The White Bear Teachings 2018

White Bear Teaching 22 November 2018

White Bear is here dear friends and we have established the connection is now very strong between us.

In this time that we spend together, it is sometimes apparent that there are many voices which are waiting to be heard and though it is impossible to hear from all of them, in your own way you voice what their concerns are. It is established. therefore. that when you speak you speak not as yourself only but as many other voices. In this way it becomes apparent that the issues that are paramount in your minds are also those which are important to voice and to explain to each other now.

We have established a connection with this being because it is important now in this time that we all live in, to explain to many people what is about to happen to their world. The world that people inhabit is not always the physical planet that we speak of. It is sometimes the world in which they are imprisoned in their minds. It is the human condition to become experienced in the ways of life and in these matters it is important that you know who is giving you important information and who is trying to manipulate your thoughts into a certain track that they perceive as necessary for you.

It is often the case, of course, that people who are in the public domain are using their platform in order to issue you with instructions for how to be and you will find that there are many people who will inhibit your behaviour into the ways in which they think you should perform. It is also apparent that there are many voices now which are being raised in opposition to this view, that they are people who are instilling in each other that spirit of inquiry and history, in order to dispel confusion and misinformation.

It is listening to each other that is sometimes the key to knowing from where this person is coming. In many people who are awake and alert, it is sometimes astonishing how little they need to speak, and yet speak volumes to each other. In other instances it is necessary to explain in much detail to those who have previously been oblivious, unaware of what they must now take in. In some respects it is an impossible task to explain fully to humans what is going on around them for for each person will have a different view of the world and each will partake only to the extent that it is necessary for them.

So it is that those who wish to lead limited lives, who seek only to have a limited view of what it is to live a life, will never be interested or concerned in the way that you might wish. It is for this reason that there are so many people around you. Some will find each other on their own level and you must fight to find your own kinds of people in this arena, for sometimes such as you find it difficult to have minds meeting minds. The strangers that you meet sometimes have more in common with you than those who are very familiar to you. It is often the case that familiarity does indeed breed contempt, if not in realistic ways, then merely in taking others for granted and not distinguishing the pearls of wisdom which they can emit sometimes.

So it is that we know many people and not all of them will know the fulness of your being. They will never understand, as we understand, that there are many levels to your being, much depth to explore. They see only what is on the surface and perhaps that is also how you treat them. You must always distinguish those people who are lost to you because they quite simply do not wish to engage with you and with your kind of thinking, and those who might do so if they were to know more about you.

So it is that you meet others and in some small way you explore what is to know about each other. Sometimes it will be very limited and sometimes it will be so vast that you may never know the full extent of these people, as we hope, indeed, that they never know the full extent of you. For there must also be some mystery about your person, there must be some presence of which no one is yet fully aware of.

In coming together as we do in these sessions, we exhibit for each other a certain understanding that even where there are differences, we voice them in sympathetic ways, in ways in which we find comfort from friendship and from being in this place together at this time. In going forth from here, you enter into the ‘real world’, the world in which people speak of mundane matters, whose concerns are only for the material, whose habits are sometimes irritating.

It is not given to all of us to be on a higher spiritual plane at all times. We who live in the world must astonish each other with our being, whether it is through mundane matters of speech or whether it is through exhilarating higher thoughts of philosophy and morality and spiritual awareness. In going forth, therefore, it is always open to us to experience whatever comes before us in whatever way that we can. It is not necessary to force it to be whatever we want it to be. It is only necessary sometimes to observe, to be, to be present and to let things unfold as they will.

In setting forth our explanations of how things are in your lives, we try to explain to you that though there is always more to know, that where you are at any given point in time is quite enough information to take in. It is truly astonishing how much the human frame can withhold and those of us who observe from close by and afar, can sometimes see that there are thoughts within you which are not your own, you know, that these thoughts come from elsewhere, from other beings, from other sources of input. Sometimes they are very courageous thoughts, they are encouraging thoughts and they are wise thoughts about how you need to respond in any given moment.

It is your guides, of course, of whom we speak mostly, for it is their thoughts, or rather, the means through which they affect your own thoughts that is paramount here. Listening to the still, small voice within is always what you must aim for. For in such times you will always know how to respond, how to speak, how to act. And in this way, you fulfil each moment as it comes. Each fragment of experience is gleaned through the lens of experience and wisdom.

(telephone rings and there is a long pause)

White Bear will listen to your thoughts at this time and will respond in like. It is not apparent how we might speak to each other following this interruption but it will always be the case that those thoughts which enter your head now, are those which you must listen to and respond in your own time, in your own way.

We have come full circle today and we will end this speaking now and wish that you will respond only in your thoughts with those that we have engendered now.

