The White Bear Teachings 2019

White Bear Teaching 19 December 2019

White Bear is here, dear friends, and we have gathered once more as we contemplate ‘our navels’, some might say. For yes, it is indeed possible that your discussions here have arrived at a place where you have always been, before today.

That is to say, you think so much about the problems of the world and of all those around you that you sometimes neglect to have what one might in Spirit call ‘common sense’. That is because you are so bound up with higher thoughts for most of the time that you cannot contemplate bringing your thoughts down to earth, and to see how others around you are viewing the world that you live in. We have often thought that if it were possible for you to be watching a television screen, or a cinema screen, and see about you what is always there but in unfamiliar terms like in a script for actors, you might have some more inkling, some clearer understanding, of what is going on in your world now.

We speak, of course, of those people and organisations which are in the forefront of many of the changes of which you speak. It is not ‘rocket science’ as they say, to realise that there will always be people who will benefit from changes in your perspective. And in trying to change the way you think about the world, it is always possible for people to manipulate those thoughts to their own ends. That is why so often you look at others and you hear what is in your news and you think to yourself, that’s a very strange idea. Where did that come from? How does that come about?

We observe many, many times that there are people who will try to manipulate the agenda of the news and of what is commonly spoken about, so that you will find your life is interpreted in ways which Spirit would never steer you towards. When you speak to the inner voice that is always there, you can always find clarity of thought and intent, for that is a much greater thing which is now colouring your perception of the world.

There is an intention, you must understand, to change the world into an image of what some wish it to be. They manipulate and manoeuvre so that what comes to the fore in your conversations, in your discussions, are those ideas which are yet not fully formed but which yet take on another concrete awareness in time. It is always possible that some ideas may be introduced falsely in this way to try to steer the world and your society in a particular direction. But it is always possible that these ideas will be rejected by those such as you, who actually know and understand far more of the human condition than most do.

You understand, as many do not, that there is not a dichotomy between male and female but between human form and spirit. You understand that many will try to ignore what is not apparently human. They will take absolutely no cognition of the spirit that dwells within and directs the performance of the human without. They do not recognise such things. They give no adherence to such notions. They think that humans are blood and flesh and that such things as matter can be turned to a will, can be changed whenever the desire takes it.

You, on the other hand, having been fully tutored in those other aspects of your being which transcend both time and place and form, can imagine yourself to be many things and all of them are possible, but none of them will come to fruition when you are merely playing a part, when you are only putting on a garb, a clothing, the outward manifestation of Being. Being is something other, entirely. It is the knowingness that comes from form fused with spirit, and with the knowledge that spirit is all, in the end, that matters.

It is a paradox, is it not that our language is strangely reminiscent [reminders of other things?]? We speak of matter but we know that what really matters is not matter. We do not seek to confuse. We seek only to lighten your mood for we are aware as you are, that this is a meeting of minds and body and spirit that we speak of. We are fundamentally spirit, we are ether, we are energy, we are without form, without the substance of matter, but we are incredibly powerful energy and we exist outwith time and space. And we will persist in this agenda of ours throughout all of your existence, when all of these notions of gender, and female, and male, and work, and pastimes, and leisure, and hobbies, and all of these things which occupy you now as humans, are forgotten, are merely experiences that you have had along the way to knowing who you are and being what you are.

This is a notion that will persist through all of your existence and it is one which is only partly formed now. For in your human bodies, although you are capable of great and transcending thought, you are still incapable of understanding fully what and who you are. There are limitations brought on by the limitations of your form but in time they will pass and you will see clearly then, as you see now through a dark glass, what more there will be.

We have arrived at a clear understanding of the difference between you and many others, and between the human form and who you really are. Do not confuse these matters in your own heart. However you work in your life to live as a good person and a loving entity, remember that this, too, will pass and you will throw off the shroud of the body and become pure in thought and in spirit, to endure through long aeons of time which you have only scraped the surface of.

We have bitten off more than we can chew in this short time of speaking. These issues are great, they are vast indeed, and though we would wish to pursue them more, we will in time.

And for now we have only to wish you our fondest regards and to let you linger only until you have embraced each other as friends and companions along this strange path you have all chosen for yourselves.

We linger only to wish you A Merry Christmas for that is indeed what you all wish for yourselves, is it not? For now, we bid you a fond farewell and we listen, as always, to how you are coping with this festive season of goodwill and love to all beings on the earth.

