The White Bear Teachings 2017


White Bear Teaching 26 October 2017

White Bear is here dear friends and looks forward always to these gatherings of minds and spirits, as we are here as learners as well as talkers. And we envision a world in which all beings are benign spirits in embodiment, and you, yourselves, are aware of where these powers within you come from.

It is not necessary to fully understand because in human form there are limitations upon your capacity to understand fully. In the body there are other functions which are necessary to enjoy your participation in this beingness of materiality, upon this bounteous being we call Earth. There are other realms, of course, and those beings who inhabit those other realms are always around. They are near enough to become apparent whenever the power surrounding you and them is synchronous.

We have not endured for very long the power that is not benign upon this world. We do not encourage anything which is not for the good of humankind and for the benefit of the planet as a whole. We have come indeed on many occasions to prevent harm from befalling the humans and the life forms here. We did not ask for your gratitude on these occasions for we understand that you are in the main oblivious to our powers to influence what is going on around you. But be assured, we do not take a back seat if it is necessary to intervene and yes, there have been many occasions in which our power was called upon to stop or prevent something which would have been very harmful, from happening.

Even in your midst now there are powers which are forming and which are entitling you to understand more of who you are. There are influences, there are energies, and there are also circumstances which come together so that you may take all of the opportunities presented to grow and to become more aware of yourself and your own capabilities.

We do not tax you in this manner, we do not expect you to endure terrible circumstances which will have no long term benefits for you. That would be cruel in the extreme. We expect only that whatever comes your way will enable your powers to grow stronger by the influence of such circumstances. It is not even necessary to understand yourself fully to grow into who you might become. There are many people who endure the utmost misery in their lives and they take full advantage even though they do not understand one jot of their spiritual origins.

We have become aware over time that your limitations are always ascribed to the influences of the world upon your development. It is not always necessary to see and to hear in order to grow but it can accelerate your development if that is what you are inclined to do. We have not perpetrated any particular understanding upon you of the matters that go on in the world around you. It is for you to pick and choose which of them speaks volumes and to ignore all of those others which have no fascination for you at all.

At the end of your lives you will review what you have become and how you have arrived there and in that process you will understand far more clearly than any of us could explain now, where you were going wrong and what you did right. The process is there for everyone, you must understand. It is known about even amongst those people who do not profess any religious bent or any curiosity as to what might go beyond them. The life review as it is sometimes termed is when you will finally realise that you were presented with myriad experiences so that you might take full opportunities presented to you. If you have chosen to live a life closeted away and not taking part in all that has been presented, then that is what you will see at the final moment of your breathing here. Even as you pass, you must understand, there is no fear of death, there is only understanding and enlightenment . And for all the good that you have done in your life, there will be a glow and a colour to the aura, the energy that you profess.

Whereas you understanding of life is less than perfect, it is only to be expected that your experience of the spirit life has been confined to those influences that you can permit to come close to you. We have often spoken of the time that we anticipate when you will encourage other spirit powers to come close to you, to let them, indeed, speak and inform you so that you may grow more speedily into what you may become. But is does not matter if you decline this opportunity. It is of no lasting consequence to you here. We can only judge how far you wish to press on by what you permit us to help you with.

We listen with rapt attention to your discussions and we know that there will be times when there is much conflict in your spirit because of the conversations that happen here. There is much processing that then needs to be done so that you may place all of these conversations in their proper place in your life and in your development. All is not for everyone and you may pick and choose and decide what is not appropriate for you at any point in your life.

This is where you need to be reminded that you are powerful spirits having an experience as a human being upon the earth and the gift of life here has been given to you so that you may enjoy it to its fullest. In this way, you move towards a greater awareness of who you are. And one of the greatest gifts and powers which has been bestowed upon you by the Creator is the gift of choosing what you wish to do, of being free to exercise the power of your will as you might. It is not for everyone to exercise this power with wisdom, of course, but as you move towards greater knowledge of yourself you will see that as you make decisions in your life and as you exercise this free will that you have been given, you become more of yourself. You move into your power and then you are aware of both how lowly you are here and also of how great others around you are.