(telephone rings again and Ian closes the session soon after)


White Bear Teaching 25 October 2018

White Bear greets you dear friends and asks your indulgence now because there are many here with us who wish to speak and yet they are reticent to come forward as individuals, even though many of them are well known to you. They have asked for your indulgence in allowing them to speak with one voice and to interpret for themselves, each other, so that you may bring forth those questions and wisdom which they have longed to tell you about.

White Bear listens to them carefully now and it is understood that they will endeavour to speak as one and they will now ask for your questions to them. Speak up. They may have difficulty hearing you in your thoughts only.

First Question – Do we remember our past lives?

When the spirit is strong there is no need to remember what else there may have been within your evolution as a spirit being. It is not known whether you have full recall, of course, as to what other lives you may have lived upon the earth but you may be assured that your other lives are completely separate from you. That is to say, that there is no one being that you will join when you are in Spirit. You will find there, when you pass over, the other beings that you have been and you will enjoin a large and growing family of beings in Spirit who are aspects of yourself.

It is not known for sure how much crossover there may be from one life to the next. Sometimes it is through agreement that one of these persons will say to the incarnating part of Spirit: perhaps if you were to meet up with a particular person who may still be alive, you may endeavour to speak kind words on my behalf because I treated them unfairly. It is never known whether the karma is attached to only the person who incarnated then, or whether it is for the whole of the Spirit family of beings.

If you think about your life, you will know that many people you have experience of no longer live in the world and they are in Spirit. When you pass over, you will greet them as friends and you may then begin to tell each other how sorry you were to have treated them so badly. It is usual for the Spirit beings to reach some agreement such that they forgive each other their trespasses and they do not expect that there is ‘karma’ to carry through into the next incarnation of either being.

If it were not so, you would find that the debts from many lifetimes would become so overwhelming for you that each life would be filled with trying to make recompense for the ills that you have perpetuated. It is not something which Spirit would encourage at all. If you can, make amends in your relationships as you progress through life. Do not leave any to linger until it is too late to do anything about it. It is always there for you to say the first word of forgiveness, even when the other is intransigent and unforgiving. You dispel your karma through such forgiveness and there is no need to come back in another body to discharge it.

If you have further questions, please ask.

Question – When we dream of people who have departed from this earth, are we really meeting them in the dream state?

White Bear will answer this one for it is a well tested and tried formula. In the Spirit world, where communication is often difficult with those still remaining upon the earth plane, it is sometimes attempted to speak with loved ones and with those with whom we have an especial attachment. It is sometimes expected that the love that is shared between people will enable communication to take place whatever the circumstances but of course we know that even in life, when each of you shares a body, there is no understanding or attempt at real communication sometimes.

In the Spirit world there may be attempts made to communicate with those who are otherwise unable to be contacted. If they can, they will attempt to speak to you in dreams, for in dreams you are always open to further communications from those already passed over. The sleep dreamworld is a world in which you can unite with all times and zones of being. There are no barriers to communication and it is often easier for a spirit to tell you those things in dreams which they are unable to tell you in real life, or even when they are passed over.

This may become news to you but yes, it is entirely possible for someone who is still in the body to speak with you in your dreams, as indeed you will speak to them in theirs. There is no need for spirit communication from those only passed. There is communication in dreamtime for all beings on whatever plane of existence. If the communication is heartfelt, even if it is not recalled properly, its work will have been done.

The existence of other planes of being is not in doubt, what is sometimes confusing is that you exist in all of them at the same time. Were it not so, you must understand, the human being would be very limited in its scope and we have often told you that you are vast creatures full of power, and the vastness of your being encompasses both life and death, the Spirit world and the material one, life here on earth and in other places. It is so vast, indeed, that it is impossible to comprehend fully. Your human brain and your emotional tie to being human will sometimes become a barrier to full comprehension. And that is no bad thing. It is necessary, sometimes, to think like a human being because you are in a human body and it is the human experience that you are here to explore, not those in other worlds necessarily, unless it is because you can bring wisdom and truth and love back into your life here. To do it only from curiosity, with no element of bringing forth that truth and wisdom and love, is not something that we would ever encourage, for that is mere distraction from what you ought to be carrying out in your life now.

We have felt for a long time that your being here has many facets to it. On some levels there are friendships and relationships with family which are carried forward and backward, into the past and into the future. The people who you know now you will have known in other lives, in other times, and you may greet them as friends and acquaintances who look, who seem, familiar. And indeed they are, but not entirely so. This body that they inhabit now is not the one that you knew so long ago. It is an entirely different body with different experiences of life here. What you may share is only some inkling of what you once knew. It is not the whole and it could never be such a one.

You may think that you owe them some great debt, something which you failed to do when you last were friends but it is not a matter for bringing forth into your friendship now; it is for resolving through exploring what the friendship is now, in this life, and not what it was in that one then. Familiarity is often a feature of friendship and it is only when we pass into Spirit once more that we may catch up with other old friends and realise that yes, indeed, we knew many aspects of this being and there are many still to know.

