The White Bear Teachings 2020

White Bear Teaching 16 July 2020

White Bear is here dear friends and we have gathered once more to hear those words of comfort and wisdom and love which are ever yours.

We have arrived at an interesting place in our development. It is with regret that we have seen that you have not engendered in each other that wisdom and research which has so often fostered greater understanding. It is also with regret that we say that you must step up to the plate, that you must work harder on yourselves for you have indulged yourselves now for too long. And in saying these words, White Bear has gathered together your own guides and your own protectors to inform you that there are things which you need to know now and you must listen carefully as we tell you them.

In your own meditations you have opened yourself up to a certain level of knowledge but you have not informed yourself of those things which you are deterred from looking at because of your own reluctances. We have garnered many voices in these long years we that have met together, we have listened to words of wisdom from many different sources and in the main they have asked you only one thing – to be aware of who you are. That is the key to everything.

There are so many people now who walk the earth who are oblivious to who and what they are and we who are guiding you in Spirit need to understand that you are not of these. The types of people who we speak of are not in the main bad people, they are only ignorant of what more there is. We do not expect them to listen to you and to suddenly inform themselves of their own enlightenment, that would be absurd. It has taken you many long years to reach this point in your understanding, how could it ever have been possible for these others to listen to your words and instinctively understand the depths of knowledge that they come from?

We have listened with dismay it must be said; that in all these long years, we had understood that you were searching for something in yourself and in the world. And in expecting more of you, from time to time we have encouraged you to go further, to instil in yourself that quest, that longing to know more, and also to know what your own purpose would be in realising these truths about yourself.

There are many voices, very powerful voices on the earth now who are trying to instil in many people what they feel they need to know now. For some, it will be a political aim, for others it will be a spiritual enlightenment, for yet more it will be the growth of their artistic temperament, their intellect, their research into those areas which in the end will bring forth truths to you. Your task has ever been to search out truth, to listen to others, to commune with your own spiritual guides to bring you forward, not to let you linger in the same comfortable place that you have aways occupied.

Some things to know are challenging, some things will be distasteful, some things you will rather not know because they will ruffle your feathers. Listen to your heart, yes, of course, that will always guide you towards the truth. Be discerning when you read or listen or watch. All of these things are known to you and have been known for a very, very long time. In the end it will not matter whether you have fully understood these words. It will not matter that you go forth from here and undo many of the good tidings that were available to you. In the end, instil in your own heart humility, weakness, gratitude for the experiences that you have known together.

There are many who would wonder at what you do and how far you have come. There will be still more who will never believe it for their comprehension is so far away from your own that you may never be able to reach them, certainly not in words, possibly in actions, but never in belief systems. People either know or they don’t wish to know. Ignorance is always a choice. If you do not comprehend this by now, there is more listening to your guides to do, more journeys to undertake, more research into your own self-awareness.

Many have been brought forth through listening to others but no one has been brought forth by rejecting others out of hand, by keeping them silent, by not wishing them to give forth their own view. When you come together like this your guides are standing alert. There are many others on the room of course, for all are gathered to hear what humans are capable of when they know who they are.

It is time for you to go forth, to listen to your heart and to the truth that lies therein. There are many things you have forgotten that you once knew. There used to be no doubt whatsoever in your heart and now there is. What has happened to you that you have come so far and yet fail to understand how to step further on to the path that you walk?

Incredibly, it is not given to Spirit to lead you by the nose. Have we not said many times, as we perhaps should have enforced more, that you have free will, that you can go and seek out whatever you wish in whatever way that comforts you. There will be no compulsion here, there will be no forcing you to go into areas you are unwilling to explore. That is not our way as you must well know by now. Instead we encourage you, we have always encouraged you to know yourself and to feel for the truth that surrounds you. In the midst of such discernment it is difficult to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes, least of all yours.

In your guides’ hearts there is much humour now for they listen to White Bear’s words and they think, we know all of this! Why are you saying this now? Wherefore are you going with this that we must listen? It is this that must be said: you have neglected large parts of your understanding, you have listened too closely to those empty vessels who have nothing to add to your wisdom and your fount of knowledge already found. You surround yourself with voices that say nothing to you and yet you are reluctant to seek out those voices which are harder to hear.

Instead of asking you to do more, we say, enough, no more, nothing, there is nothing more to know, to seek out. If you have reached such a block in your development, then go forth, that is it, no more. But if there is the slightest inkling in your heart that you need to know more then what are you waiting for? The world has need of you now. There are many lost souls, there is much that is happening now that requires your input. Have you listened carefully? Have you understood what is happening now?

Instead of speaking more, instead of asking more of you, perhaps we need to tell you now that it is over, that there is no more. If this leads to some unhappiness in your heart, then listen now to it and start the journey once again with motivation in your heart to do more, to go further, to listen harder and to see more than you have hitherto seen. Yes, it is all very hard, life has been difficult, we know. We see, we know all that has happened to you in these intervening months since last we spoke to you. Do you not think we are with you every moment of every day? Every waking and sleeping moment in your life is within our purview. We have stood by, we have sent you subtle signals and sometimes very obvious ones. The days that you live, yes there are signs and symbols and things that will come your way that will be placed in front of you to take note of. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. There will always be other opportunities, that is known, and yet, and yet, where are we going with this now? When all around you is crying out for the energy of love, for the power of Spirit that flows through you that could move mountains if you so wished, where does it all go, for whose benefit are you using it? Send out your forces, gather your army, guide yourselves if you do not wish to know more.

We have a fount of knowledge here for you. Gather it up while you may. Instead of talking and talking and talking, start doing. Start your journey once again with hope and optimism in your hearts. Lead forth those who you meet and follow those who you think have something to offer. Do not do nothing unless you are content with where you are and have no further need for these communications. It is very much up to you now.