It is a fascination with the other that is so very encouraging here. The exercise of your free will often means that instead of choosing to do what you wish to do, instead you look to others and you obey them and fulfil what they wish you to do. It is a paradox how the exercise of free will may encourage you not to use it, is it not?

We have understood you more fully in these discussions that you have had over long years together. There is still more growth be undertaken but it is always at your own pace, it is always in directions of your own choosing. And we only expect that at the end of your days when you undertake your own life review you will see what goes before you and you will know that you have done your very best to take upon yourself all experiences that were presented and to enjoy fully what it was like to be a spirit in human form.

We expect not other thing from you than this: be aware of who you are and enjoy your life to the full, exercising your free will as you see fit, not at the behest of anyone else save that you may choose of your own volition to obey them and to give comfort to them when it is due; that you will not be overbearing; that you will not be selfish; that you will not, indeed, use your powers of awareness to overwhelm others who are not so aware and are weak thereby.

You have grown much and there is an infinite possibility of further growth ahead for the years are still to come when your greatest achievements will be made. We tell you this now so that you will not give up hope and you will always be optimistic for what is to come. Save your energies for the world will have need of good and welcoming beings such as you when sometimes things get a little more confusing.

White Bear and all of the spirits who join us in these endeavours, those who surround you wilh love and who encourage you every minute of your life, wish you, Carol, a very happy birthday from all of us with much, much love and gratitude for what you do.

White Bear has finished for now and we will look forward once more to our next gathering of spirit and of love. Farewell.


White Bear Teaching 14 September 2017

White Bear greets you dear friends, as ever, and tells you that today we have been challenged by your discussion. We have noted that there are many reservations about these truths that you speak so often about and that is good, up to a point.

When you are addressing your own conscience, you will find that there are many unanswered questions because you have not ventured further than you were comfortable doing in addressing these questions to yourself. Whenever you are arrested in your development, it is because you have found an impasse beyond which you are uncomfortable to go.

It is not necessary to constantly challenge yourself to discuss beliefs which do not resonate with your soul but it is always required that you consider how best to live your life amidst the lives of others who may have so very different views from your
own. We have often spoken about these differences that you perceive in others and how they can sometimes affect how you live your own life. And so it is that those spirit entities who come close to you are, in the main, expecting that you will be influenced by them for the better, that you will be guided into a more beneficial way of responding to them, that, indeed, you will be joyful in your responses to their giving and their offerings to you.

White Bear understands how lonely it can be to be a voice in the wilderness, one who has no companions to sit with and mull these truths over. There are many beings who would wish for you to speak with them for they too are lonely and in need of companionship. It is often spoken that those who are least in need of others’ company are always found in the midst of many people. White Bear understands these things because in times gone by there were those who lived lives of solitary loneliness in mountain places or in desert places or in forested places, where no other being, save from animals and small creatures roamed and played. These were happier times for many who carried on this life because the burden of dealing with others was removed from them. Sometimes it has been said that it is often easier to live alone with oneself than it is to live with others with whom one has nothing in common, or only disagreements to pass the time.

Instead, White Bear wishes you now to think of these others as people that you must reach out to, to enable them to have some small inkling of the truth that you hold dear. They are like lost souls, many of them, and you know this for you have spoken of this many times. They do not understand as you understand and they have no guiding light to enable them to seek out truth. Your words can be a light, a beacon unto them and they can shine forth in your reflected light.

It is not honest to say to them that they are hopeless, that they are without hope of anything better. It is unforgiving, indeed, to expect that all of these people will lead their lives in ignorance and in less understanding than the creatures who cannot speak. It is unforgiving of them to let them go about their lives without your input, without your trying to
instil some small inkling of yourself in them. That is why we teach each other, so that in some small way we impart to each other a bit of the truth that we hold dear, a part of us that is so close that we do not question it, we know that it is so. And in enjoining yourself to communicate this truth with another, you help them and you help yourself.