And you will enjoy many other lives in the same world at the same time, to explore different facets of each of your being. But be aware that there is no familiarity which is born of a debt which you owe them. It is only love which you share and which may bring forth its own rewards in this lifetime. Recognising that this is a familiar being to you, will be easier for you, then, to bring forth the the love that you will each share for the other and in so doing, you will enable progress to be made in each of your lifetimes. We can say no more on this subject for now.

Are there further questions you would wish to ask?

If not, we will answer those questions which have been in your minds but which have not been uttered.

Instilling friendship in another being is impossible to fathom. It is because you each find things in common at first that bring you together. It may be the simple sharing of the same space at the same time and on further exploration, you may find that, although you expected, and indeed wanted, the friendship to deepen and widen, that it has become impossible because your experiences of life have been so very different and there is little room for manoeuvre, especially in people as they grow older and become more set in their ways and familiar with what they can accept, or not accept, in another.

That is why it is so very difficult to begin deep relationships as you grow older. You may have noticed this yourself, that those friendships which began in childhood and which have endured long into adult years, are perhaps the deepest and the most enduring. You have shared many experiences together, you have long memories of good times and bad times in each other’s lives. In this way, you become so familiar with each other that sometimes there is no need to speak, no need to dwell on past experiences for you understand each other so very well.

With new people, however, there is so much ground to cover and so many pitfalls along the way. You have no shared history that you can recall, save those memories which you are creating now. In the past, there are many features of a person’s experience which will colour how they behave today with many people and especially with you. They may have grown fond, for instance, of speaking of hobbies and pastimes and can think of no greater friendship than sharing how to carry out a particular task. If these are the realms of your friendship, embrace them, for they, too, are worth having and are enjoyable in themselves.

The humans learn many things from doing what may apparently seem to be trivial pursuits. Some of them, indeed, may be quite philosophical in their embrace. We can only surmise that when humans interact with each other, it is indeterminate what aspects of each other will awaken by the acquaintance. Sometimes there are surprises in store and you will find that you have much in common that you had never suspected, not through exactly the same experiences, but through being in the same mind space as each other. You can commiserate, you can congratulate and empathise when necessary with experiences that you have not yourself had, but you have had something very like it and you can tap into your own memories to bring forth a closeness in the relationship that you had never suspected was there. It is because the humans are so complex and there are such myriad of [different experiences?]..[tape switched over and some words lost]…which mimic each other.

These are the vastness of spiritual beings that you are encountering day after day and though they may not realise who they are, you, who have some inkling of what vastness is behind the facade facing you, realise that there is always more to know than meets the eye. It is also a good thing to remember that even children have this vastness of spirit behind them. They are not innocent humans who know nothing. They are vast beings who will embrace all experiences here as children, as adolescents, and as young people and old people. But in essence it is the same spirit; it just has more and more in which to grow into itself.

If you meet others on the same plane of experience and existence, you will discover for yourself a vast untapped source of richness in them and in yourself. They may not even realise who they are until they begin speaking to one such as you. In this way even a fleeting acquaintance can become something which is life changing and it is because it is not inevitable that it will happen, that it may need to occur again and again until it is done. That is why you keep bumping into people, Carol. That is why they keep bumping into you.

We have addressed your concerns as best we can in this limited occasion and though we would wish to say more, for now let us realise that there is far more to ourselves than meets the eye, and those who accompany us on life’s journey are to be cherished and to be accepted, for they do not always know who or what is expected of them along this journey that never really ends, whatever you may think.

We have described for you some intricacies of the human condition and we hope that these will prove helpful to you as you walk along your path into the future together.

White Bear’s final words are to you, Carol, to wish you many greetings for your birthday and to hope that you will become in the coming year, another of the souls who progress and become more and more aware of who they are and what more they may become. You have enjoined yourself to this group and we are very, very glad that you have.

We begin our farewells and we say that in this meeting we have conjoined with many others so that you may have their wisdom to bring forth in your lives. It will sometimes happen that Spirit is so overwhelmed by the work that you do here, that they cannot contain their joy and so it is now. They are clapping and rejoicing and seeing that your Spirit auras have grown much in this session of speaking, for which we all rejoice.

Farewell, dear friends, until we meet once more.


White Bear Teaching 27 September 2018

White Bear is here dear friends and once again we have gathered to talk and to greet each other and to say those things which have long occupied our thoughts.

We do not expect that there will be any easy answers given today or any other day because these journeys that we embark upon are many layered. They are continuous. As one piece of information falls into place, so another one exists on its own in isolation until the question is brought forth which enables it to be assimilated.

It is not difficult to surmise that once the full impact of a teaching is born, it will necessarily affect the way that you live your life and the understanding that you glean from it. As one piece of this puzzle falls into place, thus it enables a further search and another piece of information to become available.

You have asked some interesting questions today and we will try to explain to you what it is that you are trying to grasp in understanding.