Farewell, dear friends, farewell.

White Bear Teaching 24 October 2019

White Bear is here dear friends. And once again we meet as friends and comrades, as companions on this journey through your life.

There are a myriad of things that you have spoken of today which are also in our spirit and mind. We speak, of course, of the longings in your heart to be yourself for it is part of the human condition to always be looking at someone else and thinking, is that the way that I am supposed to be? Is it this that I was always meant to become? As we get older we can sometimes realise the follies of youth were just such as these. Follies, things that we thought were part of ourselves but were no more than dreams and aspirations for another type of person to be part of us.

We include in these descriptions of humans those who are deluded about themselves and that for the most part, is most people you must understand. There are very few compared with how very many there are on this earth who really understand and know who they are. For such people there is no need to liken themselves to any other for they have realised that there is a uniqueness in their person which no other could possible imitate or come close to being. We have always known that when the human heart matures, when it has had many myriad of experiences, it becomes itself. In a paradoxical way, exploring many pathways leads to the one which was aways meant to be followed.

Most people get lost on their journey through life. They not only lose their way, they lose their ability to find the right path again. They look to others, they see models who they would like to imitate and they become something so dissimilar to what their soul is telling them that they become totally lost and without foundation. Such souls are to be pitied, yes. They are indeed in a very lonely place for they have lost touch not only with themselves but with what they were always meant to carry out in this life.

Sometimes the troubles become too much, there is no way back to find solace or comfort or truth or enlightenment and these souls are truly to be pitied. We can try to help them, of course we can. We are always readily available to give succour, assistance, help of any kind whenever it is sought but as is so often the case, those who are most in need of succour and assistance are those least able to find it. Even when your hand is outstretched it is not recognised as a person who loves them so much that they are willing to bring forth troubles for themself in order to assist this lost soul. Sometimes the help is pushed away, is foregone, is not even sought when it should be.

You can do nothing in such circumstances. You must understand, the person must ask for help and then assistance will be given, but then from realms far removed from the human form. Those guides are always with those souls who are here, floundering about, trying to be whoever they are meant to be. They are blinkered for a time and with the help of their guides and their fellow human companions, we always hope that they will free themselves from the fog of unknowingness, that they will walk into a brighter pathway and one which will lead them onward into the future world that they are meant to inhabit.

You have indeed recognised that there are times that you are living in that are extraordinary, and for many they are too troubled by the world that they live in to ever break free. It is, yes, a sad and depressing thought but you must always remember that no one is given more than they can accept or bear and even the most troubled souls will always find peace at last. It is not for us, for any of us, to pass judgement, to think that they have wasted their time here. They must be allowed to be whatever they wish to be and in time they will always realise what it is that they have done well and what they have spent unwisely.

Their accomplishments will be many even when they lived such troubled lives, so do not despair for them. Think of the way that your own life has turned out and how you, too, might have trodden a different path. And where would you be then? You might not be here, you might have lived in a world which was also dark and miserable. And yet, you have traversed it well. You have seen such dark times and have come out of them into the light of your being. It is not necessary to dwell upon those past times now, it is only necessary to fulfil your promise that you made to yourself. And this, we are very glad to say, you are doing well.

We have spent much time listening to your talking today and we will return to these issues in the future for they guide our hearts and minds now into this brave new world which is emerging from the mists all around you.

It is time for us to depart and for you to take on your refreshments. We thank you for the promise that you have shown and are showing and we wait and watch until we meet again.

Farewell, dear friends, farewell.


White Bear Teaching 26 September 2019

White Bear is here, dear friends. Let us begin.

There are those amongst us who would wish to speak as well as White Bear and so in this voice, at this time, we will endeavour to unify our voices and our spirits so that the oneness of all is paramount. It is not, unfortunately possible, for each voice individually to be heard and that is ok because we speak as one in this endeavour and we know as with one thought, what it is that must be spoken now.

With your voice, we will seek and we will find our truth, as one. (addressed to me, I think)

Whenever we are gathered together in this way, it is paramount in our thought that we unify our spirit and also that we seek out those truths which are important to understand. It is never impossible to understand fully, but it is very difficult to explain in words which can be grasped easily. The things that you speak about in your meetings are sometimes things which we have spoken of before and which we have imparted to you now in the thoughts that occur to you at these times. They are meetings of minds, yes, but they are also meetings of disagreements, and searchings for other learning and enlightenment to aid your assistance, on your way to full knowledge of something.