It is often said that religion is a curse upon the humankind, that they have found more ways to disagree with each other over truths that each of them holds dear and in contempt. Truths do not expect anyone to adhere to them: they are what they are. They do not need people to believe in them, they do not require that you utter this ‘truth’ day in and day out. It is only expected of you that your life is spent searching for a truth which speaks itself to you and you alone. It may never be an understanding that you have with others, it may always be a small secret voice within, who tells you things that you could never imagine but which resonates with you on a vibration which is yours alone to acknowledge.

When we come to you like this, we enjoin forces of nature and of higher powers so that we may restrict ourselves to reach down to say what is in our thoughts and in your hearts. We do not come to blame or even to cajole. We ask only that you listen to us and that you go away and think upon what we have spoken for it is intended now, for this moment in your life, so that you can gain benefit from it. It is not spoken so that you can dismiss it out of hand but if that is what you require at this point, then you must do it.

It has sometimes been said that you do not even hear truth when it is spoken until you are ready to hear it [but] we say to you now that the world is a simple place when you understand more of yourself and it becomes more complicated and vastly unknowable if you neglect to spend time with yourself so that you know your own heart and you have no need to dismiss others from your sight, because you understand as they do not that they are often misguided and lost when you are found. You have only to look in the mirror each day and you will see there who you are in your flesh. But you will only ever realise who you are looking at when you have gone within and understood the quiet in your own being and the lessons that are spoken on a daily basis while you go about your life.

There is nothing, nothing, to be afraid of here; nothing that will challenge you too much, only enough for you to grow into your own power. We sometimes grow impatient, as well, with humans who are so very weak and misguided and easily led astray. We have found that sometimes you must let them go and leave them to be whatever they wish to be while you get on with the lessons of your own being.

We have spoken these truths now so that you may understand there are always lessons to be learned and some who have instructed you in times gone by have indeed tried to lead you to the truth that is within – but it is always your job to find the path and walk it. You may need to do that alone but White Bear hopes that you will walk it now with companions by your side – some seen but most unseen, as they guide you to a life which is full of power and glory and essences of you and me.

We have spoken our truth now and we will leave you to your repast. It is not so long until we meet again and therefore we will bid you adieu and not goodbye.


White Bear Teaching 29 June 2017

White Bear is here, dear children of the light. We have come from afar once more to be with you during your discussions and your utterances of truth and wisdom and wit and humour.

We have not travelled into this territory for such a long time yet it is one which always fascinates our being because it speaks to the truthfulness and wisdom which is within each heart and mind. Wherever there are two or three gathered together, therein lies the Spirit of All That Is and that Spirit is willing and able at all times to speak with truth and with love and wisdom of those things which are so very important to your being now.

We have come, indeed, to tell you that these things you speak of have been truths for a very long time upon this planet. They have instilled in people both love and fear; they have worked to imbue a sense of pride and personal honesty. So there have been many benefits to having had this truth within their midst.

However, your world is changing fast and those lives which have hitherto depended upon such truths as being unwavering and unchanging, will now have to submit to others who have different ideas of what constitutes truth and their loyalty will be tested in debates and in wrangles over who has the true authority to dictate how a human must live the life of a human in good faith.

We have never before been witness to a truth which is whole; there is always some distortion and over many eras there is even greater distortion of truth that once was. We have seen, we have observed many who have tried to instil in the human heart some semblance of wisdom and love for others but it has always been distorted and in time it has sometimes been completely fabricated.

We were always willing to assist those who wanted to give to the humans a way of living which would be in harmony with all that they surrounded themselves with on the earth. There were blessings to be had in giving to them sufficient light and warmth and eating and it was always possible for humans to live good and honest lives, working only insofar as they needed to bring forth the fruits of the earth so that they might then be left in peace to decide for themselves how best to spend their allotted time.