Those who dwell within your being are of different types. They come and go at will sometimes. Your own will, of course, is paramount but it is always possible that there are spirits indwelling which are not of your invitation and it is these that people must be most guarded against. In your life you will meet and greet many people who are themselves not fully in command or control of their being. There are many who you meet who do not understand that there are attachments, there are others who are indwelling in their being and who promote themselves at various times in order to conduct their will upon the unconscious being.

We here are none of those. We have understood that it is necessary [for you] to be in full control or as we might say, in your power, so that those who come close to you are only those whom you would wish to associate with. There are many beings in this room now, for instance, who would wish to become as one with your being if only for this moment in time, for this instant of communication. They are close but they are not so close that they can indwell without your permission or without your knowledge, more importantly.

So you must draw a distinction between those beings who are invited and those who are accompanying those [people] who are unwitting.

To become a guide is to take upon oneself the task of indwelling at all times but only sometimes will that communication occur which is necessary for the will to make itself known. White Bear, for instance, is not coming and going. White Bear is indwelling at all times but it is only sometimes that the energy is sufficient for the communication to take place and for the permission to be given. It works something like this: in times when there is need of assistance or help or advice, White Bear is there and always ready to assist, always accommodating and never inflicting this energy upon our ….guardian of spirit. We hesitate only because this is a relationship of equals and sometimes it can seem as if ‘teacher’ or ‘master’ is in control and that would be to give a very incorrect impression.

The guide is there only because its presence is essential to understand how life may be lived to the full and how the path that has been plotted and planned since before inception, can take place. Sometimes the guide is helpful in getting the person back onto the right track but it is also possible that the path will never be chosen correctly. It will always be up to the individual to choose at all times. Sometimes those choices will not be wise and they will not be for giving to the individual. That is to say, that there will be some decisions made and some choices made which are wholly inappropriate and will enable no progress to be made.

The guide’s job therefore, is first of all to awaken the individual in whatever way that may come. For some people it is an easy task to know that they are guided but for most it is something which is far removed from their conscious experience and they may never realise or accept that there is another who dwells alongside them. In your great people, there has been some inkling that they are guided even if they have never been able to give it a name as has White Bear been given a name.

In some of your greatest people it was understood that they had a guiding force but it was never accepted that it was there all of the time. It seemed that sometimes inspiration would be given and at other times it would be gone. In some of your grand people there have been occasions when they have met with their guide and they have openly rejected the advice given. They have not wished to be partaken by another or to have any individual give them advice, whether on the earth plane or not.

It is only for the greatest of people that they understand that there is guidance, and understand that they themselves may wish to give their guidance to others in times to come. If you were, for instance, to choose to be a mentor to another, you would not expect to take over that individual’s life. You would not expect that your every wish and command was there to be accepted and undertaken by the other. That would be wholly inappropriate. That would not be the work of a mentor, that would be the work of someone who has assumed responsibility for the other’s actions, and [that] other has given their body and their actions over to the influence of another.

Neither of these situations is good. What you must aim for is for the guide to be close and to be knowing, so that you can accept the guidance when it comes and know that it will always be available to you. It is always open to you to reject it at any moment. It will never be thrust upon you. You will never be forced to take upon yourself a decision which you are not happy to undertake. The guide is expected to act with wisdom and with love and to know that you, as a human, must make your own mistakes, must make your own decisions and lead your own way of living.

For you, who have some knowledge of how this system works, you must understand that the guide is close enough to you that it is sometimes impossible to distinguish what are your own generated thoughts and what are those coming from the guiding spirit within. This not to say that you are ‘possessed’ in the way that you might understand it. The guide is not a wandering spirit, is not one who might indwell for a short time and then vacate and move on to another. No. No, this is not the case. The guide is with you from birth until death. It has not wandered the earth plane looking for someone to indwell in. That is not the case at all.

So you must distinguish between the guide who is yours alone and those wandering spirits who might decide to overtake a human who is not in full control of themselves, who is not within their own power. These spirits are not guides and you who have knowledge of your guides, will be able to ask them how this works for you and how their wisdom and advice has been with you from the very first moment.

In this case, White Bear knows that as the child was growing up, there were many times when White Bear’s task was to enable learning to be done, to enable experiences to be carried out in safety without there being great harm arising from [them]. In White Bear’s case, it was a moment of rapturous joy when the time came for the communication to be open and to be aware. It was an instant of conjoined joy, and inspiration from thence forward. It has not always been easy, you must understand. It is always necessary to abide closely but quietly, to instil love and wisdom while at the same time allowing the being to move freely and to make mistakes, and to assist others in making good decisions for themselves, as well as being caring, and as well as being foolish.

It is the human condition that we are speaking of and the guide will never, ever assume more than is asked. In this way we hope to prove advantageous, to help the individual to move forward, to progress, to be in death’s hour, better, more aware, more fully informed than might have been the case were the guide not known. We think it is working out ok so far.