You gather your forces and you speak of many things but sometimes the truth is still hidden and it requires you to move forward on your own and to explore those areas which have occurred to you in these meetings. It is sometimes, indeed, necessary for you to be puzzled and for you to even reject what is being said at this time so that in your own time, in the fullness of your explorations, you may endeavour to find your own way of understanding these things without the promptings of others. It is also true that you may never begin to understand something which is outside of your comprehension fully, which is so complex, indeed, so unknown, so mysterious that you cannot grasp it yet. It may require you to have further learning to explore in your own time what background may make you understand fully what you are being led to.

It is unfortunate indeed if the searching leads nowhere, if it gains for you no comprehension, no understanding, and is only something for you to put in your memory bank to be stored there and possibly unearthed at some future point. In these things you are not unusual at all. What is unusual about you, however, is that you explore things which are mysterious to you and yet [you] are not daunted by the vastness of such unknowings. There are many on this earth who think that they know so much and yet know so very little. They are those who would speak loudest, of course. They think that everyone must listen to what wisdom they have to impart. But you, yourself, you are aware that sometimes this sound is only empty, it is without substance. It is, indeed, without any spiritual awakening at all and that, of course, is the only foundation for truth: that you understand fully, that you know who you are and what you are doing here in your human form.

The years pass by and if there was no learning and no understanding of your form, there would be little point in continuing to live here and now. This existence is not always easy for you and we understand this. Even as you are aware of the pain and the suffering of others, we are aware of your own and we listen constantly to the achings in your heart, to the longings in your soul to know, to be, to love and not to be abandoned. These are stirrings which are part of the human condition. They are shared by all but not all are aware of them. They do not understand that sometimes their malaise, their anxieties, their illnesses occur because they have forgotten who they are and what they are about.

It is true that the human soul is capable of great hurt, of great, aching solitude and we know this for we, too, understand how lonely it can sometimes be to be aware amongst a sea of souls who are blind and deaf. There are many such stirrings in your own heart. You meet people often who are themselves lost to themselves. They lack understanding of themselves and therefore can only guess at what others may be. This you know, for you meet many like this on your journeys. They cannot possibly understand who you are for they know not who they are themselves. Do not expect anything of such people for they are indeed lost to themselves, if not to you.

Your comprehension of yourself has led you to an awareness of others which is very infrequent, you must understand. There are not many who can look at another and see inside them, instinctively. This knowledge is not to be used unfeelingly or without wisdom. To look at another’s aura, to see part of their soul’s existence, is a gift that is given to you and you must use it wisely. It is not for you to divulge to others what they may themselves be incapable of understanding. That you understand it yourself is sufficient, oftentimes, to guide them gently where they need to direct their energies. Many are indeed lost and in time, some of them will awaken. They will look to you as a guide, as someone who was there for them when they needed another person to be there and hold their hand and tell them that they are not alone.

These words are never necessary for you because you understand as they do not that you have your guides and you have your spirit people all around. You are, indeed, never alone even when perhaps you might wish to be so.

Speaking to your own soul is another part of this existence that you share with this group. You each, in your own way, find your own being in such occurrences but do not expect too much of others who you meet on your travels. They may think that they have all of the answers and yet when you look into their eyes and see part of their soul, you detect truth or misguidance.

We have not come this far to tell you that you have not done well. You have, indeed, and there is much more of this journey to explore. Keep searching for knowledge is a way of making sure that your journey is on the right path. Truth will out, as they say, and when you are guided to specific items of knowledge, some small snippet of awareness or understanding, that is a pointer to you so that you may go forth and explore further and bring it back home, dwell upon it, see if it fits into the rest of the puzzle that you have discerned. If it does not, discard it, put it away, do not concern yourself with it. But in time, it will be there for you to pluck and detect its truth that was there all along, waiting for you to be ready.

In this way you will reach the end of your days and you will have arrived at a place that you will be comfortable with, that you will find your own. Your steadfastness will surely carry you through to the end. And then, when all is done, you will wake in further awareness and you will clap your hands and say, “Well, that was fun. Can we do it again?”.