There were things today we wished to say to you. We use this instrument, you understand. If you have not followed this throughout these long years, you have known nothing. We guide through words and actions all of the time. It is not necessary always to have these words spoken in trance. Sometimes they come forth in other ways and you must listen more.

White Bear has understood enough of your heart to know that sometimes you are misguided, sometimes you are distracted, but always we have hope in our heart that you will go further, that you will know more before the end.

It is with these thoughts that we leave you now for there is much to ponder and not all of it will be comfortable for you but it must be done. There will be challenges ahead, there will be no escaping them and they will come forth in ways that you least understand but we are here and we are always by your side. We watch and we wait as we have always done.

We send you a gift of love and we instil in your heart the energy of optimism for perhaps that is what you are in need of now. Go forth and be happy for we so wish it for you.

We send you our blessings, we give you our love and we hold you close to us. As we have always cherished you, so it will be forever and ever. Farewell dear friends, farewell.

White Bear Teaching 30 January 2020

White Bear is here dear friends and ready to begin our speaking.

It is with great regret that we have listened to you this day and have not discovered from you what was always in your heart about your beginnings, about the profound nature of your start in life. For we know, as you do not yet understand, that in your beginning there was the spark, the leaf, that came into being and started out as something which was aways meant to be here, to be in the now of yourself. It is with much understanding that we listen and we know that you, in your heart, understand much more than you ever say about these beginnings that stir your heart so.

These rumblings that you hear are not from outside of yourself, they are within. They are stirrings of quite another sort and it is always understood by us who observe you, who play our part in your everyday lives, that there is something afoot, there is something starting, beginning to take shape in your psyche and in your heart. It is the spirit of a troubled youth, and an experienced adult, and a mature being of spirit who dwells now within your soul. And in your heart there is the beginning, an inkling, of yourself, one which is not subject any longer to those things which come from outside of yourself but which is understood on your own terms, in your own way.

And you have voiced here today those inklings of another form, one which is beyond time and space and one which can comprehend much more than you may even begin to elicit while you are here in this form, now. We speak, of course, of another dimension of being, another way of understanding who you are, and perhaps more especially in these troubled times, of who those around you purport to be. For they are often not who they appear. You know this. And they will seem to you to be those with knowledge and with understanding of their own, from whom you can learn much. But you must always be aware that they, too, are on a journey to themselves and they may as yet, at present, understand little of where their journey will end.

It is understood by all of those who guide you in spirit that the journey never ends, that we are here, we arrive, we move forward and then we stop. Sometimes on our journey forward we halt and we take stock and we may never move again from there. We may have found a comfortable place to abide, one which troubles us little, one which presents us with few learning opportunities save those which are already done. We may decide that we have had enough of this journey and will venture no further. That is where many people abide. They have understood a little and they reject knowing any more. You, however, are still on your journey forward. You have learned much and you recognise that there is still much to learn and that in the future you may be little recognising what you are now, that you may become something quite different, something which is the product and the subject of so much learning.

We have arrived at a knowingness about ourselves which is only half baked you must appreciate. It is a venture into the unknown and it is one which will take us forward and onward always, looking for something different, something new, something which will make us grow into what we are comfortable with, ourselves. For you and for others, the destinations will always be different. Some may speak of levels of attainment, others may think of it only as stepping stones towards a wisdom which you would like to hold in your heart. Either way, it is an understanding of the progress that is possible when you are fully aware of where the journey has taken you, where you began, and where you are now.
And you may never understand where this journey will end. What you become next week, next year, in ten years time, may hold no significance for who you are now. The strains of life are always present and they themselves will dictate often how you arrive at your destination. For some it is never ending and for others it is a comfortable respite, a stop along the way which they can well endure and even welcome. It is with no regret that we harbour thoughts that your own journey will take you still further on from this point now.

We know and understand the future of humankind is not foretold by others in long gone times, it is forged anew each day, each moment, in each human heart. And at a moment’s thought it may turn and become something new, something different from what was envisioned. At present there are many on your earth who are doom laden, who think that there is nothing more to know or to research, that the future holds nothing for them save misery and death. These people are deluded into stopping their venture when it is less than half done.

The humankind dwells in a heartbeat and its future is determined from one moment to the next. In many hearts there beats a strong and knowing future, one in which the human heart and -kind will grow stronger for knowing who it is and who it will become. It is not for the faint-hearted to know more of themselves, it is only for the powerful, the strong, and those who can venture forth without a certain knowledge [certainty] but with the hope in their being that they will fully realise themselves in time and will arrive at their own place in the history of this earth, a history which has been full of places and times which are completely unknown to you.

So dark is your history, so shrouded in mystery, that you can only hope to scratch the surface of it but you have played your part in all of these times gone by and you will play your part in those to come. It is not for nothing that we say you are the children of gods and that gods you will become yourselves, in time. It is for this reason that we guide you onward, that we stay with you throughout your lives, that we hope and we expect that you will fulfil this dream of yourself that you had before you became awakened here. It is a living and an existence which is never ending.

Fulfil yourselves now, let yourselves be whoever you wish to be for your journey has not halted and it will not stop, not in this lifetime and, hopefully, not in those to come. Such as you are aware of how much more there is to know and how little time there can be in one lifetime to accomplish everything. It is a foolish notion to expect such a thing. The life lives on in you and in others and you will become aware as you have never been aware until now, that the future is great indeed for those who have the courage to face it with fortitude and with hope in their heart, which beats strongly as ever, for ever.

We come to the end of our speaking for today and we wish you well on your journey forward, as we expect you will have much to say when we meet again as friends, as colleagues and as those who love each other deeply.

White Bear and those all around you bid you a fond farewell. For now, dear friends, farewell.