We have moved heaven and earth sometimes to enable this communication to take place but these plans do not always work and so it is that there are many who wander the earth oblivious to their true being and they will live and die in ignorance. You must be thankful that this does not apply to you. So go forth and be confident in yourselves, [so] that even when you think yourself alone, you know that you are not and that at any moment, your guide will be close enough to speak to you and for you to hear them clearly, and thus avoid mistakes and enable much progress to be made.

We have your best interests at heart, you know, and we will never, ever give up on you. So never despair. Never think that you have been abandoned. Never walk the earth thinking that no one loves you, for you are loved and cherished and you always will be. Your guide and others who roam beside you, who are not guides but who are friendly spirits who wish only for your benefit, we all say: you are beloved and we will never, never give up on you however difficult your life seems to be.

We go now and we ask only that you move from this place to a better place, one of confidence, assuredness and optimism for you know now what many, many others can only dream of knowing.

Farewell dear friends until we meet again.


White Bear Teaching 30 August 2018

White Bear is here dear children and we have listened with care to what you have said this morning and we have endeavoured to speak within ourselves to determine how best to address the questions you have raised. For now, we will speak about the reincarnation which you have so fondly spoken about in recent times and in times long gone.

We have always known that your curiosity is sometimes not satisfied by any explanations that we can give. It is therefore not always apparent that when we speak truth to you, you are not always hearing it clearly. When we speak of ‘other lives’, we do not confine ourselves merely to those human existences which you speak about. We have endeavoured to continue our existence through many incarnations in different beings and this is very difficult for humans sometimes to understand and to grasp. Were it not so, of course, you would not be human at all, you would be more like we are now.

The existence that you are aware of is but a small part of your being. You have chosen on some level of that being to incarnate into human form, which means undertaking a great many difficulties and tasks which are not always apparent. In first becoming human, of course, you have chosen to take upon yourselves a molecular form, a physical form, which can sometimes be a very difficult challenge for spirit.

It begins at conception, it ‘imagines’ the bringing forward of forces together from two human beings in order to gather cells into the formation of a body. This not always apparent to the host, of course, until some time later and it is always open to the host to determine that it does not wish to become a host to these cells forming. In that case, there will be some adjustment so that it will not bring forth that which has been determined on another plane of existence.

We can only surmise that the cells which begin to form from natural causes upon the earth will somehow bring forth a format which is to be a host for the spirit within. On another level of existence, there is the determination of a spirit to take that form for themselves and it may sometimes be that the human has decided that it will be a life full of opportunities for being fully aware of their humanity, of their physicality.

Sometimes this may be the challenge of not having a body which is fully functional for the purposes for which it is needed. There may become deficiencies in the cellular structure, there may be limbs missing for instance, or some degeneracy of the mental faculties. This does not affect the spirit within you must understand. The spirit is unaffected by any physical properties but it may be the challenge lies in trying to perform those functions of both body and spirit in such a dwelling.

We move on through our lives and we learn many lessons, we have multitudinous experiences, we meet many people who add to the sum of our knowledge. We do not grasp these things easily sometimes. We struggle, indeed, to know ourselves and then to understand how others function. For some it is a struggle throughout their whole life and it is something which they never fully master. It is understandable, of course, because each body is unique as, indeed, is each spirit that dwells therein. Each can decide for themselves which path they must take and which experiences to hold on to and which to disseminate to others.

We have grasped through many long aeons of existence that the human form can sometimes be the most troubled of beings. This is because you have a limited functionality while in the body. There are some aspects of yourself which you may never fully know or comprehend while you take human form. It is an exceptional experience for one who knows themself fully and who realises that within the form that is flesh and blood there lies another which indwells in such a casing.

Not for everyone is this knowledge given. It would, for instance, be quite unimaginable for a person whose existence is drenched in only facts and figures to imagine that they have not fully understood this most fundamental part of being human. There are many people like this upon the earth and indeed there have been many throughout all existence. Some have grasped the nettle and realise fully [that] it is the spirit within which is the important part. The vehicle is only that, a means of enduring and of experiencing the pleasures and the agonies of being in this form.

We here do not always understand the difficulties that humans experience while in the body. It has been some many aeons since some of us ventured forth to try to see what it would be like to encase ourselves in such flesh. It is not, we must say, a pleasurable experience for all. Some have abandoned it soon after experiencing it. For others, like indeed for White Bear, it was a pleasurable experience, it was one full of wonders and joys and laughter and mirth. It was an experience to be fully grasped and endured for as long as may be. It was not something to be easily abandoned forever.

However, there are forms which are not human at all and these you may think of as being alien beings. In bodies they can come and go at will. If the human is not on guard and not fully in possession of their faculties, it is possible that these beings who roam, may infill where there are gaps. And it is true that some of these beings will create mischief, will try to utilise the body for their own purposes and ends. It is not always therefore a beneficial act to use the body in this way and sometimes people may find that they have lost their memory of hours or even days and weeks when they do not fully realise or remember what it is that they have done to deserve such pain, such anguish, such tiredness and bruising. For it must be said that if the human is not fully in control at all times, there are always spirits who are only too willing to encase themselves in such as form and they may well utilise the body with disregard for harming it.