In some civilisations, the need has always been to dwell upon the material benefits to be had in living a life. There were riches, there were beautiful objects to behold and to have and possess. In other civilisations, however, these matters were not so pressing. The humans were more inclined to be amongst those who they loved and cherished and they cared not whether those beings were animals or other humans. They cared not for the kinds of riches which in modern days you have come to expect. They instilled in themselves and in their offspring that devotion to the earth and to its spiritual enlightenment which would feed their souls, their spirit, and let them become as they were always meant to be.

In many ways, the simpler the life, the easier it is to be true to the human heart. It is not terribly easy to be amongst riches and to be amongst people whose only thought is of how to amass further riches and wealth. These people can dictate the means of living which are very far from satisfying. And in the end, sometimes, the pursuit of happiness is what is sought in these riches, though it is always at a furthest arm’s length from such people. The simpler the life, the easier it is to be true to yourself and to those around you.

Becoming yourself, of course, is sometimes the thing which most inhibits people. They do not wish to be as they know they are, for they think that some other being, some other type of persona will be more successful at establishing riches and in bringing forth those material benefits which they pursue so vastly.

We have come to know that humans can deceive themselves into thinking that what they spend their energy on and what they pursue most, is what their heart truly desires. It is not so: it is seldom so. Sometimes, within heart lies the truth of being and in knowing the truth of one’s own being, there are riches beyond measure and beyond value, to be had. We have said similar things many times and sometimes the small nuggets of truth are instilled and they lead to much change and fortunes of a different kind. Sometimes they are discarded for another time when perhaps the truth might be more easily adhered to.

We cannot instil in you that yearning for truth and honour and wisdom and love which is yours to have. It must be found in yourself through your own meditations and your own seeking of knowledge. It is a vast subject and it can take many long, long years to discover that the truth of the matter was known to you when you were a child, when you were an innocent, simple being, unburdened by all of the things that occur throughout a long life.

A young child possesses within all of the truth and all of the love and wisdom which a human heart can hold. It is sometimes buried deeply within by the time that we reach an old age and it must be unearthed from time to time to ensure that it does not go too deep down to be lost from view forever. Were it not so, were it that all children were in possession and knowing what they had, they would realise that there was no point in growing old at all, that years do not bring further wisdom, just more forgetfulness.

We have arrived at a point in our discussions when we are about to embark upon some of the greatest truths known to humankind. The greatest philosophers have tried their best to untangle what was always before them. Sometimes they have decreed that the life dictated by one religion or another is incomplete but it serves its purpose in the now, to transform and to enable a good life to be lived, one which is engulfed in riches of the Spirit and one which finds its wisdom and love in other beings who may have no inkling at all of what lies beneath their soul purpose here.

We have arranged for more spirit visitors to be with you today because of what you were discussing and we have arranged also that in your future discussions, we will endeavour to have within your midst, a spirit who will hold the wisdom of the group so that you may speak in truth and in the possibility of learning more because you will be guided to know such things. And in this way, you will seek and you will find. For knock and the door will always be opened to you. Ye are blessed in knowing who you are at this point in time. Do not deceive yourself into thinking that you will always remember who you are for, in truth, that is something which is always changing. But it shimmers and it lights up when love and truth and wisdom come together. We are, as always, your servants in these matters.

We wish you all the very best of endeavours in these matters which you pursue. We long for the day when we can discuss them with you in much clearer ways than is possible now.

For now, farewell dear children of the light, for you are great in our hearts and we bid you a fond farewell until next time.

White Bear Teaching 23 February 2017

White Bear is here dear friends and welcomes you back to this heart of our gathering.

We have listened quietly while you have deliberated upon these important matters to you. They are welcoming words from our point of view because they mean that you have advanced along your path a little further and you have entered into those realms which heretofore you were reluctant to embrace.

