of a renewed earth.

It is only for the betterment of this planet that we ask, nay, we urge you to step forward and to begin this embracing of your whole being.

We have this day delivered to you our message and it is one which you will need to hear again and again, for the world is now in much need of you and your kind and we who inhabit those realms of fineness, of ultra timelessness, will welcome you into our fold one day when we will rejoice at what impressive action we were able to take then together, in conjunction with each other.

Boldness requires no apologies and forcefulness used for good is power which is well deserved. Enable your plan to take shape and we wish you well with it. Come together as you see fit but embolden yourself in the meantime.

We take our leave and leave with you our power to change your fortunes in this matter. Farewell, dear friends.