We have long understood that the human condition is one in which there are many questions that lie unanswered until the day that you die and leave behind this shell of flesh and blood. When that day comes, you pass over into another sphere of your existence and you will then fully grasp all of the understanding that was missing in your human life. You have found some mysteries which have taxed your comprehension and no doubt there will be many more before your time is done.

It is not befitting a human to know all or else, as we have spoken, you would not be human at all, you would be more like we are now. That is to say, there are many planes of being and humanity is only one of them. If you choose to, you may inhabit others but it may not be what you imagine it to be. For instance, if you have not sufficient brain capacity to comprehend what is going on in your human life, it is rarely possible that you will start your endeavours in another existence as one in which you are fully functional. There are many levels, many difficulties to overcome in such an existence.

When you have grasped fully what it is to be human, then you may decide when you are in spirit that it would be a good experience to start your plane of existence elsewhere. In this way you may become an alien body. You may reside upon different planets. You may, indeed, decide that you will not take physical form for a while or ever, that you will begin your existence as pure energy and you will continue on that plane of existence. In such forms, of course, the world as you know it ceases to exist. There is no propensity to touch, to see, to smell, even to smile, for all of these things require physical presence and if you choose not to do so, you will have only the memories of such things.

This why so often spirit resides beside another so very closely that they are almost like one. We choose to guide and we endeavour to do our best to enable that individual to live their life to the utmost with wisdom and with love and with understanding intelligence. If we can, we try to move them in the directions which will be most beneficial for their progress but it is always open to the individual to decide not to take up this particular challenge. In this way we reside within and yet mostly without. We can influence only when it is invited and mostly it is not invited at all. We know only too well that were it not so, there would be no mistakes ever made, there would be no problems to overcome. The human often learns by making such mistakes and by learning in the most difficult way possible.

If we can do our best to minimise the pain and the suffering while you exist in your human body, then we have done our bit to enable your progress to be made. And in turn, we too experience the joy of living. We can in some small way experience the life in form that we may never again exist in. It is both a regret and a huge promise of more to come to know that the spirit is all in the end that will survive.

We have come a long way in these talks of ours and in the coming times we will explore more and more together for sometimes we must return to the old issues and sometimes we must remind ourselves that what once we knew we sometimes forget and need reminding of. Forever we will face the challenge of life in human form together and while we are here, we are your servants, to ask and to penetrate that veil which separates us from each other.

For many, many years to come we will bring you information, yes, but more especially we will bring you love and wisdom and joy in being who you are and [in] knowing more of yourself at all times of your living.

We have reached the end of this teaching for now and we will grasp once more that loving embrace which so comforts all of us when there are times of difficulty and strain. Whenever you are in need, you have only to speak and we will be beside you.

Forever and ever we remain your guiding spirits and friends. Farewell dear hearts, for now.


White Bear Teaching 19 July 2018

White Bear is here dear friends and we have gathered as usual in our friendly manner to discuss those things which are dear to our hearts and which enable use to provide succour and strength to each other as we try to find our way in the midst of much chaos around us.

When there are competing forces around us, it is sometimes easier to give in to the one which is causing us the most friction, the most problems. But when we do this habitually, it is always a bad sign for our development because it means that you have avoided contemplating other resources within you and [the] means of discussing or dealing with these issues differently and separately.

Whenever you are faced with difficulties that you cannot abide, it is always a very good idea to sit and to contemplate how you might move forward and how there might be help given from spirit sources because, as you are well aware, you are never on your own. There are always helping guides at hand to show you the way and to enable you to seek a peaceful outcome for yourselves and for others. Instead of thinking that there is only one recourse, only one solution to your problem, it will become clearer to you that there are many outcomes and sometimes it is a matter of choosing which one will be beneficial for you and for the other party to the discussion.

Whenever there are differences of opinion for instance, it is always easier to see someone else’s view when you have already considered it for yourself. In these trying times ahead, there will be those people who you encounter who have forsaken all other opinions and views save their own and they will never be able to contemplate a different viewpoint from that which they have fully endorsed in themselves, for yours or for any other differing opinion. In these people it is sometimes said that they have a blinkered view of life, that only one correct solution is open to all and that in their endeavours to try to solve all and everyone else’s problem, they will reply to your misgivings or different views with only one which they consider to be well thought out but which might only serve to shut down any difference of view.

When White Bear has encountered such people and such views in previous times, it has been very much a learning situation in which it is possible to move ahead greatly by listening more carefully than you might otherwise try to do.

We have enabled your phone to ring at this point in time as it is an important call for you not to miss. As an aside we will linger while you take it.