You have gathered and garnered important information which will enlighten your life hereafter and you will listen more closely when you hear others speak of things of which they know little. Your knowledge will now be as a beacon unto them and they will listen to your own words more closely and more carefully than they have hitherto.

Your information will be important for your life hereafter for there is no going back once you have learned something which is so crucial and so easy to comprehend. Many will listen to your words now with enlightened thoughts of their own and will see that you have decided to impart unto them important information which is for their benefit and not just for your own. Your own lives will be enhanced in this way and they will bring to fruition all of the learning that you have so far garnered in your long lives.

Many have tried to inform you of this important knowledge but it is always up to the individual to decide when the time is right for their own uplifting. We can only steer you in the right direction. We cannot make those decisions on your behalf. We have listened so many long years to your deliberations here and we have thought that there could be no more improvement that could be made – but we were wrong. We have seen and we have listened and we have garnered from your expressions of delight and humour that you grasp the important points but have not been consumed by them.

By this we mean that knowledge is important, yes, but it should bring about improvement and enhancement of one’s own capabilities. It must never be made to belittle you or another or to endanger those people who you are most suited to help. Welcoming into your midst many whose thoughts are not as your own will have endangered your own development up to this point but now that you are starting to awaken further along your own path, you will find that people flock to your sides and that they wish to hear more because you are freed from the shackles which inhibit them from speaking truly.

You have reached a point in your development which will enable you to go forth from here and to enhance all of those people whose lives you touch. White Bear’s words are not for the faint-hearted but neither are they meant to instil fear or reluctance to proceed. All is still within your own heart and it is up to you how best to enjoin this information that you have learned with your life, and how you proceed now.

We will be your spiritual teachers and protectors. We will never let you be harmed by speaking truth, though you may find that you have misdirected yourself and others in the past by what you thought was the truth then. From now on, you will look at things in a different light and it will be an enlightenment for you, a way to reach further into the depths of your person and to reach into your soul body to find there that part of yourself which is strong and which is ready and accepting of this role that you have imparted to yourself in these past months and years.

We have never left your side through any moment of this struggle. Nor have we decided that you are not capable of moving further forward. We have hoped, we have watched and we have listened carefully and we have found within your own hearts, a seed which has been sown and which is now starting to grow ever stronger and firmer in this soil that you have at last found. We did not abandon you at any moment. We did not reflect that you were disappointing, no, we always knew that you would be subject to difficulties as all humans are in their own lives. But you have the advantage of being protected by those who you acknowledge, those who you realise are with you, who watch over you and surround you with their love and protection of all the spiritual world.

White Bear understands more than you are capable yet of hearing yet you will realise in time that this turning point has been what was necessary for you to advance now in leaps and bounds. You have listened too long to the same voices telling you what you already knew and now it is time to branch out and to challenge yourself and others with truths which were always there but which you had neglected because there was too much else to concentrate upon. Now is the time for going forward and it will be a magnificent time for you. You will be uplifted, you will be challenged only by the restrictions that you place upon yourselves, the thoughts that stop you from moving into places because you are frightened or because you think that it will make you a lesser person, a person who is not as loving or giving or compassionate as you thought you were.

Dispel these thoughts when they arise because to be wise is to know when to stand in your own power, to not run from those things which may deter you from time to time, but to challenge yourself to grow into ways that you have shunned. Power and compassion are bedfellows. You must realise this. There is no love without also, strength. And know this before you depart here: White Bear and the spirits and guides who surround you now do not leave your side. You are never vulnerable to other energies which have no place in your heart. They do not come close to you because we are guardians at all and every opportunity that may come. Strength is within and compassion is your guiding force. Love steers the way. But know that you are strong enough to walk this path and to lead others along it. We have challenged you, have we not? But you will live up to it. Well done. Bravo.

White Bear bids you farewell and leads you ever onward in this path that you have chosen together. Farewell dear friends, farewell.