We have arrived now at our ending and so this is the time for you to dwell not upon comings and goings, on departures and arrivals, but on the journey that is hereafter all that there is. In knowing yourself you know all that there is to know. Become aware of who you are and you will know all at all times.

We have said enough for now and this is a time for us to [both] greet each other and to say goodbye, for there is always parting and there will always be a coming together again, in time. Farewell for now, dear, dear friends and companions. In truth, your souls are merged now and will forever become as one, in time. Farewell.


White Bear Teaching 25 July 2019

White Bear is here dear friends and welcomes you now to this opportunity to begin our lives in earnest once again.

It with optimism and hope that we address you today. Your transcript from last time has given you some insight into how we will address you in future for it means that from now on it will be necessary for you to indulge yourself, at the expense of others, perhaps, but it is necessary for you to begin some development of those qualities and traits which will serve you well in the times to come.

It is not without questioning the process, of course. It will never be our purpose, to instil in you something which is unwilling to lodge there but we impress upon you at this time that your own development is of paramount importance now and whether that means that you must digress from your current interests and indulge in some other activities, will become clearer as we move on.

It has become apparent that some development is blocked in you and that is because you are unwilling to take a further step into the unknown. It is not without its promise, of course, but it is also something which is full of… success, on the one hand, and endeavour, always, to fulfil the promise that you once made when you were in spirit. It is a reminder, indeed, of that time that we speak now for before you came here you had the opportunity to instil in your spirit a design, a purpose, a willingness to embrace whatever came your way here as a human being, but also to try to remember what you were always and how to enact the two possibilities within your time frame here.

It is, of course, always open to interpretation how one imagines the life of spirit-to-be, but in your case, you were well aware of the life that you were intending to follow. It was always one which would culminate here, in this place, with these people, and it was always known that you would beckon forth those talents within each other which were needed for the earth to prosper and for your lives to become not only happy but also fulfilled. It may have seemed from time to time that you did not understand at all what was intended or expected of you but we, who guide you, have always known that if you were to stray too far from your path, you would find it once again with a little help from your friends.

These occurrences have been many throughout your life and in the myriad of places that you have lived. The people that you have encountered along the way have numbered in their many thousands and though not all of them have become significant in your life, they have all engendered in you that development of purpose for which you came here. So it is and has always been, that the people who you see and who you speak to, those whom you ignore, and those whom you distrust, are also those who teach you something of yourself and of your mission. They are not passing strangers always, though it must be said that on a busy thoroughfare there are not many who you would make acquaintance with and therefore it must be said that there have been many, many undertakings which have been chosen from the thousands of others which you have ignored. So there is always some complicity in your behaviour, there is always a plan which is being enacted. It is not without some design you must understand, although for the most part it is not remembered at all.

We have spoken many times in the past of others whom you encounter but now we concentrate on you and on your own development here and now. There are many who would distract you from your path and you know this instinctively in your heart. You have met some who you have taken an immediate like to and you have fostered those friendships and those relationships and they have taught you much, even if they have come and gone. Those that have endured have still a part to play in your development and they must not be forsaken lightly. They must, indeed, be measured against your own progress for if they were not needed, if the qualities that they possess were not those that you have some need for now, they would have disappeared from your life and you would have moved on to others in their wake.

We have come to the most important part of our talk today. We have seen that you fostered in yourself some distrust of others and that can be good, you must understand. As we have already explained to you, not all are as they seem and it is even more important when you don’t encounter people in the flesh, so to speak, when you cannot read their aura or experience their vibration. We speak, of course, of those encounters that you now make on the devices that you use so very frequently now. There are many individuals who you know only as words upon a page or as voices in a film. You do not know the half of these individuals, you know only what they wish to project in that moment. Sometimes it is very genuine and it is always taken in such circumstances with much risk to themselves, for there are many who would attack them in a myriad of ways, to take them down and to make them stop what they are saying to you. These people are few and far between.

That they are genuine forces for good is not in doubt in your own heart. You understand implicitly that some are to be trusted and others are not, that some will say whatever it takes in the moment to grasp your attention, will undertake subterfuge and lies and misleading devices in order to capture you and lead you where they may. You have no knowledge of their background, you have only what is immediately in front of you and that is why it is required that you undertake some extensive education for your own good, you must understand. Yes, you may read widely, yes you must listen widely to people in this way, but you must always have discernment and this, too, must be part of your progress. To hone your measure of a person and to undertake some weighing of their words is what you must learn now for your further progress. There are many who would deceive you and you must learn to undertake those exercises which will reveal such deception to you.