[My phone rang at this point and the communication was paused, presumably with the intention to resume it later but the atmosphere was broken and we did not go back to it.]


White Bear Teaching 31 May 2018

White Bear is here dear friends and we are gathered today as we think about many things which have been to the back of our minds for a long time.

We instil in you that hope, that wish for glory of better days and it is not a forlorn hope for we know that you are here now because you have chosen this time in your history to be present for what is about to happen. It is no coincidence of course. It is because you have been chosen and, indeed, you have volunteered for this mission, in this life, in this time, in this place.

We are sure that you have covered sufficient ground in your education system to enable you to withstand the rigours which may befall the planet and all of the life forms on it. This is not to be alarmist. We would never consider that you were unable to cope with the risks and with the potential for emotional upheaval which may ensue in the coming times.

To tell you what the impact would be would be to instil alarm within your heart and so it is our mission now to protect you and to enable you to become stronger in your own power so that when there are forces gathering to attack weaker people than you, you will know that you are protected and immune from the effects of such attacks which may come from any direction at any time.

It is unbearable for us to know that you will withstand so much and have, indeed, already in your lives, and yet will encounter much more before your time is done. It is not sufficient unto the day to say, ‘be still and know that I am god’. It is only ever sufficient unto your own power to know that you can enable yourself to withstand whatever there may be. Your souls are protected. We speak only of hardships that may occur within your earthly life and this, as you well know, is peripheral to your being. It has occurred in many times and in many places and you have endured already in your soul’s journey many encounters with those things which are hard to fathom at the time. Even if your life is forfeit, as indeed it was many times in the past, it is always your soul’s journey which is the important part and which will endure as long as you endure.

White Bear’s enhanced powers of persuasion and of influence have encountered many along this path who have listened in raptured silence but have not [held] in their own hearts the message that was imparted. It is not easy to inculcate courage and it is always possible that at the very least you will withstand just enough to enable you to run away. To be instilled with courage is a hardship of sorts. It is not for everyone and it must only ever occur when you are ready and wiling. It will never be foist upon you. It will never ask of you more than you can deliver.

Our ongoing journey is to find within the human heart that wisdom that endures throughout hardship and which will inculcate in yourselves that which will prolong your journey of the soul into many other lifetimes with the wisdom that you gain here and now. It is not always necessary to be so forgetful, you know. Some of you remember tidbits of previous lives. Some can retain much more if they undergo a process of deep meditation or a journey to your soul’s being but that would not be for many. For yourselves, it will be possible in future lives to remember more and to retain in yourself that truth which comes from wisdom and from remembering how life used to be.

Whenever you are afraid it is because you think that you will not be able to withstand the rigours that you face. You may have lived many lifetimes and indeed you have, and in all of them you have faced challenges which at the time were a hardship for you. It is no reflection upon your present journey that you may seek out comfort and peace when all around you is in turmoil, but you must endure some things that you would rather avoid. There is no exception to this in anyone’s life but especially in yours for you have now gained sufficient insight to know that you are protected, that whatever befalls you is only leading you to retain a memory of more; to know that you are more than you presently are and that in the future you will be as you are meant to be.

It is no hardship when you can look at the much wider, bigger plan for your soul. Whenever people awaken to this memory of soul they are encouraged and sometimes, like with the heroes of old, they actually seek out challenges [and] hardship in order to further their progress. Even if it is a hardship, it is borne with the knowledge that you will endure and you will progress.

We have said sufficient for now. It has been a hard teaching today and one which you may need to listen to again and again. We have only spoken that which you are ready to hear. You must perforce do your own homework on this issue and see if there are any gaps in your awareness that must be filled in readiness for what is to come.

We have concluded this teaching and we say to you now that we are many. We have taken upon ourselves the voice of one who is familiar to you but we join together with many, many thousands of beings who are watching and waiting for this moment in the earth’s evolution. Forever is not a time as you might understand it, it is a resolution of being and it is something which we will follow with much love and respect, for the humans are indeed the glory of the galaxy.

Forever and ever. Amen.


White Bear Teaching 23 April 2018

White Bear is here dear children of the light.

You have amazed us today with your consideration and your laughter at times when things have become too serious. You are still in our loving embrace and always will be. In our times together we have grown fond of your chatterings and your laughter and we have instilled in ourselves that love of your performance of these arts whenever there has been the opportunity to get together with you.

We have formed ourselves today into a guiding force which will help you in the days ahead. For it is indeed true that there are forces at work within this world which are trying to invest themselves in chaos and in terrible anxieties for people. Within your own heart you are strong and you have been given the means with which to uphold your own energy whenever there is weakness in others.

These people around you are sometimes very awake and alert to the possibilities of anger and of emotional responses. Instead of it being a signal for them to attract to themselves your own loving heart, it is often a means of them keeping you at arms’ length, of putting distance between themselves and you because your heart is closed enough to yourself that they do not know any longer how to open it.