White Bear Teaching 18 January 2017

White Bear is here dear friends and welcomes you back home to this place where our hearts are joined as one in this endeavour. We welcome in the new year and we also welcome in our special guests in this room now, for there are many here gathered who are insistent upon their presence now, as you embark upon the new venture which is before you.

We have come together now to insist upon a change of tactics and that is because the world is now ready and begging for this change which can only come from within your own hearts and minds. We gather, as always, as your friends and your protectors. We cannot be any other than this now. Wherefore we are bound by those pledges of honour and obedience to your will, we come together with our force for good and for loving endeavour, now, in these perilous waters that you journey amongst.

We start by examining what it is that you are meant to be doing now for there are many arguments for staying still and doing nothing and there will always be those arguments which are compelling, which are urging you to make more of yourselves than there is at present. We have long known that there are forces at work within the earth and within your own hearts, which are meant to ensure that the world as it is, changes into its future self without catastrophe and without encumbrances of former thought processes which can hold things back.

We have always realised that there are those within the earth’s power to influence things, and [also] those who stand upon the fringes, those who are helpless to change the course of history but whose voice is nevertheless one which needs to be heard. There are many, many such people. They do not think of themselves as anything special. They consider that their voices are small and they are not needed in any form whatsoever to influence matters of great import.

There are those whose voices are not heard, who are nevertheless those whose hearts are in the right place. They are still voices in the night. They think and they react slowly to changing forces but their will, when it is enjoined with others, is remarkably strong and potent. These people are not your own friends or family. They are those who are still unknown to you. They come and they cross your paths from time to time and you instil in them some inkling of your own self, of your own power. To change the earth is not as important to these people as it is to keep on existing and making ends meet. They are small-minded yes, because they have not lifted their eyes above the parapet to see what is before the earth. And their stillness is not any longer to be endured without listening and urging them forward.

We come together here in this place because we have an inkling of what is required of us. We do not see the whole of ourselves, nor do we realise our potential for much greater power than we display. There are those around us, it is true, who think that we are powerful, that we do know our own minds – but they are gradually realising that they could be mistaken for seeing what is before them and not perceiving what is hidden. There are hidden depths in all and those people who are so very fragile, who are so very sensitive to changing winds, are not to be deplored or to be censured because they display their weakness in all that they say and do: they are, rather, to be pitied and to be helped. But this is our message to you today – do not permit such people to hold back your own power and your own voice for good in this earth.

White Bear asks only this of you now – that you still the voices in your head for long enough to realise that there is power which belongs only to you and you alone. There is no force for evil which may not be overcome by the power which you have within you. Your voices are important and your encounters with the evil that may infect the earth is not to be endured lightly. Come together as one purpose only: to defeat evil and to conquer those forces for ill which would have you bound and gagged so that you do nothing in these times which are a-changing forever.

There are those who would seek to bind you to their own purpose but you must not obey any calls to such action. Think for yourself and find within your heart that purpose for which you were made and for which you are here now. There are many voices instilled in the deep of the night but they are not the ones that you must linger over. To return to your position on how to progress, you must only love yourself enough to carry out your mission here. That belongs to you and you alone can do it. Where we have asked more of you than you can deliver, we do not take it back or apologise or say that we were mistaken. No, we carry on urging you to do more, to be more because then you will fully realise that there are no boundaries, only those which you set around yourself .

We come in peace for the earth and for the humans and for all of the life here. We wish only for you to prosper and for you to live in peace and harmony. We can do no more than be with you in these struggles for identity, for purpose, and for strength in knowing who and what you are.

White Bear’s words are important today for this reason: they have been spoken by the one who has urged you onward throughout time and who will watch over you to the extent of your existence.

White Bear has concluded this teaching for now. We wish you well in your further discussions and linger no more so that you may feast in your own company once more. Farewell dear friends and White Bear wishes you love and endurance, for [both] will be needed.