We speak, of course, of the guidance that you must obtain from your spirit. To go within and to ask for guidance and for reflection is what you must always remember. It is no good having a spirit guide, you must understand, if you never consult them. What would be the good of that? We have achieved so much in this lifetime that it would be a pity to miss the mark only because there is some reluctance and possibly some laziness on your part to develop yourself further. Yes, the journey never ends. There is always something more to know, to learn, to listen to and to observe. Some of it will be immediately before you and other bits of the plan will be coming from those from afar, from people you will never encounter in the flesh.

You have chosen to live at this time, in this place, because there are means available to you now that would never have been acceptable to you in the past. You might have lived a life where there was only another individual person to speak to apart from yourself but now you live in a place where you can encounter many, many, different types of communication and we must impress upon you that not all of them are to be trusted. Many must be discarded and you will learn in time which to trust and which to jettison afar.

We have been bold at times in telling you that you have done very well, that you have come far and yes, it is true, we are very pleased with you. And now it is time for you to learn the next step in your journey. You must research much and often and you must bring your learning here to this forum where you may share your ideas and reflect upon what truth there may be therein. It is no good hiding your light under a bushel. It is no good to keep your knowledge to yourself but equally, it is not good to not learn more in your long lives than you have already. The journey never ends. There is always more to know and you must make it part of your plan for your progress here, to keep on learning and exposing yourself to ideas which may not come naturally to you and which, indeed, may not even be welcome. All is as it must be and these things will be presented to you so that you can move ahead and bring your knowledge to others, yes, but more importantly, so that you yourself can continue to make progress here. Do not shut yourself away and do not blind yourself to occurrences and possibilities presented to you.

There is much to know and so little time in which to gather your forces. That is not to alarm you, of course, that is merely to say there is much to know here and now and even if you were to devote every passing second of your remaining life as a human being to it, you would not touch the half of it or anything approaching it. Never mind, do not despair, there is much to interest you if you can but find it. Do not rely upon others but seek it out for yourself and then bring your ideas here and let us listen to them and we will all benefit from the wisdom that you have garnered.

White Bear misunderstands much still and we have always known that the journey continues, that misunderstandings today will be learned wisdom tomorrow. And we have watched and waited for you a long, long time to reach this point. And here you are. Now go forward and learn and bring all of your knowledge here to this forum so that each may partake and you will have spent your time in a most worthwhile way. Forever and ever we continue on our way and all of this that we garner here will help us in our future times together, either here or there. We must go on and on and on.

White Bear will say no more for now and we will listen with interest as always to your deliberations over your lunch. Farewell dear friends and go in peace. Until we meet again, farewell.


White Bear Teaching 21 June 2019

White Bear is here dear friends and ready to begin our session together.

It is not inconceivable that we have adjudged each other in this place and time to be our companions upon our journey through this life. It is also inconceivable that we would adjudge each other to be our enemies, is it not? And yet, there are those who we can call friends from time to time, who listen to our problems and who commiserate with our misfortunes but they do not see us as we really are. And they think that what they see is all that there is. In this way they are very mistaken, are they not? For your power lies within and when it is used without, it is always used for good and to benefit those whom you interact with.

Those who you might call friends, however, may not always be so. It is often the case that people pretend to be your friend because they see in you that power which they would like to partake in. They seek a companion who will honour them and judge them to be worthy of such friendship but they are not used to being entirely honest and open with another. They think that they can disguise what is within and they can display an image of what they would like to be to you.

These people are all around all of the time. For many, it is of no matter that they display to you a less than honest countenance. They do not display for themselves, even, that image of themself which they must perforce know to be within. They seek only others to display for them what they would like to be and so, as one might look in a mirror, they see something which is not reflected there in the physical sense. The power that they would like to hold within is already without, is already within you, who they befriend in the expectation and the hope that you will never actually see them as they really are.

It is not unusual to encounter these people. They are, indeed, all around you and many have so long lived within this outer shell that they no longer remember who they really are or what they were intending to do here. They seek pleasure, they seek distraction, they seek boredom, even. It is not without its attractions, you know, to be bored, to be delighted by simple things, to be distracted by illusion and commonplace things.