Without your knowing it, the forces which are working within the planet are deciding that there is enough strength in people for them to sometimes act in a chaotic way. That is to say, there will always be people who are susceptible to the power of others and those people display their weakness by silence and by abiding with things that they do not like in others.

It is easy sometimes to tell a person who you love and who you are very close to that they have disappointed you somehow, that they have become less wise than you would have wished, that they are acting in a way which has deterred you from getting closer to them. It is often the way that those who we love most and who are closest to us, suffer the worst excesses of our own weakness. Instead of speaking your mind to those who would properly be worthy of it, you close yourself to them and instead speak openly and sharply to those who are within your orbit.

It is difficult to know how to react in this situation. If you are worse than you should be with them, it is always a possibility that they will thank you for it later when you have returned to normal and they can see that you did not stop loving them at all, that you were, indeed, falling out of love with yourself. It is times like that that teach us that love is sometimes very hard to display and we cannot always account for our own moods and the words we might say in anger to others. It is not for us now to know the wherewithal, the details of what you have within you but know this, it is always truth and love which in the end will conquer all falsehoods and will speak honesty to others and instil in them a respect for you and for what you say even when they disagree.

That is all that we will say on that point for now.

Instead, we will move on to a topic which is often in your thoughts and that is, how to become strong, how to speak your truth when all you feel is weakness inside, a dithering uncertainty, a lack of knowledge, a lack of knowingness? In such ways we are sabotaging ourselves. We think that we should know all, that every utterance ought to be the wisest and most profound of utterances. And instead, what often comes out is gibberish, is foolishness, is nonsense and words, words, words which mean very little when they are analysed.

It is softly spoken words which sometimes give the game a way. When you are least expecting it a truth will exert itself in your voice. You will say, speak something which you had not intended but which on reflection is exactly what you should have said in those circumstances. If we are weak in ourself, we sometimes think that we should have bitten the words away, not said them in the hope of keeping peace. But you know, when you speak your truth, you become more powerful. It does not matter in the least that your words are not well received or even heard properly. What matters is that you have strengthened your heart by speaking in truthfulness and honesty not with the intention of hurting, or disappointing, or even laughing at someone but with the hope in your heart that when you speak honestly to another, they, too, become more powerful and they realise that they have a voice which needs to be heard, that their weakness can be turned into a strength simply by avowing truth.

White Bear understands your reluctance to speak openly at times about yourself and about your own heart. It is a difficult chance to take with some who you do not know well. It behooves all of us to think carefully before we own up to something which the person hearing can use against us. That is the paradox that we are always faced with: to speak or to remain silent in fear of the consequences.

Fear will break your heart into three thousands of pieces. If you are fearful, your power seeps away. It is not strength to recognise that your truth is something to be feared by others. If you wish to empower, you must know yourself well and sing often praises for all that is, for all that you have been given and for the life that you see all around you. Gratitude and heart are the two things that can easily lead to empowerment even of you never ever speak another word.

To breath in the energy of the life force and to forgive all around you, will lead you to be powerful indeed. Instead of thinking that you are weak because you are frightened, think that with each truth that you speak, you will grow in power and in the light of your own being. Even when such words that come are difficult to say, you will see that speaking them just to yourself will still have the same effect. It empowers life force to speak truth and to be who your are; no falsehoods, no hiding, no half-truths, disingenuousness, anxiety over being mistaken, or even worse, being misunderstood.

You life force is strong now and will grow ever stronger. Even those in Spirit who work with you are watching and fully understanding that you invite in whatever energy you feel that you can honestly work with. If you are not brave enough at times, then ask the spirit helpers to back away until you are braver. They will do so. They will never, ever undermine your own power. They will only ever seek to work with you and to empower the work that you do here.

There is no evil spirit which attracts itself to you in this work for they have much easier pickings to have in others who are not so strong and so bold in their power. If it were not so, if you were vulnerable to any passing spirit, we would have told you this before now and we would not have allowed you to work within this realm with us for we are generous spirits but we will never countenance those whose work will bring them falsehood or whose ambition is only to work through others that they can manipulate and destroy.

White Bear and the host of angels and spirit guides who work with you now are here because you have chosen this path and we have chosen to work with you on it. It was never our intention to overpower you, or to bring you to work which you were unsure or uncommitted to do. We will always be at your beck and call. Whenever you wish us to be around, there we will be. But you are in control of this establishment. Only you can invite and only you can empower. Think on this when you are deciding what your next work will be and we will be there as helpers and to forge for you a profound and limitless partnership.

White Bear’s answers are done and if there are any more questions, we will consider them carefully and ensure that your own meditations from henceforth will give you much easier ways of answering them. Entitled as we are to think of ourselves as your best friends and guides, we know that humans are often wanting in their desire for companionship with other humans and so it is that we will leave you now so that you may digest your meal in peace and good conversation with each other.

Farewell for now dear friends.