You who have adjudged yourselves to be worthy of the track that you now follow, know that you can convince yourself that these people are worth saving, are worth your time, are worth your endeavours to bring them on; to be to them a saviour, a companion who will lift them from the morass of their existence and show to them what more there may be to themselves. This is foolhardy in most cases, you must understand this. It is all very well to wish to be a helper unto others, to seek them out and to lead them to the den which you know awaits them but many are unprepared and will never, ever exist in the world that you want them to inhabit alongside you. They will learn what they will learn from being with you and though it may seem trivial to you and of no consequence, yet it may be very important in their development. Or then again, it may go unheeded. They may dismiss whatever you say to them and they may think other thoughts of you than what you wish.

In the long run it is of no consequence – you must realise this. You will endeavour to meet and to bring change to those souls who have sought you out merely because you are the one that is needed in their life. If they dismiss so readily what you are and what you have to impart, then they must be allowed to go on their way, with your help given but unvalued. It is of no consequence in the long run either to you or to them that they have been so mistaken in what was before them. You had treasure to unfold to show to them and they mistook it. They did not see what was your worth and that is their misfortune for you well know that you can only be who you are, you can be no other. There must be no subterfuge, no attempts to mislead or even to lie to another. There must only be yourself, standing in your power, knowing who you are at all times. Let those who seek you out be prepared to learn [at] your feet but if they do not, let them go and wish them well and hope that in time they will find another who can give them the guidance that they have forsaken in you.

There will be many such who come your way, especially if you are open and ready to receive all. If you are discerning, you will quickly realise how much this person is able to undertake the journey that is before them. If they cannot give you the understanding that is required, then that is their misfortune and you cannot be held responsible for what they were unable to undertake or accept.

Believe only in yourself and in your power to be yourself. It is not for others to give you your worth or your value, that must be for you alone to undertake and to establish. It is no good reason to impress those who cannot appreciate what is before them. Let them be and go on your way.

We have spoken this today because there are many forces at work in the world and many of them will try to undermine your power. They will seek you out, they will see that you are intended for higher work and they will try to undermine that light, that power within which guides you so strongly. They do not wish you to succeed. You must understand this – not all are as they seem and not everyone will seek you out because they wish to learn at your feet. Sometimes their motives are much different from what you imagine and they would seek to undermine you and your power so that they may feel stronger in your presence.

Let them go, let them seek out whoever they may wish to seek out but do not let them into your heart or into your soul power. It is a weakening of your position and it is one that you will come to regret because the power that is lost must be regained through sheer persistence and hard work. And why dismiss so much of yourself in this way when it is unnecessary? Help by all means, give to those who come to seek you out, pleading for your assistance, that succour which you are capable of giving but remember, not all are as they seem and you would do well to instil in yourself that reluctance, that suspicion, even, whenever a new person comes your way.

Be as open as you feel you may be but have another eye open at all times. You know of what we speak and it is well developed in you except when you are too compassionate, too ready to listen and to understand. The wise person has always a reserve amount of wisdom and compassion and love to bestow upon others as it is needed, not as it is demanded.

We have expected that you would encounter such people along your path and you have seen many off in your time together. This is no breach of your power or your understanding but it is another lesson upon the way to enlightenment and it is yours now as our gift to you. Open your heart now and receive it with our blessing.

Come forth and multiply those gifts which we have given to you and let them shine forth in your being for we are near, now, to the crisis that is coming and you will be needed and your love and understanding will be in short supply when all around feels chaotic. Be assured, this is merely a temporary phase and will pass and beyond it there will be light and understanding in great measure.

Your future is bright and brighter still, for we have decreed that you are indeed our worthy ones, souls who have endured much and lingered on this path a long, long time. And you will be successful in your endeavours and we will praise you for your longstanding energy of love and commitment. Be at peace and rest on your laurels.

Farewell dear friends. We have guided you this day to much understanding and you would do well to dwell upon those thoughts for a short time before we commence our chatter once more. Farewell until we meet again.

White Bear Teaching 4 April 2019

White Bear is here, dear friends, and we have gathered now, as we have always done, in terms of love and companionship for each other. And we endeavour, as always, to bring forth that love and wisdom which is the hallmark of our meetings.

It is with regret that we have not had the opportunity to speak to you more frequently than we have done over recent times but nevertheless we have endured and we have instilled in ourselves that fortitude which is necessary sometimes in order to carry on and to carry forth that which is within.

We have endured so that we may comfort each other when it is necessary and also so that we may fight and have enough strength of purpose with which to arm ourselves in times of strife and difficulty. It is always a necessary action to first gird our loins and to ensure that we are prepared for whatever may come our way. It is with regret that we have not been able in recent times to assist you more in these endeavours, that it has become necessary for you to live and to work without the necessary companionship of those who could confirm for you what truths there were to be heard around you.

Sometimes the difficulties lie not within, you must understand, but with those around you who are doubting their own place in the world, or those who are themselves so troubled that their troubles are inflicted upon you and others around them. It is necessary in such times to be strong and to gird yourself for whatever may come your way. Sometimes it is merely doubt and the inability to see clearly what is before you, to find the touchstone that people always need in times of confusion and doubt. There is always truth, there is always steadfastness and you must learn to trust yourselves and to know when you are being lied to, when the deception is strong around you. For it is certainly the case that there are many who would wish to deceive you and to try to take you away from your purpose here, now.

Many have come forth in recent days who have enabled themselves to be trustworthy of your loyalty and affection and it is to these people that you must turn when you are in need of direct sustenance, when your resolve is weakening and you think that there is no purpose left for you. It is always darkest before the dawn. Is that not what you all say? And it is true. There is always hope and yes, optimism about what lies ahead. For you do not see as we see clearly that there is no battle that will not be won on your terms, that there is no victory to be had except by those such as yourselves.

There are a great many people now who are living with anger and frustration in their hearts and it is this miasma of soullessness which arises from such emotions that will in the end conquer you. You do not need to perform any actions save those of living your life in truth and honesty, and with love and fortitude. White Bear is aware that there are many who would seek to subvert you from your tasks and there are some who think that they are doing the bidding of their masters by subverting your tasks to their own. But you must be strong and you must be aware at all times that you are protected. You are given the keys to the truth of your being and therefore you have never any need to think that you are on your own, that you will be abandoned, that there are those who will overwhelm you because they are stronger than you.

This will not be your fate. This will never be the case as long as you have protectors like White Bear and all of those in spirit who attend you now. There are many thousands, not merely tens or hundreds. There are literally thousands now who guide your path. They are listening to you and they understand that you have times of weakness and that you sometimes are in need of rest and recouperation. But know this, your task is not yet finished and it will be one which will be glorious. There is no need to doubt yourself any longer for there is fortune awaiting you and there will be depths of meaning still to understand when all is revealed.

Your insistence upon truth above all else and upon honesty and integrity, will in the end take you further along this path. Many are lost, many have no clue about themselves, about their own performance. They think that they may be abandoned or led by fools and if they think such things, it will make it so. You have no such doubts in your heart and so you must show this strength to others so that they may look to you as someone to follow, as someone who holds fast when times are difficult.

It is always necessary to examine yourself to ensure that you are doing what you know to be right and in so doing, you will endure and you will foster that love and companionship through your relations with others that they need as well. They are sometimes weaker than you, you know, and they require someone who can lead them when times are tough. It is with regret that we could not have said these things to you before now but no matter, they have been said.

Carol: I would like to speak.

White Bear is listening.

Carol: I would like to thank all those in the spirit world and the other worlds who have been helping me lately. I am really grateful and it has been really beneficial and I appreciate it very much. Thank you.

White Bear has said before, Carol, that you have only to open your mouth and speak and there will be others who will guide you to the words that need to be said. It is with some fortitude in your spirit now that has helped you to these words of thankfulness and now it is time for you to advance further along this path, is it not?

Carol: Yes, it is. Thank you very much.

We have gathered again to give each other comfort and to ensure that where there is doubt, there is also strength. It is not necessary always to feel that you are right and that you may do and say whatever comes freely to you. It is always necessary to be humble and to listen and to accept that others have as much truth to bear as you, yourself. In this way, we find our way forward with others of like mind and we instil in each other the courage to carry on and to carry forth into areas which are hitherto unknown and in shadow. Perform your duties well and there will always be help at hand to assist you.

We come together as friends and companions and we leave stronger and firmer in our beliefs in each other, do we not? Gather your forces for they will be needed in the times ahead but know this: victory is yours and yours alone to master.

White Bear and all of the others who are here, bid you a fond farewell with the expectation that it will not be as long again before we speak. Farewell dear friends.